Crackle App Brings Free Movies To Android

June 20, 2011
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    Everyone likes free stuff – especially free entertainment. That’s why you see the popularity of piracy after all. Well, free movies are coming to the Android platform and it’s piracy-free. We already know about Netflix’s excellent app that provides access to their service, while Google has its own Movie service. There’s a third entry into the ring though. Crackle, is a movie- and TV-watching service that hasn’t been getting the attention they deserved. To change that, the company has launched v2.0 of its Android app – that gives you access to a wide selection of free movies and TV shows.


    • jitendra singh

      this is a very good application

    • Foolish HeArt

      cool…..keep it comming..

    • Omer

      Absolutely awesome app. Love it!

    • Kellykatec

      I can download the app but I cant watch anything because it says I need flash player which wont work on my cell any ideas ??

      • kimberly

        That is the same thing for me

    • Nathansgirl06

      I can’t get it to download from the website and its not in the market. Samsung infuse.

      • Tracymhannon

        That is because its not compatible with the infuse. Same problem here. Wish I knew why :(

    • Davidboii9868

      Where do you download it at because I cant find it im my market ?

    • Leslie Landeros

      i can’t find it in my market either. how do i get it

    • Bernie Bernadas

      How to download the movie

    • Tracymhannon

      Crackle isnt compatible with samsung infuse. Anyone know why? It worked great with my captivate :(

    • azzoris77


    • Ajayprc

      i am getting notice ..saying that i can not install on my Lenovo A1 Pad. any idea (Location India)

    • Roger Fritchman

      Asshole what is free about $5 that in a store is called bait and switch a felony. You should go to jail.

    • Pete

      I use a paid app called Cloud IPTV instead. it’s got all the latest movies and TV shows. I still haven’t figured out how they do it but I can find anything, even movies still in theaters. it’s a bit tricky to find, but I found it by googling cloud IPTV APK