After debuting on iOS late last year, ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope 2 has now landed on Android! If you’re confused by the fact that ZeptoLab is referring to the game as number “2” in the series… so are we. While we have already been several Cut the Rope titles in between the latest release and the original, apparently they weren’t significant enough to qualify as full-blown sequels.

So what’s new here exactly? While the game still revolves around cutting ropes in a quest to feed Om Nom some candy, the game does have several new locations, new characters that enhance the way the game is played, and admittedly feels much less like an ‘expansion’ than some of the other Cut the Ropes games we’ve seen. Cut the Rope 2 also has revamped graphics that look noticeably better than the original.

On the downside, the game also is littered with in-app purchases and features a Sun meter that counts down as you play the game. You can only have some many tries before the bar is depleted, and refilling it requires you to use in-game coins. There’s also the added annoyances of video advertisements that play each time you beat a few levels in the game.

Get it on Google PlayIf you can get past the ads and in-app purchases, the game’s puzzle levels are still as fun as ever, we just wish that there was a premium version of the game that would allow us to bypass all the added junk.

What do you think of Cut the Rope 2, like it or does its invasive ads and Sun meter turn you off from the game completely?

Andrew Grush
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  • Yan Qin

    First! And more iap please!

  • Jayfeather787

    The ads and energy aren’t the bad part. The bad part is that it’s just a stupid game. How hard is to to slice a couple ropes? Yes I downloaded this game and played it. Uninstalled it because it was a waste of storage space. Worthless game.

  • Brocks

    I’ve stopped playing physic-based game since 2012..

  • Karl Dagenais

    I could live with some ads, but those videos… I’m not playing this until they give me a way to pay to remove are.

  • Video ads are annoying like hell but that sun nonsense is absolute disaster. Instant one-star rating and uninstall. I don’t have any troubles to *buy* game for few $ but I will not support this idiotic “insert a coin to continue” business model.

    Please don’t support this kind of harvesting of our money.

  • Junaid Ahmed

    Cut the rope is one of my favorite game because I love to play the physics based game that enforces the player to solve. I haven’t played the cut the rope 2 so far and I think I would not go for it because the game are for fun and the in-app purchases and video ads are really annoying that ruin all the fun.