Crazy Taxi free-to-play sequel on its way, original game free for limited time

by: Andrew GrushMarch 14, 2014


Outside of classic staples like Sonic, one of the most iconic series from Sega would be Crazy Taxi. The arcade classic has great tunes, fun gameplay and is rather addicting. The original first arrived to Android in July of last year, and now a free-to-play sequel is on its way dubbed Crazy Taxi: City Rush.

Instead of merely being a port, City Rush is made specifically for mobile devices. Sega refers to the game as “re-imagining” with one-touch controls, an all-new big city setting, the ability to customize your cab to increase its abilities, and a variety of special challenges and missions. There’s also Facebook integration and — considering it’s free-to-play — you can expect in-app purchases as well.

Part of what made the classic great is the free control we had over our vehicles, combined with an awesome soundtrack. It’s unclear how the one-touch controls will work and if it will still provide the same addicting experience as the original, but we remain hopeful. As for the music? Sega will reportedly license music from some indie bands and will also allow you to play music from your own library of songs.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush will arrive later this month in Australia and Canada, with a wider release sometime after that. In the meantime, Sega is saying “thank you” to its current fans by offering the original Crazy Taxi from now until March 19th.

To grab your free copy of Crazy Taxi, you’ll want to head over to Google Play. What do you think, excited for Crazy Taxi: City Rush or do you feel a mobile-optimized free-to-play game won’t be able to live up to the spirit of the original?

  • Thanks for telling about the offer!

    Also, first!

  • Clint Weiss

    I want to believe that they will do well by the IP, but I highly doubt they will if they are going to use the f2p/iap model.

  • Skyde

    Depends on which part IAP will be offered.
    If IAP is to remove ads, unlock levels, enable gamesave, then it should be ok.
    If IAP affects game difficulty (equipment upgrade/repair etc), then it’s guaranteed to be awful, don’t bother to install.