CSR Racing speeds on to Android devices

by: Andrew RoachApril 17, 2013

CSR Racing-w645-h425

Racing games are aplenty on Android devices with the likes of Real Racing 3 leading the download charts on Google Play. However, there could be a new challenger looking to take pole position, as CSR Racing was released on Android tablets and smartphones.

Unlike many racing games that focus on the classic track racing format, CSR Racing is based around perhaps the simplest form of motorsport – drag racing. Users just simply need to hammer the throttle and try to outpace their rivals on the track. Whilst it sounds likes there’s not much skill required, gamers will still need to time their launch and gear shifts perfectly to beat their opponent down the drag strip.

CSR Racing benefits from licensed content from some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Nissan, and Ford.

CSR Racing is free to download on Google Play, with in-app purchases for keen racers that want to buy upgrades and extra cars to help get an edge over their opponents.

CSR Racing’s developer, NaturalMotion Games, has put a lot of effort into the game’s graphics, with detailed models seen on both the cars and the environments, further adding to CSR’s overall appeal.

Despite it not being a full-on track sim like Real Racing 3, CSR still has all the base features needed become a sure-fire hit with anyone who has the slightest interest in cars and racing.

What’s your favorite racing game for Android?

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