Cut the Rope: Time Travel arrives to Google Play

by: Andrew GrushApril 18, 2013

Cut the Rope

Everyone’s favorite candy-munching monster is back in an all new adventure, Cut the Rope: Time TravelThe latest Cut the Rope title has arrived to Google Play today, coming two year’s after Cut the Rope: Experiments debuted.

As with the two games before it, the newest incarnation still revolves around the idea of feeding Om Nom, but with a few interesting changes including the ability to freeze time and the introduction of new environmental obstacles. Another big change is that you will eventually be feeding two Om Noms, with one of the candy-loving creatures being from another time period. This means you will see a “caveman” Om Nom, a Roman-themed variant and even a Pharaoh Om Nom.

Is there anything truly revolutionary about the newest Cut the Rope game? Other than it seems to require quicker finger-flicking then ever before, it is largely a familiar experience. For fans of the series, that’s not a bad thing.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel has both a free limited version and full version for $.99, both of which are now available. Are you planning on grabbing this one or are you Om Nom’d out by now?