Could Google Fiber go nationwide?

by: Simon HillDecember 11, 2012

Since Google rolled out its high-speed internet and cable service in parts of Kansas City there has been lots of speculation about whether the search engine giant might look to take the service nationwide. The response from people eligible for the service seems to have been pretty positive so far. Here’s a full breakdown of the Google Fiber service on offer, the top tier plan offers a 1Gbps Internet connection with Fiber TV and a Nexus 7 as remote for $120 per month.

The tech press has also generally been impressed with Google’s Fiber proposition, as the company appears to be offering a better quality service than the ISPs everyone is currently stuck with. There have been some “come to my city” pleas popping up across the web, but Google execs are not in the habit of sharing their long term plans. Is Google Fiber an experiment, or the first wave in Google’s move to completely control and own every aspect of your online experience?

A recent report from Goldman Sachs is looking to throw a big spanner in the works as it claims that building a cable network is prohibitively expensive and it could cost over $140 billion to cover the whole country. The report discusses how many homes Google could hope to cover and what it would cost, claiming that covering even 50 million households would cost $70 billion. There’s also an estimate that Verizon has spent $15 billion to cover 17 million homes with its FiOS fiber network.

It’s really no surprise to learn that building the network would be expensive, but who would expect Google to cover the entire country overnight? Why would the company have to outlay $140 billion straight away? Surely the sensible plan would be to cover populous urban areas first and build up the income from customers to fund further building. Google has $45 billion in the bank, it saved another $2 billion just last year by avoiding paying taxes, and we’re pretty confident getting credit would not be a problem.

Realistically there always comes a point with networks where serving a small number of people in rural areas does not offer enough of a return for a company to support the infrastructure. Usually they simply don’t bother, but often government will step in with subsidies that make it worthwhile. The benefit of building out Google Fiber goes beyond the subscriptions to the service for Google – it would benefit their entire empire. No doubt the company will crunch the data on Kansas and gauge public demand before it makes another move, but don’t be surprised if Google Fiber spreads.

What do you think? Hands up if you want Google Fiber to come to your home.

  • I hope that day will come when I use google fiber

  • MasterMuffin

    Come to Finland? Small place…. :)

    • Joshhud


      • MasterMuffin

        ….sounds like America!!!

  • Nobody can beat $25 for 2mbps. Yes you read that right, $25 for 2mpbs. And that is the best case scenario I can think of. Please save us Google! -Philippines

  • Guest

    Save us from Comcast…PLEASE.

  • Igal Neshto

    50$ for 25mbps here in Israel.
    Google is always welcomed.

    • haha, verizon/comcast is more expensive in ‘merica

    • That is 250% faster than what I have for the same price. Upper Midwest

      • Igal Neshto

        But we have Adsl, which means I Upload at 3mbps. Which makes a difference.

  • I would take Google anything! Remember email before GMail? Hahaha 20 MB?
    You kidding me? Yes build it Google! You pissed of just about everybody already so add Cable guy to the pissed off list.

  • I live in Banana Republic of Croatia so I order my Chromebook in NYC to complete my all Google world: chromebook, n7 & n4

  • Guest

    I’d take Google over Comcast or any other ISP in a heartbeat without thinking twice.

  • DonSerrot

    It’s really in Google’s best interest to push this forward. They are in a position where they can keep costs down for the consumer pushing more consumers online. If Google is giving you affordable mega power internet you will be more likely to use Google for searches, and if you go for the TV package with a Nexus 7 thrown in you will probably start hitting up the Play store for apps/music/movies. This is all money in the bank for Google, and history has shown that they have been willing to keep the costs low for people in order to help get them those vital add views.

    I agree that this isn’t something that could ever happen overnight. But I can easily see Google expanding out, and if able at pretty decent speeds too with how quick the actual setup was in Kansas. They also have the benefit of the extreme demand. People want this, and the more the hear about it the more the want it. As they expand more people will hear and more people will want. This has a really good chance of avalanching into a big thing that Google is perfectly positioned to completely dominate.

  • ugghhh!!! D.C. please, but that is really far away from google’s shit in kansas and in Mountain view lol, should have started this in da northeast :)

  • Well,

    I actually hope they expand and it forces the other providers to compete.

  • If Google launches 1gbps service nationwide, they will make far more than 140 billion.

  • Michael Clark

    Time Warner is terrible. Absolutely no customer service even when you pay good money for TV and internet.

  • Jonathan Rivera

    Google Fiber > Any Other Fucking Network

  • I Want Google Fiber

    If Google Fiber spreads… Them everyone will use it and online gamers will be happy.

  • Scott

    Please come to South Florida!!!!

  • kassss

    pls google fibr. here in philippines.. we dont like pldt my dsl anymore or some isp @.@ google fibr=great future

  • kassss

    this will make many internet providers wet their pants google fibr the best

  • Fuck Globe, Smart and PLDT

    Google fiber! I beg you! come to the fuckng Philippines and Save us from Globe , Smart and PLDt…we are paying 5k per month for 3mbps up .5 mbps down……