When the Crysis FPS game came out on the PC in 2007, it pushed the boundaries of what gaming graphics should look like. The “Can it run Crysis?” catchphrase became an Internet meme, a question asked whenever a new CPU or GPU is announced.

ARM hardware has been evolving at an amazing pace, with the performance of mobile GPUs doubling every 12 months. Low-power ARM chips are very close to surpassing the current gen consoles, in terms of performance and gaming visuals. Crytek, the company behind Crysis, seems to agree that, if the next-gen PS4 and Xbox720 won’t come soon, video consoles will be surpassed by tablets as the main devices for gaming:

We can’t comment on or even speculate as to when, or if, the next generation will be announced. But we think that it’s time for the next generation and we think that it’s overdue already. The current generations are drying out and the longer we wait for the next generation of consoles, the higher the likelihood that they could fall behind tablets in terms of being the first thing people reach for when the time comes to play games. Tablets are putting pressure on the gaming industry, and taking over in some ways, so that should be kept in mind. – Crytek founder Cevat Yerli.

Some Mali T604 demos are already very impressive, but I think ARM GPUs will only start surpassing consoles next year, when the second generation of Mali T600 GPUs will start appearing, like the 8-core Mali T628 and Mali T678 GPU’s.

But performance alone is not enough; you also need new graphics features. The newly ratified OpenGL ES 3.0 specification, which will be supported by all next-gen GPUs, starting with Mali T604 and Adreno 320, will help tablets surpass consoles in terms of visuals. If you doubt this, consider that the PS3 console mostly uses the OpenGL ES 2.0 standard, albeit a proprietary and modified version of it.

So, as long as developers start making games straight for OpenGL ES 3.0, OpenCL, and the new and more powerful GPUs, we should see games that look better on mobile devices than on consoles as soon as next year.

Now, is Crytek working on porting the PS3 version of Crysis on tablets already? Because even if the hardware can “run Crysis”, we still need Crytek to actually port the game to Android.

  • hot_spare

    New Exynos 5250 whitepaper released today. Check this out here:
    72GFLOPS of floating point performance. Eagerly waiting for next-gen Exynos..

    • That’s so much performance in a mobile chip that it’s shocking. I still can’t help but miss a real, physical controller when I do find 10 minutes to blow away zombies though…

      • Raphael Roberts

        that is what an otg cable is for, to connect a controller to your device

  • AndroidBrian

    I dont think tablets will ever replace video game consoles let alone soon. If you own a bad ass TV your goig to want to play on that. Not some 10.1 ich screen with weaker controls.

  • Frost

    But with a HDMI cable plugged to your HD tv, a controller and powerful GPU and CPU consoles will soon become extinct, its not a matter of if but when. Tablets will soon become the ULTIMATE DEVICE

  • Roberto Tomás

    I think desktop PCs are going to replace/merge with gaming consoles, and tablets might become the main interface. For really intense graphics, gaming consoles cant compete with kilowatt-class PC rigs, and it is going to take a few years for the low-power gains in gpu design to trickle down to the sort of cheap PC cards that consoles use. So there aught to be migrations up to PCs and down to tablets.
    The tablet is fine for most gaming needs, but if you want really stellar physics and the like, you’ll need higher end compute — and since consoles can’t keep up it might be the PC that acts as the remote gpu server for the game, that you play on your TV or tablet. (Although nintendo clearly seems to think the console works just fine in place of the pc here)