Cube U30GT2 goes for sale for $250, a quad-core 10.1-inch tab with full HD display

by: Bams SadewoMarch 16, 2013


If you’re looking for an Android tablet that doesn’t skimp out on specs, but at the same time won’t cost a fortune, you may want to consider getting the Cube U30GT2.

We’ve seen some worthy tabs from Cube in the past, such as the 9.7-inch U9GT5, which was released last year sporting a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution and offered for about $270. The 10.1-inch U30GT2 only packs a 1080p IPS screen of 1,920 x 1,200 resolution. However, the overall specs have been vastly improved.

Starting with the processor, instead of going the dual-core route, the slate is powered by a quad-core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Mali 400 GPU, and paired with 2GB of RAM. On paper, the CPU is apparently faster than both Tegra 3 and Exynos 4412.

The Cube U30GT2 also comes with 32GB internal storage, microSD support, a 5-megapixel main camera, a 2-megapixel front cam, a mini HDMI slot, an 8,000mAh battery, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean onboard.

As for its price, you can grab the tablet online for $250, but remember to factor in the shipping fee as well. We heard that Cube has shipped out the first batch of the tab. If you order now, you can expect to have the U30GT2 delivered in 1-3 weeks. Planning to take a leap of faith? Like other budget tablets, keep in mind that the build quality may not be as good as some of the bigger OEMs.

  • kascollet

    “The 10.1-inch U30GT2 only packs a 1080p IPS screen of 1,920 x 1,200 resolution”
    Eeeh, this is more than 1080P Bams.
    “the slate is powered by a quad-core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Mali 400 GPU, and paired with 2GB of RAM. On paper, the CPU is apparently faster than both Tegra 3 and Exynos 4412.”
    It’s very likely that it IS an Exynos 4412 ! This Mali400 is too slow to drive 1920X1200 correctly.

    • MasterMuffin

      I was going to comment the exact same thing about the 1080p = 1920 × 1200 :)

    • Sacred_knotwork

      1920 x 1080 is HD – this is widescreen, but this screen is a 4:3 format, which means it needs to have more vertical pixels :-)

      • kascollet

        No, it’s not 4:3 but 16:10. 4:3 ratio would be 1920X1440. The iPad line is nearly the only 4:3 range of tablets.

    • shitfeather

      I doubt that. Should be no problem to power that device with that fast CPU and over clocked Mali GPU Same as i Galaxy Note 2 i think.

      • kascollet

        GN2 doesn’t have full HD and the Mali400 is clearly underpowered for such a resolution. It’s not about gaming only situations, it will lagg as hell everywhere. There is no Android tablet today that has the graphic power to drive that much pixels, and it’s really a shame

        • shitfeather

          I do think that sufficient, but we will see when the review pops up in a few weeks. Real world performance is what matters but if it’s decent this looks like a good value.

          • kascollet

            Yes of course, but I was given the choice, I’d rather have a more balance tablet with lower solution (a Nexus 7 or Galaxy Note 8).

        • chrvaish

          all winner a31 … got a powervr 544mp2 overclocked to 350 mhz… that is a power full gpu … the sad thing is though u can only get them with 1280*800 or 2048×1536 screen resolution

          • kascollet

            A GPU that is barely enough to power the iPad Mini and its 1024X768 screen…

    • Yes it is more than 1080p, but you have to remember you lose some of the horizontal resolution to the task bar. They go over to insure 1080p video gets displayed without the need to resize.

    • R7ex

      It is the Mali-400MP4, quad-core GPU overclocked at 533Mhz.
      Should be alright for all 1080p work, except quality 3D gaming.

  • No software updates later. No.

  • MH Maun

    The processor is Rockchip RK3188 cortex A9 clocking at 1.8GHz. Believe it or not its better then Exynos 4412 quadcore (benchmark tested)!!! GPU is Mali 400 MP4 (2nd generation Mali 400).

  • bulletban

    nah, waste of money on a device probably u will never get any software updates on it. just wait for the release of next gen nexus 7 with 1080p

  • lance SUNDRICH

    A better option is the Novo 9 Spark for $269 — with one of the first resellers in the U.S. to offer this new model is a site called TabletSprint —

    The Novo 9 Spark runs Android 4.1 (upgradable to 4.2) and features a 9.7 inch 2048×1536 IPS screen and a Quad Core processor/1.5 Ghz/2GB – along with a 10,000 mAh battery, 32GB Memory, Android 4.1 O/S Jelly Bean, a MicroSD memory card slot, the new high end 4K Digital HDMI, a 2 MP Front webcam and a 5 Megapixel Rear Camera with AF and Flash and comes preinstalled with Google Play Store.

    The key difference is Ainol Electronics offers tablets much more compatible with Google Play Store and other English language Google based apps that come preinstalled.

    • How are the Ainol Electronics tablets more compatible specifically? I actually went and preordered the Cube tablet right away but then I noticed your message and started thinking maybe I should buy this Novo 9 Spark instead. Looks pretty darn interesting and good value for the money.

      I have the Nexus 7 at the moment but it’s a little too small for me and I’m not digging the resolution. So basically I could sell the Nexus 7 and get a bigger, full on retina or full HD display and a much better processor & memory instead.

      • Actually now that the Novo 9 Spark has been mentioned, I researched some and noticed the Novo 9 Spark has only 9429 AnTuTu score. The Nexus 7 has 8923 and is one hellishly laggy device. I wouldn’t recommend anything close to that slowness, especially if it’s a bigger device. From what I’ve seen in YouTube videos, the Novo 9 Spark actually seems overall even laggier, because it has a ridiculously sharp and wide screen for Android.

        The Cube U30GT2 instead has AnTuTu score of 16737 which is almost TWICE as fast as the Nexus 7, even though it costs less and has a much sharper, bigger screen. The Cube is also less heavy compared to the Novo 9 Spark.

        But, is this all for vain if the Cube doesn’t work with Google Play at all? The product information for the Cube U30GT2 says “Android Play (Market): Yes”. But what does that mean? It doesn’t say Google Play.

        • neonoafs

          Do not buy Ainol Tablets, I got two (I shouldnt have adquired the second), and all of them are worst many ghost touch, heat so much, wifi is slow as hell…Ainol NEVER MORE!!!

          • Well, you know what Ainol sounds like when you say it out loud.

            Anyways, I preordered the Cube U30 GT2 tablet, their accessories also look amazing for it, especially the black and gold mosaic smart cover which reminds me a lot of the VivoTab Smart but looks a lot better at least in the pictures.

            My biggest reason I really got into the Cube tablet is that is has a Windows 8 Metro UI style built into Android. And I absolutely love the Windows 8 style, also on Windows 8 but with this I can get sort both worlds. I’ve tried some Android launchers with the Metro style, but they never get it right – hope these guys have with the official launcher.

            I’ll be posting my experiences with the tablet when I get it in propably 2-5 weeks. Cost only a little over 200 euros WITH a 32GB TF drive so this is definitely a bargain.

        • William CH

          I’ve seen other tests performed on the new Novo 9 Spark that were impressive — and not laggy — And I bought one and have been impressed so far with the performance

          • Well, you know people say Nexus 7 is not laggy and I say utter bs. But I’m coming from Windows Phone 8 on my Lumia 920 and the iPads so the bar is set a LOT higher than Android ever was. I mean, I haven’t seen a single Android device that wasn’t at least a bit laggy in comparision.

  • Shiman2k

    I like what im seeing but for now..I will stick with my nook

  • Jason
  • salmozzo