Today’s question is, what custom ROM are you running on your device? There are so many ROM’s available out there, and for many devices a lot of the ROM’s are basically the same with only a few tweaks. Although for those of us with Motorola devices there are a bit less stable ROM’s available to us. For example, my Bionic only has about 2-3 stable ROM’s available that I know of. Then when you get to the Galaxy Nexus, there are more ROM’s then Galaxy Nexus’ that have been sold! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get the point right?

So in the comments just state which custom ROM you’re running along with the device you have, also say why you like it so much. Maybe there is a certain feature you love? Think of it as sharing your ROM with others that have the same device as you.

  • I’ve got the Droid Bionic running Stock….I know I should have some custom ROM but none of them appeal to me yet.

  • HTC Desire original (Bravo) running Ice Cream Sandwich ;)

  • Galaxy S Plus running overclocked broodrom rc2

  • Anonymous

    Nexus S running CM9 rc0 (very stable).

  • Joblo

    Moto Milestone on CM7. Has kept the the old boy running smoother & functional way past original OS & despite *#& moto keeping the bootloader locked!

  • Kjfisher26

    Desire HD running LCs ice cold sandwich.

  • Drewr Erwin

    HTC Inspire 4G running CM7

  • Kadoo_18

    I did’t find yet any cystom ROM that works perfectly in my motorola Atrix.. Any suggentions? THX.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Incredible running CM 7.1 stable.

  • Jay Kean

    Desire Z running Beatmod Sense 3.5 for DZ

  • Ken Pendergrass

    Droid X running Liberty 3 ver 2.0 and Apex ver. 2.0 with Revolution Theme. Great battery life on both.

  • dennis

    Galaxy Nexus with Open Lang build 21

  • dennis

    Open Kang :)

  • Sirwally

    Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate) with CM9 (Kang)

  • htc Incredible with Cyanogenmod 7 with uh Tiamat_Inc Kernel.

  • Michael Woodward

    G2x running Phoenix Blood v1.7 with Trinity kernel, overclocked to 1200 Mhz. Smooth rom, fast, decent on battery life, and stable.

  • TMO G2 (HTC Desire Z) with Andromadus Alpha 10 ICS 4.0.3. Happy with it for the most part; now only if HTC would get their heads out of their posteriors and open-source the kernel for the camera driver so it can fully work….

  • Jaredthepunk

    Codenameandroid with Franco kernal on nexus. Performance and battery life. Stable so far.

  • xorob0

    Galaxy nexus gsm i9250
    AOKP Milestone 3
    Leankernel 1.9.0 exp 230

  • Drewmonge

    Evo 4G with RadianceHD 6.1 w/Bravia Engine Sense 3.5 Anthrax kernel. The Evo 4G maybe be considered outdated now compared to some of the newer devices, but the development for it is still booming! There’s so much veriety and huge selection of custom roms. Not to mention all the tweaks and scripts you can run to make it emulate a dual core phone. Makes it fun. Love the Evo, one of the best phones I’ve ever owned.

  • Motorola Triumph running CM9

  • Andrej Korbely

    Nexus S GSM running CyberGR-MOD ver.7 Hybrid ICS

  • Beautullion1

    Are there any suggestions on the best custom rom for the bionic?

    • I am actually just running stock on my Bionic, because there aren’t to many stable ROMs for the Bionic.

  • Brian Rogers

    HP Touchpad Cyanogenmod 9! Waiting for video acceleration but not complaining!