Could Apple port iMessage or iTunes to Android?

by: Gary SimsMay 29, 2013

cookAlthough Apple has its own desktop operating system in Mac OS X and it has its own mobile operating system in iOS, the company has always been open to sometimes porting its applications to other platforms. The most notable of these are of course iTunes and Safari which are both available for Windows as well as the Mac. Until now Apple hasn’t ported any of its mobile apps to Android. However in a recent interview Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stated that given the right circumstances Apple would consider porting some of its apps to Android.

Apple has several in-house apps that it delivers for iOS, the question is which of them would benefit Apple if they were ported to Android? Among Apple’s current apps are iMessage, Maps, iTunes and Safari.

[quote qtext=”If it made sense for us to do that, we would do that. You could apply that to every area of Apple.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

I shall resist the temptation to take a swipe at Apple’s map app. I think we can safely say that porting that to Android won’t help any Android users or Apple. Interestingly iTunes and Safari are already on Windows so Apple isn’t adverse to running those on non-Apple systems. Safari hasn’t been a huge success on Windows and has a long way to go to catch up with the likes of Chrome and Mozilla. Porting it to Android would probably just be a waste of resources on Apple’s part. iTunes as a mobile app allows users to buy music, films and TV programs. Thankfully the mobile version of iTunes has nothing to do with syncing content. As a store front and as a player for DRM encoded video there could be some merit in porting it to Android. However there could be some resistance from Android users who don’t want to get sucked into the Apple way of doing things, however for mixed Apple / Android households it could be a benefit.

One other potential candidate that could benefit both Apple users and Android users is iMessage. Apple’s  instant messenger service works on iOS and on OS X. It allows users on these platforms to send texts, documents, photos, videos, contact information, and group messages. It is seen as an alternative to SMS or MMS, but without the per message cost. However porting it to other platforms other than iOS would mean opening up iCloud to Android and that is something that Apple might not be prepared to do.

What do you think? Would you like to see iMessage or iTunes on Android?

  • steve

    do notwant

  • Kevin

    if google fix hangouts and get that working well there would be no need for imessage or facetime as that’ll do both in one. iTunes i hate so no for that, cant actually think of anythinjg on iphone i’d like to see tbh

  • MasterMuffin

    Tim is praying for Android’s destruction in that picture :D

  • Mobiledatu

    I want itunes for android. We cannot buy music here in the Philippines through google playstore.

  • End in sight

    Rather than try to get android users to adopt facetime, better to get iOS users to adopt hangouts.

    • 123

      Hangouts is avaliable for iOS as well

      • Homer

        U so smrt!

        • 123

          …so there is no need to adopt hangouts for Homers iDevice…

  • Bazar6

    It’d be hilarious if they attempted to port Apple Maps to Android … they’d be the laughing stock of the tech world. iTunes, I used to wish they did, because I have a ton of music that I purchased through them when I regularly used my iPod, but that won’t have any effect on me now with Amazon and Google’s music services.

  • those who comment with “we don’t need imessage” don’y really know how imessage is working. imessage is not just an other internet messaging system… it’s also some sort of a gateway for sms. If a message fails to reach his destination through imessage, this message will be sent automatically through sms (if you chose to do this or don’t change de default setting) by the device. To my best of knowledge, there are no apps that does exactly this on Android or no apps like this are cross platform. This system wasn’t working properly when it was released… but today I can tell you that it’s working quite well (I’m not an iPhone user… I have a Galaxy SIII… but I had an iPhone in the past and my wife is still using an iPhone).

    • HitokiriX

      It’s still not really a “need”, no matter how well it may work.

      • Oh, it’s a need for me. When I was on IOS, I could send txt (imessages) while on the plane’s wifi since it uses data as a transport and not cell. It’s really nice being able real time message folks on the ground!

      • Eric Dillon

        The smoothness of iMessage compared to apps like Kik or GoSMS makes it an incredibly really nice to have app on the Android platform.

        REAL group messaging, not the convoluted MMS group messaging currently native to Android, is a really nice feature.

  • HitokiriX

    First off, it made sense long ago when android took the better share of the market. Secondly, fuck your i anything if you don’t think us android users are worth the effort of putting forth the services for us to use.

  • They can keep that shitty maps!

  • imessage would be nice

  • but leave itunes..can’t stand that app..

  • g0vt_h00ker

    imessage is the best thing iphone has to offer

  • flamencoguy

    Don`t want them. Don`t need them. We don`t need no stinkin` Apple apps!

  • Seth Forbus

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD please don’t port this crap to android.

  • mintslice

    The whole point of iMessage and iCloud is to lock hapless Apple users into the platform. Apple won’t port them and risk losing a lock in.

  • SeraZR™

    iTunes? Useless piece of utter crap

  • SeraZR™

    iTunes? Useless piece of utter crap

  • Jessirae

    My husband and I do not pay for text messaging (SMS). iMessage is how we survive without it. My husband and I (and many of our friends) have iPhones, so we are able to “text” back and forth. I’ve been considering the switch to Android, but don’t think I can give up iMessage (I also love that I can respond to iMessages on my computer with a full-sized keyboard).

    Having said that, it probably wouldn’t benefit Apple to open up iMessage, because that (and superior hardware) are all that are holding me back.