Could Android be on a downward track?

by: Joe HindySeptember 19, 2012

As many of our readers have no doubt noticed, there have been a slew of articles regarding the so-called death of Android. It is a perfectly logical thing to want to talk about. Android is better than it has ever been and the devices being released with Android are at the cutting edge of mobile technology. As the old saying goes, the bigger you are, the harder you fall, right?

There is a lot of new competition that will be facing Android in the coming year. Windows Phone 8, along with its matching tablet/PC OS, will be released. The so-called greatest iPhone ever will have been released along with a new iPad. iOS has always been a big competitor and likely will continue to be. Not because they’ve released anything new, but because their fans are delusional.

Perhaps Android’s greatest threat over the next year will be Windows 8. While the desktop version may not be anything to shake a stick at, the mobile version is a much better and more solid offering than Windows Phone 7 or 7.5. Additionally, OEMs are taking it more seriously. The Nokia Lumia 920 and the recently announced set of HTC Windows 8 devices might actually bring some real competition. If you pair that with the Microsoft Surface tablet, Windows 8 has a really solid product line up.

Does this spell the end for Android?

Absolutely not. It’s a popular opinion that the other operating systems are getting stronger. They happen to be right. Even if the iPhone 5 release was an undeniable failure, iOS 6 is moving forward. Windows 8 is moving forward. Both mobile operating systems are, arguably, the best they’ve ever been. For Android, this is great news.

If you’ll recall, when the humble HTC G1 was released, Android was a cool concept but worlds away from iOS. Through innovation and competition, Android grew to not only become mainstream, but to utterly dominate the mainstream. Now, iOS is the one playing catch up. With new competition, it simply gives Android new heights to strive toward.

Additionally, there’s some numbers out there that sound like Android is doing badly when it really isn’t. Leave it to Apple and Tim Cook to use these numbers. During the iPhone 5 announcement, Cook said that iPads held roughly 68% of the market share. He sounded pretty happy about that number and even took a moment to belittle Android tablets. Here’s the problem, during the launch of the iPad 2, Steve Jobs announced that Apple had 90% of the market share.

So the question is, why is Tim Cook announcing publicly that iPads have lost 22% of the market share? Or perhaps the better question, why is he poking fun at the company that’s taking his market share? Ironically, it’s the same stance Apple took when the iPhone controlled the market. It didn’t help them then and it isn’t going to help them now.

While the other blogs and news sites have some valid points about the competition, I simply don’t see how Android could be in trouble. Strong and healthy competition has, in the past, only encouraged Android to take bold steps forward to become even greater. There’s no reason to believe that this latest challenge will only encourage Android to do the same. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

  • PeterBlood

    I’ll say it is and good riddance!

    Why Android phone screens are so big: Inferior off-the-shelf components with an inferior OSWednesday, September 19, 2012 The real reason why Samsung, HTC and the other Android phone assemblers have “decided” to offer ergonomically inferior large screen devices is simply because they need more room in the device’s shell to fit all of their off-shelf parts and enough battery to run that inferior hardware and the Android OS. Often Android handsets fail to make it through the day, even with all of that extra battery volume packed into oversized devices.Unlike Apple’s iOS, which is created expressly for Apple’s custom hardware – A6, batteries, Retina display, etc. – Android’s UI rendering happens in the main thread of an app and Android’s UI rendering has normal priority, rather than given higher processing priority as in iOS. This is likely because Android began life at Google as a BlackBerry knockoff and quickly had a touch UI bolted on right after they saw Steve Jobs pull the iPhone out of his jeans’ pocket.The Android handset assemblers and those who settle for inferior wares routinely tout giant screens as a “feature / advantage” over iPhones, but it is in fact nothing more than a cover to provide greater volume inside the shell due to their inability to custom micro-engineer anything close to what Apple can achieve. Note that even with their oversized screens, Android phones cannot seem to deliver all-day battery life. Note also that while making Android phones not just tall, but also pocket-bustingly wide, the Android handset assemblers strive to keep them as thin as they can manage, obviously because they believe there is some merit in the ability to provide a “thin” device. If bigger is better, why isn’t thicker better, too? Because neither too big nor too thick is best for a smartphone. Big enough to see, use, and carry in a pocket comfortably is what is the right smartphone size. In other words: Apple’s iPhone 5.Apple’s A6 SoC is custom silicon, not an off-the-shelf part slapped into umpteen “Buy One get X Free” Android handsets. Apple’s iOS 6 is a custom OS X-based operating system, not an off-the-shelf handset OS slapped into umpteen phones and skinned in myriad, inconsistent, developer-vexing ways. Apple’s iPhone 5 is the world’s thinnest smartphone yet still outperforms every Android phone on the market in terms of speed, responsiveness, weight, screen quality, and battery life – not to mention ecosystem, including third-party support, vehicle integration, app quality, app library, and app developers.The next time you hear an Android handset assembler touting a big screen on TV, the Net, or wherever, remember that they are forced by their business model to have that giant screen and, if they could, they’d rather produce a phone that can fit in your pocket, be operated with one hand, be remarkable thin and light, with a crystal-clear, razor-sharp Retina display, and run all day on a single charge, but they can’t.Only Apple can.

    • cool story bro

      • PeterBlood

        Based in fact naturally unlike other wishful thinking postings here.

        • You are confusing opinions with facts. Easy mistake with tech writers now days. Absolutely no journalistic integrity.

          • PeterBlood

            Android market share? Dying. Many switchers coming back to iPhone having had it with Android. Future of Android? Not good for many legal reasons. Apple largest company in the world with 71% smart phone profits for ALL smart phones. Apple worldwide market share is 18.8% (30% in U.S.) . Samsung worldwide market share is 32.6 % but Apple may receive up to $3bil US from them for patent infringements. Android followers are followers of corporate thieves, supporting and encouraging theft of trade dress and by doing so not encouraging these companies to be truly innovative and create something unique to themselves. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves but you’ll find some way to rationalize with your usual BS reasons. The confused “masses” may not have Android around for long being a stolen OS.

          • If iOS was so wildly superior, the last 2 software upgrades wouldn’t be a list of year-old Android features that my year-old Galaxy Nexus already had. A lot of claims, not a lot of facts.

            The maps are inferior, the camera is inferior (especially in low-light, I’ve tested it often), the battery is inferior (I’m the only person I’m my group who doesn’t carry a charger around). Beautiful screen, simple OS, clean experience, no guessing games as to how good it will be–that’s iOS, and I’m cool with that. That’s why I bought it for my step-dad.

            But give Android its due. Your notification bar (2008), turn-by-turn nav (2009), siri (2010), multitasking (2009), sharing with Facebook and Twitter (2009), universal search (2009-10), panorama shot (2010), video and picture simultaneously (2011), setting up the phone without a PC or Mac (2008), barcode scanning (2008), etc. are all Android features that Apple now has (in some cases better, others not even close).

            But, like Steve Jobs said, “great artists steal…and then patent first”. Apple still holds that dear, it’s fans think Apple can do no wrong. If you take an app both OS’ have in common, “Quora” for instance, and put the 2 side-by side, you’ll see the difference in power of each OS, and lay the debate to rest.

            Hardware is an issue the manufacturers create with silly low-tier and mid-tier devices, slow, if any, software upgrades, old processors, etc. that create the fragmentation less-educated customers and Apple users complain about, but that’s not on the OS at all.

            Android isn’t perfect, and I see why a customer would prefer iOS in many instances, but I’ve never seen an Apple product that can go toe-to-toe with ,y Galaxy Nexus before or after JellyBean and after reviewing iOS 6, probably wont happen now either.

          • PeterBlood

            Marty! (I’m a big fan of BTTF.) At LAST some intelligence on this site. Appreciate your input. Really I do.

            Many of the features you talk about are not exactly sterling examples of great software. Apple Maps are like Revision One so yes in time they will be better than Google’s and in some respects are better now. I will know for certain myslef soon. Bigger Android phone can mean bigger battery even though spec wise they are almost even with iPhone having the edge. Certainly the new one.
            I’m afraid I am not a fan of Google’s so would not be a fan of Android. I prefer what Apple comes up with, by and large a more complete solution but occasionally even Apple can do better I grant you that.

            Understand the context of the Picasso “great artists steal” quote. It means to use great idea’s as inspiration and come up with something entirely new from it, not copying something as Samsung has proven to have done in court. Picasso would frown on Samsung and no doubt condemn them.

            I have worked with Android OS on numerous occasions and the only inescapable conclusion for me is it’s hobbled crap, I’m sorry. Not just a little bad but awful. Not for me. iOS6 looks pretty great. Seeing as you are a reasonable sort maybe you will give it another shot. If not well I hope you get out of Android what you need. Thanks for the civility!

          • I’m not sure why I’m bothering to type this, since you’re not really grounded in fact (or reality at all, apparently), but there’s one thing you seem to like coming back to, and that’s the judgement against Samsung. You seem to like to use it as a basis for everything else you talk about. It’s almost as if you didn’t follow the trial at all. Yes, there was a judgement handed down. No, it is not binding. Yet. The reason for that is because to hand down the judgement that they did, the jury actually did not consider the evidence (and they’ve publicly stated this.

            The jury instructions for the trial ( state specifically “In following my instructions, you must follow all of them and not single out some and ignore others; they are all important.” (p. 8) One of those instructions was “Anything you may have seen or heard when the court was not in session is not evidence. You are to decide the case solely on the evidence received at the trial.” (6-4) However, on his own admission, he based his opinion, (and influenced the rest of the jury as well, that his prior experience – something expressly forbidden to be considered – meant that he knew better than the other jurors. Did he? Well, let’s see.

            In Section 18 (p. 29) The jury was instructed: “For Apple’s trade dress dilution claims, the next issues you will decide are WHETHER APPLE’S TRADE DRESS WAS FAMOUS BEFORE SAMSUNG STARTED SELLING ITS ACCUSED PRODUCTS, and whether Samsung’s accused products are likely to cause dilution of the asserted Apple trade dresses by impairing their distinctiveness…. IF you decide that any Apple trade dress is BOTH protectable and has been infringed or willfully diluted by Samsung, you will then need to decide the money damages to be awarded to Apple.” (caps mine) So, the jury’s job was then, to decide if it was protectable. It was NOT already set in stone. But what did the lead juror decide?

            In a live Q&A over at Gizmodo, Mr. Hogan was asked about this. He said, “… it was not the function of this jury to ask that. We were bound to use the law as it is today. The patents were issued the judge instructed us not to second guess the current patent system. But that wasn’t the question. The law is that the jurors are supposed to decide WHETHER OR NOT a patent is infringed, which INCLUDES whether or not the patent is valid, because if it is not valid, it can’t be infringed. He was then asked, “Why did you choose to ignore prior art despite it being a legitimate claim?” Remember, the case at issue was, Did Samsung start selling their phones before Apple’s trade dress was -famous-. It wasn’t even ‘before Apple started selling theirs’. It was before it was -famous-.

            So, why did Mr. Hogan choose to ignore evidence against the instructions of the judge? He said, “I is[sic] not ignore prior art yes it was legitimate, however it was not interchangeable therefore it did not invalidate Apples patents.” So in other words, Samsung had a prior legitimate claim, but he ignored it. Why? He said, “it was not interchangeable therefore it did not invalidate Apples patents…. Under the current law the prior art must be among other things interchangeable.” So basically, what he’s saying is because Samsung’s prior art could NOT have been used on a iPhone, it wasn’t valid. He was then asked, “You’re suggesting, then, that the patent is on the particular implementation, not the overall concept? In that case, isn’t it clear that in many of the patents no infringement is possible, as clearly an implementation in Java (Android) is distinct from an implementation in Objective-C (iOS)?

            If, however, you’re suggesting the patent is on the concept, then clearly there IS prior art, and therefore the patents are invalid.

            Either way, Samsung should not have been charged the exorbitant punitive damages you clearly believed were due.”

            And that is when Mr. Hogan left. He did not attempt to answer that question, because he knew his position was indefensible. His own answers made that perfectly clear. And because he influenced the rest of the jury, it invalidated the entirety of their finding. That is the majority of the reason why Samsung is even able to appeal, because a member of the jury has publicly stated that Apple has no case, and they decided in their favour anyway.

            Other things the jury was stupid about was punitive damages (they weren’t allowed to give them, but they did anyway), and not even reading the judges instructions; they decided the instructions weren’t important, so just skipped reading them.

            For a fairly complete rundown of all the issues with the jury:


            There’s a few other sites that are documenting this too, but this is the best plain english translation. If, after reading these, you’re still convinced that Apple has a leg to stand on, well, just leave us here in reality, and go do what you need to do.

          • PeterBlood

            Thanks for the information. We will see what the court decides and how Samsung does on appeal. In my opinion the evidence looks pretty obvious even to the casual observer but we will see if Samsung is exonerated and whether or not the crime of copying does pay. As I point out Google told them not to copy so closely but they did anyway and so came under Apple’s radar and legal guns to begin with so only brought this on themselves. Samsung deprives the world of original innovation when they simply copy. Samsung probably too is but one phase before attacking Google and Android directly. It’s possible Android may be stripped of many features and a shell of what it was. Other phones that honorably did not infringe like Windows 8 will take their place. I am well aware of reality and I appreciate your efforts to state facts instead of the usual insults, myths and fiction posted here.

          • techbliss

            Have you ever tried an android? I really do like the way the iphone looks but I hate that you can’t customize it like the android unless you jailbreak it. So I’m guessing you just use your phone for what a phone should be used for? Texting, calling, email things like that? iphones are just too boring for me. They all look the same. With android you have the mytouch 4g, you have samsung galaxy, you have htc one x. But also the inside is different. You could never get your android mixed up with someone else’s. But there have been times when I confused someone else’s iphone for mine.

          • PeterBlood

            Yes I have. I don’t understand the obsession with modding though that is uniquely a geek niche thing. Most of the people I know who have Androids don’t bother with modding at all. iPhones have dependable consistent features that evolve through upgrades (The totally overblown Maps situation had issues for some people but work fine for most but will get any problems fixed fast).

            That’s all most people want, not reinvent the wheel every other week because we are ADD on Android. Do you understand most people have lives and need this consistency? It’s kind of neurotic I mean what’s to say you wouldn’t change your car, home, TV, wife, husband, etc. if you could because after a while they look “too boring to you.”

            You can change wallpapers on the iPhone so as soon as it clicks on you know if it’s yours or not or the color or type of case on your iPhone. Many ways to differentiate your chosen phone, be it Android or iPhone.

          • hohopig

            not stirling? First you accuse android fan of not giving apple credit … which some does … and now it seems you are the one who is unwilling to accept the truth. Notification, folders, multi-task (even the half baked attempt) etc, all these will not happen if fans were not asking for them because it was on android.

          • PeterBlood

            Excuse me but all these things existed before the Android OS interface was copied from Apple. You’re right I give Android ZERO credit. Google is derivative of others plain and simple. Like Apple didn’t have all these basic things on the drawing board before Android? Android is the “why not?” kind of OS regarding features and Apple is “why?”

            Your reward as a result in having Google design a swiss cheese phone OS is a 700% increase in malware. Apple is a hell of a lot more careful in what it allows resulting in a more secure phone. And security trumps everything else. Get it now?

          • ajm135

            One word “Foxconn”.

          • PeterBlood

            Oh you mean the Chiese manufacturing facility where Apple has done the best job of all device manufacturers of compensating employees and improved safety? I would say any Android phones made there at other plants are probably made under deplorable conditions.

          • chris

            And Apple hasn’t stolen anything right??? They have just innovated right?? You sir are very delusional, I think it’s time to take your meds.

          • PeterBlood

            Thanks for the meds cliche. Google for anything Apple has stolen wise guy. You won’t find anything but other clueless souls on Android sites.

          • tBs_Battousai

            Didn’t Steve jobs admit that Apple have always stolen other peoples ideas? check YouTube…


          • PeterBlood

            OMG, you trot this thing out again? Don’t you read about anything before opening your mouth? You see this is why Android users are clueless in general. They hear snatches of what they want to hear and then repeat it forever, never mind the full context.

            Steve Jobs was referring to a Picasso quote “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal.” Have you ever known Picasso to steal anything in any obvious way in his paintings? No, and that was not what he meant. He had his own style much as Apple has their own style and design sense. The meaning of it is taking ideas you see elsewhere and turning it into something new. Everything is influenced by what came before it. The Beatles were influenced by R&B & RnR in the States and turned that eventually into something new. A variation on a theme.

            If Samsung had looked at the iPhone, gotten inspired and turned it into something truly new but different and inspired no one would care and Samsung would be applauded. But they copied slavishly against Google’s own warnings.

            People accuse Apple of copying disingenuously. They have never been sued by anyone for copying that I’m aware of since Apple is the trendsetter and in fact all Android lovers should be grateful instead of resentful they started the current smartphone trend.

            Samsung is attempting to use 4G Standard Essential FRAND patents (which they agreed to license to all at a fair price) now against Apple, which ultimately will not and can not stand. They do not have any other legitimate patent weapons to use against Apple to force them to license patents they used without permission (patents that are NOT FRAND). They were already investigated once before attempting to do the same with their 3G patents and failed.

            Samsung is a dishonest Korean company with a culture for copying (and doing anything possible to save face) trying to take the fast road on the back of Apple’s own hard R&D work. Now they’re paying the price. This information is all true and verifiable but no doubt someone here will try to spin it to suit themselves.

          • tBs_Battousai

            just messing with you :D
            look, we get it, you HATE Android, but we don’t really care… we LOVE Android… do you REALLY think you can convince anyone here to move away from Android?
            I do however worry about the fact that you think that anyone with a differing opinion just wrong and should be ranted at…
            Because after all, why should anyone else have the right to form their own opinion….

          • PeterBlood

            No I don’t hate Android, I despise Google for their actions in creating it and their partners for being too lazy to come up with their own winning formula. I don’t hate Android users except when they spew nonsense and facts to suit themselves. Hey you know Apple isn’t perfect but for some guys there are no rules and anything goes. But if this same attitude hit them in the pocketbook you can imagine the outrage then. It’s always okay for the other to take the hit but God forbid it’s them. You either believe in fair play or you don’t. Differing opinion on choices is okay but differing opinions on facts is just disingenuous spin. Facts are facts. You can talk around them but you can’t have opinion conveniently changing facts unless the facts are proven wrong of course and not just somebody’s opinion or conspiracy theory. It is amazing the spin culture we now live in. No one is guilty and everything goes. So you miss my point. Opinions are just opinions and like an anus everyone has one. Yes as I’ve said being here is like teaching politics on Facebook and expecting conversions – not going to happen. I’m not expecting to convert anyone when I say the iPhone is the best overall phone from the total user experience POV. Why are you so insecure about your own choices? Being here was sort of an experiment and most here did not “disappoint.” I shall leave you to your huddled choir and tell you I embrace legitimate competition. Delight me with something different (like Windows Phone 8), don’t disappoint me with a small variation of what I already hold in my hand.

          • Solaris Sun

            sorry peter blood but every one making a steering wheel & no one claims it . u live in USA so u think apple is a winner ,this is not true they lost to SAM in JAPAN in case u did not hear ,and now android phones sells like hell all over the world ,may be iphone had an edge in USA BUT NOT in THE WORLD OUT threr.

          • PeterBlood

            March of this year the iPhone was Number One in Japan. Don’t know about the current quarter. Certainly the iP5 will kick some Samsung butt. Apple is selling as many phones as it can make. If that isn’t a measure of great worldwide success I don’t know what is. (You should see the unbridled joy of users getting new iPhones on the news today.) I can’t find any reference on Google that Samsung is now Number One in Japan. Your post should have come later when iP5 sales figures come out anyway and you get served a big piece of crow with sushi.

            If it hadn’t been for Apple nobody would be enjoying the smart phones we have today. Chew on that, and enjoy your tech!


          • Solaris Sun

            it lost in court in japan

          • Solaris Sun

            over the patented rectangular shape looool.

          • PeterBlood

            Yeah over one thing. You try to paint a broad brush as if the same things Samsung lost to Apple in California are the same things a Japanese court denied Apple. Try and get your facts straight. One patent loss is not the whole shebang. Here they are for your benefit:


            Apple Inc. lost a patent lawsuit in Japan as a Tokyo judge ruled that Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) smartphones and a tablet computer didn’t infringe on an Apple invention for synchronizing music and video data with servers.

          • PeterBlood
          • hohopig

            really? Not true at least for my friends and especially my close family. I manage to turn them from the dark side :) by letting them try my samsung galaxy S2 and the type of things (basic things really) that can be done in android but which is restricted by android.

            And they have not looked back and are buying S3 and looking at Note2 (would love HTC if they remove their ridiculous file partitions and the lack of true multi-tasking in One-X)

            So dying? not by anecdote and not by the market trend.

            As for legal reason? :) do you know that Apple only won big in USA (with the ridiculous jury system and the loud mouth foreman which is going to give Samsung so much ammo by shooting his mouth off to the media after the case) and both companies are getting castrated or at least a more balance judgement (win some, loss some, as it should be and it is why most company settle IP dispute).

          • PeterBlood

            No this is fact, not fiction. But I know what you mean. Just because you don’t want something to be so doesn’t mean it isn’t.

    • David Kerkes

      Rubbish. I wouldn’t trade my year old Galaxy Nexus in for an i5.

      • PeterBlood

        No one’s asking you too, just suffer in silence for now by yourself future iPhone owner.

    • Guest

      Thank you, PeterBlood, I now see what the article’s writer was saying: iFans are delusional.

      • PeterBlood

        If by iFan’s you mean Fandroids then of course yes.

    • Thank you, PeterBlood, I can now concur with the article’s writer: iFans ARE delusionsal ;)

      • PeterBlood

        Look in the mirror for the very definition of delusional.

    • satsmine2k4

      A fanboy licking his own balls and telling the world they are the sweetest…

      • PeterBlood

        Yes so please stop it, you’re embarassing yourself.

        • satsmine2k4

          look at how blind isheep can get… licking their own balls and thinking the world does the same…shame on u ipuppet…

          • PeterBlood

            You have ball licking really on your mind don’t you? I feel sorry for your dog and your continuous balls licking on him. Sort of a hobby I would presume.

    • Jamie Cottrell

      “Apple’s iPhone 5 is the world’s thinnest smartphone” BULLSHIT! oppo finder and original razr both thinner. get your damn facts straight

      • PeterBlood

        We’re talking a real smart phone here.

        • satsmine2k4

          In which case apple should be sued for lieing and calling iphone 5 a smartphone….:)

          • PeterBlood

            In which case you should be sued for trying to pretend you have anything worthy to say. :)

          • satsmine2k4

            Sure as soon as your done juicing yourself and your impotent ifone

          • PeterBlood

            Sure as soon as your phone of choice is neutered by Apple, speaking of impotent.

          • leedleleedle

            stop insulting android and think
            what features does the iphone have that android dosn’t have and cannot get through the play store

          • PeterBlood

            Just bringing out facts is all. Don’t take them as an insult. Seeing as how the new iPhone is mostly about refining what it had (and better than Android equivalent like the cameras, A6 processor and quality of the screen). As far as features you could say the new Apple Maps, Passbook, Siri out of beta and over 200 other new iOS 6 features, which just came out moments ago. I haven’t downloaded it yet to rub in your face, so give me a while. Here’s the list (I recognize some of these are already on Android, probably in mediocre form):

            – Maps
            – Apple designed vector based maps
            – Turn-by-turn navigation with spoken directions on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (2nd and 3rd generation)
            – Real-time traffic information
            – Flyover for photo-realistic, interactive 3D views of major metro areas on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad (3rd generation), and iPod touch (5th generation)
            – Local search results with Yelp photos, ratings, reviews, and available deals
            – Siri integration for requesting directions and finding places along a route
            – Siri improvements
            – Sports: scores, player stats, game schedules, team rosters, and league standings for baseball, basketball, football, soccer and hockey
            – Movies: trailers, showtimes, reviews and facts
            – Restaurants: reservations, reviews, photos and information
            – Send a Tweet
            – Post on Facebook
            – App launch
            – Eyes Free in supported automobiles
            – Local search available in Siri supported countries (availability may be limited during initial rollout)
            – Additional country and language support for Canada (English and Canadian French), China (Mandarin), Hong Kong (Cantonese), Italy (Italian), Korea (Korean), Mexico (Spanish), Spain (Spanish), Switzerland (Italian, French, German), Taiwan (Mandarin), US (Spanish)
            – Supported on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad (3rd generation) and iPod touch (5th generation)
            – Facebook integration
            – Single sign-on from Settings
            – Post from Photos, Safari, Maps, App Store, iTunes, Game Center, Notification Center and Siri
            – Add location and choose audience for any post
            – View up-to-date Facebook profile photos and contact information in Contacts
            – View Facebook events and birthdays in Calendar
            – Like content and see your friends’ Likes in App Store and iTunes Store
            – Shared Photo Streams
            – Share selected photos with the people you choose
            – Friends can view shared photos in Photos app, iPhoto and Apple TV
            – Friends can like and make comments on individual photos
            – Passbook
            – One place for boarding passes, store cards, movie tickets and other passes
            – Barcode display for boarding flights, buying coffee, getting into movies and other actions
            – Passes displayed on Lock Screen based on time or location
            – Passes can be automatically updated
            – Supported on iPhone and iPod touch
            – FaceTime improvements
            – FaceTime over cellular support for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (3rd generation)
            – Receive FaceTime calls, sent to your iPhone number, on your iPad and iPod touch
            – Phone improvements
            – Do Not Disturb to suppress incoming calls and notifications
            – ‘Reply with message’ option when declining a call
            – ‘Remind me later’ option based on time or location when declining a call
            – Mail improvements
            – VIP mailbox to quickly access mail from important people
            – Flagged email mailbox
            – Insert photos and videos when composing email
            – Open password protected Office docs
            – Pull down to refresh mailboxes
            – Per account signatures
            – Safari improvements
            – iCloud tabs to see open pages on all your devices
            – Offline Reading List
            – Photo upload support
            – Full screen landscape view on iPhone and iPod touch
            – Smart app banners
            – JavaScript performance improvements
            – App Store and iTunes Store improvements
            – Updated store design
            – iTunes Preview history
            – Complete my season
            – Complete my album
            – Game Center improvements
            – Challenge friends to beat high scores and achievements
            – Post high-scores and achievements to Facebook and Twitter
            – Friend recommendations based on your Facebook friends
            – Accessibility improvements
            – Guided Access to limit device to one app or restrict touch input on certain areas of the screen
            – VoiceOver integration with Maps, AssistiveTouch and Zoom
            – Support for Made for iPhone Hearing Aids for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S
            – Improved privacy controls for Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photos and data shared over Bluetooth
            – Reminders can be reordered in the Reminders app
            – Custom vibrations for alerts on iPhone
            – Clock app for iPad
            – Clock alarm with song
            – Search all fields in Contacts
            – Automatic movie mode for improved video sound quality
            – Definitions of a selected word for Chinese, French, German and Spanish
            – New keyboard layouts for French, German, Turkish, Catalan, Arabic and Icelandic
            – Keyboard shortcuts shared across devices via iCloud
            – Bluetooth MAP support
            – Global network proxy for HTTP
            – Features for China
            – Baidu web search
            – Sina Weibo integration
            – Share videos to Tudou
            – Share videos to Youku
            – Improved text input for handwriting and Pinyin
            – Bug fixes

          • leedleleedle

            i said things that android doesn’t have or can’t download

          • PeterBlood

            Last I checked Android users can’t download or use Apple Apps and software is a big part of what a smart phone is. In my opinion even if they are matched on a superficial hardware level they are not equals. The iPhone gives the superior overall secure experience and developers address the iPhone first, Android second if at all. And many others, millions and millions of others think so too. Enjoy your own choice of tech!

          • “Last I checked Android users can’t download or use Apple Apps and software is a big part of what a smart phone is.” Are you really that dumb?. Go Away Troll!

          • PeterBlood

            No it’s called being glib or flippant but being a humorless Android user I wouldn’t expect you would be perceptive enough to realize that.


          • PeterBlood

            You’re yelling. How’re were you supposed to know? By the words I used of course. “Last I checked Android users can’t download or use Apple Apps” – I think the mild humor speaks for itself. The rest I meant sincerely, most my own opinion and the opinion of millions of people based on something…, what was that again, oh yes, FACTS! I realize facts have no place on this site so my apologies.

          • You’re right, I was yelling! and you are DAMN lucky that I was just yelling. I do have a great sense of humor, but maybe I wasn’t in the mood, with your DAMN antics. your opinions and facts are CRAP!

          • PeterBlood

            I responded but this crummy site screwed it up and I have no intention of doing it again. Enjoy your tech and please get some help for those violent tendencies. Perhaps take a vacation from this site so your flesh can become rosy again and your sense of humor restored. Being among these other humorless and dour fact challenged Android lovers isn’t helping you one bit.

          • William Everette

            Thanks for such a complete list. I wasn’t aware of all the iOS features I’ve been using on my Android phones for years. Thanks Apple. Schweet!

          • PeterBlood

            For years? Funny guy. Had no idea so many of Apple’s apps only ran on the Android since 2009.

          • thepeddle

            Pete from another Pete, the Iphone 5 is a great phone there is no doubt, but its not the best phone out there you have to admit this. If you love the IOS ecosystem stay with it and its great for older less tech savy people, but for an OS like IOS that revolutionized the mobile world its been seriously lacking in that department. I still love the look and feel of the Iphone albeit its way to small of a screen now but I was hoping for something spectacular and feature rich that would push Android and the other OS’s to strive for better as well, and in my opinion the IP 5 just didn’t do it. If people love to have unique look “theirs” persay to a phone with a ton of features IOS just isn’t the best option right now. I have no problem with people loving and wanting an IPHONE its everyone’s own choice, I have a ton of friends who love theirs, but when these same friends(not the most techy) tell me that their Iphones are the best and why don’t I have one then this bugs me. They can’t give me one solid reason why its the best “iphone is awesome”. That’s what is the most annoying thing about the average and majoriy of IPHONE users detriment…….ignorance. Just love the phone because you love the look and feel not because a company told you too.

          • PeterBlood

            iPhone 5 IS the best phone out there because the Apple ecosystem is the best ecosystem out there. It’s the totality of the system and the user experience that gets my vote not some hollow hardware spec sheet which is the province of the true geek. Samsung depends on the hardware spec counting guys out there and so throw everything but the kitchen sink on there. I don’t like complexity for complexity’s sake. Simplicity is actually much harder to achieve. Everyone talks about how the iPhone is missing something Android has but never mentions what that is. The difference that is so overwhelmingly in Android’s favor. I think some people are incredibly spoiled thinking major changes just to entertain them year in and year out should be the focus of device manufacturers. Apple is trying to perfect the essential form factor. To do what you suggest would only confuse and anger many more people than not. It’s good there’s a rebel system out there like Android to feed this insatiable need for change. (Merely changing the appearance of your phone with wall papers, etc. is not innovation or change.) But sometime if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. On the other hand if a new innovation is genuinely worth any tradeoffs and for the greater good then go for it. These days it’s impossible to address every fans desire. There has to be a common point of universal usage. I can’t think of a larger reason to get Android than the SIII’s bigger screen which doesn’t interest me. I have a mobile iPad that blows away the SIII in size and is a heck of a lot more fun to use. When you ask your friends why they like their iPhones so much and they can’t give you a geek’s answer means Apple has succeeded in making people happy in ways Android can’t possibly. They have something that comfortably sits in their hands and is easy and versatile to use. No offense but you seem like the Windows user type who loves to endlessly tinker with his toys and most people have no intention of spending their lives tinkering. They want a life. Apple gives them a life too. BTW I am not a simple user and I wouldn’t call the iPhone simple, it has plenty of power under the hood for those who need it. I am a Visual Effects Supervisor and Director of Photography working in television and features. Even I would rather spend time on complex tasks that don’t include my choice of phone. I use my phone like no phone I ever have before and the iPhone performs admirably. In the entertainment business Apple reigns supreme.

          • tBs_Battousai

            “iPhone 5 IS the best phone out…” this is called an opinion, and opinions are not facts…

            Have a read of this

          • PeterBlood

            And I’ve always stated my feelings on the iPhone as an opinion as the best overall user experience (because of the whole ecosystem widget included) though millions & millions of users might think of it as fact since there is truth to it. THANK YOU for making my point about facts vs opinion. Many Androiders confuse the two. Loved the link.

          • MickeyStone

            As an iPhone user I agree with this guy.
            I love my iPhone and am not the most tech savvy person in the world.
            I have no need for a huge screen or massive stats.
            I will be getting the iPhone 5 as the logical end of contract upgrade for me.
            I am well invested into the Apple ecosystem and that works for me.
            People like PeterBlood are honestly an embarrassment and I feel bad that I will get lumped into the same boat as him as will many other Apple fans.
            Huge Apple fan but love the competition provided by other brands such as Android hence why I follow this blog and also the Windows phone OS blogs.
            Biggest attraction I have to the iPhone is the look, it slim and sexy and the materials are higher grade (in my opinion) than the top end android phones, many will disagree and they are welcome to that opinion but this is what keeps the hype up as most people aren’t exactly tech gurus so will pick the iPhone over the phone with the better stats.

          • ajm135

            @PeterBlood So why are you here posting on android blog? As joe hindy said earlier no one is trying to convert you or change your choice of os and you apologize for causing trouble yet you continue on with your apple campaign ON AN ANDROID BLOG!!! Just go away please and stop harrassing everyone in here who doesnt agree with about apple or the iphone. you then proceed to praise one reader for their intelligence and civility but then you show how your a hypocrite by again calling android “hobbled crap” and state its a fact which it is in your mind when in reality its an opinion and then continue your apple campaign once almost acting as if you god and how great it is.Its just a phone. We are all entitled to our choices and opinions. not sure what your trying to prove

          • PeterBlood

            I’m merely responding to things people ask of me after my initial posting. “Hobbled crap” can be mentioned civilly, that’s just how I feel about it. Maybe your right though I should have said something like “mediocre OS.”

            See you won’t accept things that ARE actual negative facts about Android. It seems to be human nature to forgive excessively and blindly those things we like and then are unforgivingly critical of anyone who questions our choices. I am not a believer of FUD. You have to understand the years of disingenuous idiots foisting frustratingly undeserved FUD, untruths and myths on the Apple camp (and still do). Now it’s other companies who are “beleaguered.” And Microsoft had no clue that mobile might be their undoing.

            Now that Android and Microsoft are getting a taste of the FUD lash they don’t like it one bit. (And I am hoping for more mobile success for Microsoft regardless.) Apple is ascendent and lots of people don’t like success. Apple hating is irrational. Many of the people here would probably abandon Android in an instant if they perceived Google, Samsung and others as too uppity and then claim their allegiance to the next underdog device or company. And then the new justifications spew forth as gospel.
            Perhaps if many of the people here would step up and not disparage other choices so harshly there would be no arguments. (Android users from what I’ve seen are not the politest bunch but I’ve probably been a little too angry too.) Just reveling in our choices and enjoying our tech. But most are incapable. It’s like the Hatfiields & McCoys and blood is in the air.
            Okay I’ve “tortured” enough souls here. Have a good day or night everyone depending on where you are.

          • ajm135

            @PeterBlood once again as i mentioned you stated hobbled crap as a fact not just your opinion. Now your coming back and saying its how you feel. Also do want people to come to your house and tell you how horrible of a person you are or how your “hobbled crap” or a “mediocre os” if you will then proceed to state how great they and how superior they are to you in every way shape and form and that you are going to fail and that you should just be more like the person who is berating you? Yeah think about that for a few minutes. Also i recognize android has downsides and negative facts but that had nothing to do with my comment and really your coming on an android blog(not sure how much more i have to emphasize that) and doing exactly what you accuse us of doing. Every comment you have makes apple seem perfect neigh almost god like. Apple is not perfect sir but again every comment you make seems to make them perfect and infallible. So again you are being a hypocrite(in this case calling others what you your self are) and cant help but prove everyone on here wrong. oh and no one really asked anything of you from the start. That part about the justifications and spew forth like gospel, go listen to a gospel preacher then read your own comments again and i hope you get my point.

          • STRiKER

            1 simple thing Peter. There is nothing that can bring Apple ahead of android, as of now. There is a reason they made it 4 inches and not 3.5-humanly-possible-screen. The market is growing, 20 million S3, are u serious? Ohh, they have a panorama now and a 5th row, that couldnt have been possible anywhere else in the world. The worst part is, they say its their invention. Yes, they will have to bring their own maps, yes, they will have to bring a notification area, and you know what, they wont be sued for that. That is because Android is growing and is not filthy enough to bring these petty issues in the path to glory. ANDROID would not be perfect, i agree, but with ios6, Apple proved they are very keen to be Android!

          • PeterBlood

            Android and it’s partners have infringed in heinous fashion by copying directly, that’s pretty simple too. Android would not even exist or look like it does today if not for Apple. Have you seen what Android looked like before Steve Jobs showed him the first unreleased iPhone? Pretty lousy. More like Windows Mobile.

            Panoramic stitch camera techniques have been around forever and push notification services were first introduced to smartphones by Apple with the advent of the Iphone in 2007. (Probably RIM doing something similar before them.) When Apple does something they are either not infringing or using different techniques to accomplish similar or better things. There’s no law against that.

            Android has filthied it’s hands plenty right from the start when Google CEO Eric Schmidt sought to betray Apple and use what he saw with Apple’s R&D efforts on the first iPhone put to use in his own emerging smart phone. Something Apple & Jobs were unaware of but he was kicked off the board when they finally did know. So Schmidt, father of Android deliberately kept secret his own plans to copy Apple’s innovations. Not a very honest, clean or dignified start for Android. Schmidt was able to jumpstart Android by stealing from Apple’s example. They also stole from Microsoft but now pay $15 a phone in royalties for every Android phone to MS.

            Will they sell a lot more Android phones – yes of course I never denied that. But don’t be surprised if Samsung and other Android partners finally get fed up with the load of explosive goods Google sold them and subsequent court hassles and go elsewhere (like Windows Phone).

            Please stop saying Apple is trying to be Android (argh!) when it’s clearly been Android trying to be Apple from the beginning! Apple has proved they are very keen to be Android? That is just so disingenuously wrong. It’s what Androiders love to do to rewrite tech history so they can get a sense of false outrage. A few features Android adds later in desperation to stay ahead doesn’t make Apple now suddenly the follower. Apple follows it’s own path at it’s own speed and when the technology is cooked and ready. Android doesn’t set Apple’s agenda, Apple does.

            I don’t have anything to say to someone who has beliefs that fly in the face of true history like those who believe the Holocaust never happened. Granted the Holocaust was far more serious but I refer to the self-deluding methods people will go to to convince themselves of wrong-headed ideas. Well you believe what you choose to believe, I don’t agree with it. Happy smartphoning!

    • Jamie Cottrell

      do you realize how many fewer features the iPhone 5 would have had without android? no multitasking, same old screen size, no 4g etc

      • PeterBlood

        Do you realize that these are all features Apple already had in the pipeline but waited with design restraint until they were perfect for the market and users, while Android throws everything it can out there to see what sticks in desperation? Apple’s future does not rest on Android, in fact it’s been quite the opposite thanks to copying from Samsung and others. Apple follows no one but their own lead, get that straight.

        • Still drinking from that Apple Juice box, ehhh!

          • PeterBlood

            Most delicious and refreshing unlike the extra bitter herbs you must ingest from all things Android. Oh btw in today’s news:

            Apple now worth 36 times Dell’s market value
            Wednesday, September 19, 2012

            “On October 6, 1997, in response to the question of what he’d do if he was in charge of Apple, Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell stood before a crowd of several thousand IT executives and answered flippantly, “What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.””

          • I’m not going to allow you to raise my blood pressure up. You’re a waste of time.

          • PeterBlood

            You just can’t handle the truth William. Watch that blood pressure! And seriously enjoy what you like, no worries. For now…

    • I dismissed the Iphone 5 when i first saw the unveiling. Its a top notch phone in my book but what you dismiss about android is the choice in options. If i prefer bigger phones then i can do that. As far as off the shelf parts this is totally untrue of high end android phones.The best android phones are just as powerful and only getting stronger. You should stop thinking the iphone 5 is the best thing since sliced bread. As all tech its got its pros and cons. You speak as though the iphone is the only option available fyi its not.

      • PeterBlood

        I’ve said it multiple times here if you have the real need of a bigger screen then go for it. Personally I think it’s not a good trade-off in my opinion. But then no one’s opinion should matter to you if you’ve made up your mind. So what’s your proof they don’t use off the shelf parts? Samsung has to make some concessions since they bring out phones faster than a hooker doing $5 BJ’s. The iP5 IS the best thing since sliced bread. You’ve got to stop thinking Android is all that hot and worth being bothered about. What’s “hot” is in the eye of the beholder. iP5 not the only option but in my opinion the best overall option.

        • If close to a quarter of the components in the iPhone originate at Samsung (no telling how much more is sourced from other companies), it would seem that arguing about Android’s use of ‘off-the-shelf’ components makes your argument quite weak.

          My coworker has a 4S and iPad2 and has just upgraded to iOS6.. Pretty impressive but off the cuff, needs some work with multiple source contact integration (now that FB is more closely integrated. *finally*) and better mapping software. (still behind in our opinion). It’s our hope that Siri doesn’t get worse with use like the first version. (no more suggestions about ‘stallions’ please.)

          • PeterBlood

            The two are totally different. Samsung has it’s own Android stash of components and makes custom ones for Apple.

            I just downloaded iOS6 for my iPad 3 and it seems pretty great so far. Siri works pretty well. Haven’t tried any Facebook stuff on there yet. The mapping software is Version 1. No software is perfect in it’s first rodeo. It’ll get better but it looks most encouraging now. Google will probably make a Map app for those who want that. Great having new stuff.

          • Outside of the CPU what else provided by Samsung for the iPhones is actually custom? I would think memory, bus and most every other part of smartphones would be rather common components.

            Have played around with Siri a bit more and it seems all the learning it does is via direct interaction. God forbid you give inaccurate answers to any questions Siri asks. (e.g. for question “who is my brother”, Siri responds with a question and a list of possibilities from your contacts app.) I wonder if there is a way to correct inaccurate entries.

            Also with all the talk of Google Maps flying around I decided to really see what it could do on my Galaxy S3. I’ve found I can save map data for use offline. Downloaded the entire map for Oahu so I can use it when I return from Japan. :D Only 1MB too.

          • PeterBlood

            Well in the iPhone pretty much everything is custom made components so they could shrink and flatten things down.

            Yes just loaded Siri on my iPad 3 tonight. She worked rather well for me. Had one problem on a word that sound a lot like another word. Voice processing works remarkably well but it probably won’t be until AI comes around that it gets near perfect. Let’s face it too a lot of people don’t enunciate very well!

            That’s nice being able to download map info. I thought I read where this will be on the iPhone too but I’ve only had a few minutes to play with iOS6 since I’ve been doing battle here elsewhere. :) Thanks for the pleasant message for a change here.

      • PeterBlood

        Well there are many PC’s to look at too, most of them plastic junk, and fewer Mac models but I go with Mac just as I go with iPhone. I want quality and overall the best experience. The iP5 build is far superior to anything on Android which are plastic but which does have the advantage of replacing batteries (more important for Android) but not a problem for me nor has it ever been since the first original iPhone. iP5 is the only option for me and millions and millions around the globe. And btw I have repeated many times to get what best suits you. Same with Windows and Mac. You act far too defensively as if you are not sure about your own choice.

    • hoggleboggle

      Thanks for posting that, I need a good laugh! The delusions evident in this make flat earth advocates and creationist seem downright logical and sensible. Have you thought about working for fox news?

      • PeterBlood

        The delusions are all yours I assure you. Glad I could entertain.

    • unbiased consumer

      Perhaps the taller or wider device is valuable because it allows the user a better viewing experience of whatever they are doing where as thicker is just thick…. the larger area clearly allows for a larger battery however that large screen is going to need more juice to run it (for the record my 4s with a 3.5 screen dies half way through the day without staying plugged in. But if large screens are just making up for less impressive features then I certainly understand apple going up in screen size with their new model (however, if that were true I’m sure they would’ve bumped it up to a solid 20 inches or so)

    • hohopig

      haha another brainless apple fan post.

      Btw, so called “Perfect size” for any product does not exist. Any designer, or even people who say an anthropometric chart will know. Human dimension comes in a wide range and designers usually design for a fix range, depending on the product. Sometimes we can design for the 25 – 75 percentile, sometimes we have to design for the 50 percentile and know that it will suit but not be perfect for the other percentiles (except the rare 5/95 percentile).

      However, whenever a designer INSIST that designing for the 50 percentile is THE perfect dimension instead of say 55 percentile, then that guy is insane. And if it is not Steve saying it, then EVERYONE will say that he is insane.

      So iPhone may suit those with smaller hands. but it does not fit the user any better than the bigger phones. For a reference, my wife is actually keen on using Note2, although I do have to inject some common sense and ask her to think of what she want to use it for primarily. Phone call, or web surfing and email checking? But the point is, she have NO problem holding and trying out both the S3 and Note2.

      • PeterBlood

        haha another blithering brainless fandroid post. (sheesh!)

        I disagree. While you can have all kinds of sizes with TV’s, car’s, etc. there is a limit to size of something put in a pocket or a desirable size. That said I am not against larger phones for people who want them and can accommodate them but I do think a 27″ phone probably isn’t practical, don’t you? There are limits to the form, yes? And I think the SIII is already at them, maybe 5″. After that a little ridiculous.

        Apple puts out what it thinks is the ideal phone design and millions around the world agree emphatically. These things aren’t designed for clueless geeks but real people. I can see people wanting a bigger phone if they’re too cheap to buy an iPad or tablet.

        Like I’ve said choice is good but for me I’ve yet to see any Android phone I personally think is better. Just my opinion.

  • PeterBlood

    Thanks for making my point all of you . Android fans are not willing to concede one point about their flawed Android phones and it’s lousy ecosystem. Nope, you stick your heads in the sand and cover your ears. Ah well. It’s like trying to change political opinions on Facebook – doesn’t happen. People are entrenched in their myopic way of thinking. Back to enjoying all of the multitudes of splendiferous iPhone 5 reviews, my Apple stock growing by leaps and bounds, seeing millions of iPhones being sold daily and awaiting it’s Friday arrival for myself. So long third rate phone suckers!

    • You are entitled to your opinion, sir, and I won’t try to dissuade you from it. Thank you for reading my article :)

      • PeterBlood

        Thanks Joe. Sorry if I stirred up a little trouble here. I do think tablet market share is growing which might account for lower iPad market share but bigger numbers sold, but tablets have not been Android’s forte. Again I would rather see Microsoft Surface take second place. Not a fan of copycats. Even Amazon’s Android OS tablet and screens veer away from looking like iPad’s, wisely.

    • King

      The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Please consider this comment when the Apple stock falls.

      • PeterBlood

        And you reconsider yours when it hits $1,000 and Android begins to fade away. I will be laughing all the way to the bank. My future is assured, yours in Android is not. Once the Android is stripped of all the infringing Apple features it will not be nearly as attractive. I agree with Joe here that Windows 8 phones should be the real competition for Apple. Micrisoft to it’s surprising honor did not copy Apple but went their own way and I respect them for that, I have ZERO respect for Android whatever it’s minimal virtues. What right minded person does not want terrific, alternative and different choices on the market??!

    • chris

      I will die of laughter when I see Apple fall!!!!!And quite possibly laugh at you too..

      • PeterBlood

        I have a feeling you laugh maniacally at everything so does it matter?

  • As an iPhone user I cringe every time I read the kind of clueless posts PeterBlood is puking all over this thread. This guy is either a paid Apple shill and sensationally bad at his job or an Android fan who wants to make the iPhone fans look like iDiots.

    iOS has its merits and it has served me well over the years, but when I got a Nexus 7, and Jelly Bean impressed me more than iOS has in the recent past. I find myself using the Nexus for all the thing I used to do on my phone whenever I am in WIFI range.

    By the way, Peter, competition is good. If Apple had free reign they’d just stop to evolve and jack the prices to boot. I for one am hoping for healthy competition between Android, iOS and WP8.

    • PeterBlood

      Thanks Christian, I love you too. I’m merely a loyal Apple guy. And yes I’m all for competition – that isn’t copying each other’s trade dress and which is weighed too heavily on the competition copying Apple side at the moment. When has Apple ever stopped moving forward to truly innovate and not evolved? Really disingenuous comment. What can you possibly base this on? The only time in Apple’s history where the company was lost in the wilderness were the years Steve Jobs was not there. From 1997 when Jobs came back as iCEO until now it’s been a steady progression of success and now logarithmic levels of success. Steve Jobs has infused the company with his philosophy that will carry it decades to come. The iPad Mini is about to arrive and Apple sits on it’s laurels? Hardly and you should be ashamed to have said that. Even if Apple had zero competition they have always competed with themselves and make obsolete their own stuff as they moved on. Something that terrifies other companies to do. It’s simple, nobody would buy their stuff if they weren’t delighting customers and by the reviews and world beating sales (not to mention lines worldwide) of the new iPhone 5 this trend is not ending anytime soon.

      • Really? They would evolve without competition? And behave in a way that flies in the fact of how they usually act? Where would they get inspiration for new features and products without competition? Competition shows where you are weak and encourages you to build up. Apple DIDN’T have competition for the longest time and only really bulked up when Android back around with Froyo and Gingerbread. Before that it was adding an App Market like Blackberry. Before that, the phone lacked features that basic phones at the time had for years.

        Also, I love when people like you regurgitate terms like “Trade Dress.” You do realize that Apple’s patent and registration is illegal, right? According to US Law you cannot register a design that is “regardless of ornamentation.” Meaning the minute you put text on it and change the color and have differing amounts of bezel and proportions, omit a button, change the shape dramatically of any button we do put on it… well, damn it isn’t remotely the same anymore, is it?

        Look, I /worked/ for a company that did AppleCare support for a year and a half. I know the culture of both the company and its users. I even owned an iPhone 3GS for a time. Loved it until something better came along (my old Evo).

        The only thing that is carrying over from Steve Jobs is his egotistical hatred for people who oppose him. This was true with Windows, this is true with Android. The way Apple is progressing now isn’t Steve Jobs’ direction but the direction of designers and engineers who deserve the credit. Steve Jobs did not design or code iOS. People really surprise me with their hero worship. He made the company, yes, he made a good computer for the time… but Steve Jobs didn’t create the iPhone. Heck, since the original iPhone, there hasn’t been any improvement on its design before now, and that is because of competition with Android driving them to have a bigger screen, smaller dock connector, thinner profile…

        But I know what you’ll say. That the iPhone 4 is a different design. Well… sorry, it isn’t. During the court case with Samsung it came out that the iPhone 4’s design, of all things was a FAILED design for the new iPhone. I mean, c’mon. A fully glass encased phone? Bad idea from the moment of inception… if you are a customer. I couldn’t tell you how many people would pay $200+ over the phone for an out of warranty replacement of a piece of glass on the back of their phone in a heartbeat… and how many people did it more than just once. Even this design now, of the iPhone 5, is stolen from an accessory people could get for their iPhone. An aluminum replacement back for people who didn’t mind risking a voided warranty for a slimmer more durable and, honestly, better looking phone.

        Don’t talk about stolen Trade Dress or Steve Jobs. If you are going to let fanboyism get in the way of fact, let opinion override truth, ignorance triumph over knowledge and all those other clichés all you are doing is belittling what is, legitimately, an okay product, that you are hoping to defend. Don’t talk about World Beating sales when you don’t realize the cost. Yes, they have 5 million pre-orders. I won’t even try to guess how many of those will be resold. Yes, GDP goes up when an iPhone launches, but studies have also shown that personal debt skyrockets as a result. I appreciate your love for the company, but you need to think about more than just your little tunnel vision of love when it comes to Apple. It isn’t the Jesus Phone. Apple isn’t a religion (though its fans are a bit Cultish…).

        And this last part goes out to iOS fans everywhere that take it too far. Chill the fuck out, realize that there are facts against both sides and that they aren’t the Uber-Company. Enjoy your iOS with the thanks of the developers who still have a job because of you. I’ll do the same with my fan-produced itteration of AOKP Android.

        • PeterBlood

          (Really? They would evolve without competition?)

          Where do you think the 2007 iPhone came from? Yes, Apple competes against itself. Does it satisfy every geek out there? Apparently not. Does it satisfy normal humanity? I would say yes.

          (And behave in a way that flies in the fact of how they usually act? )

          How do they usually act except delivering terrific products that work incredibly well? Sorry this statement is completely dumb.

          (Where would they get inspiration for new features and products without competition?)

          Where does anyone? By what’s currently in the market and Apple took that and went way beyond it. You seem to have forgotten the tremendous sea change and shock to the tech system the Apple iPhone was (and is) in 2007.

          (Apple DIDN’T have competition for the longest time and only really bulked up when Android back around with Froyo and Gingerbread. Before that it was adding an App Market like Blackberry. Before that, the phone lacked features that basic phones at the time had for years.)

          Apple’s been working nonstop on the iPhone since 2002 when it originally was a tablet design then Jobs changed it to a phone in 2005. Apple was the first to have an App Store in July 2008. RIM opened Blackberry App World much later in 2009. First Android phone sold in late 2008. Yes there were a few features missing that later appeared, so?

          (Also, I love when people like you regurgitate terms like “Trade Dress.”)

          Yes it’s hard to beat logic isn’t it? If it were up to you there would be no justifications for anything. Sorry it’s not working out that way for you.

          (You do realize that Apple’s patent and registration is illegal, right?

          No you are incorrect. Apple patents are not “illegal” and if they were a court would have to decide if they were invalid. There’s a $1-3 billion dollar judgment riding against Samsung saying it’s perfectly legal and Samsung perfectly and willfully violated Apple’s iPhone by slavish copying. Apple took out hundreds of iPhone patents to protect itself. Samsung took from Apple avoiding millions of dollars of R&D it would have had to spend itself. This is just wrong. Apple and Microsoft have agreements not to copy each other.

          (Meaning the minute you put text on it and change the color and have differing amounts of bezel and proportions, omit a button, change the shape dramatically of any button we do put on it… well, damn it isn’t remotely the same anymore, is it?)

          Too bad Samsung didn’t do that.

          (Look, I worked for a company that did AppleCare support for a year and a half. I know the culture of both the company and its users. I even owned an iPhone 3GS for a time. Loved it until something better came along (my old Evo).)

          I’ve read a LOTof Apple history, so? You won’t necessarily view the Apple culture from the vantage of Applecare support except in a very limited way.

          (The only thing that is carrying over from Steve Jobs is his egotistical hatred for people who oppose him.)

          Jobs was a strong guy and occasionally yeah an asshole and even cruel to employees but nice guys don’t get the job done Jobs did. He pushed his guys and gals beyond what they thought even they could do in order to make great products. History is littered with companies with mediocre products, fortunately Apple wasn’t one of them. BTW what made Jobs angry was betrayal Google in the guise of CEO Eric Schmidt betrayed him big time.

          (The way Apple is progressing now isn’t Steve Jobs’ direction but the direction of designers and engineers who deserve the credit. Steve Jobs did not design or code iOS. People really surprise me with their hero worship.)

          Oh c’mon people know Jobs had plenty of help and in fact it’s wonderful that his troops can carry on because they were always so involved. He trained them well. One man can’t do it all but Jobs was the figurehead and people focused their attention on him, like the director of a movie. But you can’t diminish or minimize his significant daily contribution and design sense working with Jonny Ives.

          (He made the company, yes, he made a good computer for the time… but Steve Jobs didn’t create the iPhone. Heck, since the original iPhone, there hasn’t been any improvement on its design before now, and that is because of competition with Android driving them to have a bigger screen, smaller dock connector, thinner profile…)

          No doubt his staff contributed mightily but Jobs was always involved in the iPhone. Yes Jobs DID create the iPhone or the idea of it. It was up to his people to make it a reality.

          *But I know what you’ll say. That the iPhone 4 is a different design. Well… sorry, it isn’t.)

          On the question of design might I ask why you don’t drive a car with square wheels? I mean circles have been around forever and are old hat. Maybe hexagonal tires? Triangular tires? Sometimes the optimal shape of something stays the way it is for a reason and only gets incremental upgrades (steel belts, etc.). A larger screen btw isn’t innovation. A lot of people don’t want a boogie board in their pocket, including me. Got my iPad for larger usage and it blows chunks out of the Galaxy III.

          (During the court case with Samsung it came out that the iPhone 4’s design, of all things was a FAILED design for the new iPhone. I mean, c’mon. A fully glass encased phone? Bad idea from the moment of inception…)

          Never had any issues with mine. This is irrelevant.

          (and how many people did it more than just once. )

          Clumsy people who won’t buy a case?

          (Even this design now, of the iPhone 5, is stolen from an accessory people could get for their iPhone. An aluminum replacement back for people who didn’t mind risking a voided warranty for a slimmer more durable and, honestly, better looking phone.)

          I’m holding in my hand right now an original 2007 iPhone I keep as a souvenir and guess what? It has an aluminum back. Guess Apple stole from themselves. Next…

          (Don’t talk about stolen Trade Dress or Steve Jobs. If you are going to let fanboyism get in the way of fact, let opinion override truth, ignorance triumph over knowledge and all those other clichés all you are doing is belittling what is, legitimately, an okay product, that you are hoping to defend.)

          Wow, I was going to say the exact same thing to you because you are mistaken on many things you’ve said. Amazing. Talk about fanboyism, you must be their King. I have been attempting to straighten out the record that Android numbskulls keep attempting to rewrite or formulate their own wishful thinking facts. The person belittling here is you. Plainly you shouldn’t speak about that which you know little about, AppleCare notwithstanding. Look at my points without the veil of Android rage, they’re entirely reasonable.

          (Don’t talk about World Beating sales when you don’t realize the cost.)

          $167. 34 per iPhone and about $575 in profit per phone. World beating yes, as we speak (in hushed angry tones).

          (Yes, they have 5 million pre-orders. I won’t even try to guess how many of those will be resold. Yes, GDP goes up when an iPhone launches, but studies have also shown that personal debt skyrockets as a result.)

          They estimate 6-10 million sold in first week and something crazy like 43 million total sold from 9/21 until the end of the year. People are responsible for their own debts. You blame Apple for this?

          (I appreciate your love for the company, but you need to think about more than just your little tunnel vision of love when it comes to Apple. It isn’t the Jesus Phone. Apple isn’t a religion (though its fans are a bit Cultish…).

          You guys keep hitting me on a hyper-defensive sensitive level when all I’ve ever said is the iPhone is the best overall user experience phone out there, in my and many people’s opinion.

          (And this last part goes out to iOS fans everywhere that take it too far. Chill the fuck out, )

          Pass that along to the Fandroids too. They are quick to espouse the maddening cliches and all the things you THINK I’ve been doing. Their bad behavior on many websites is out of control

          (realize that there are facts against both sides and that they aren’t the Uber-Company.)

          When you say that think about which company has actually started and made manageable all of the tech trends for the last 25 years including computers, smartphones and tablets. If Apple isn’t the Uber-Company no one is and all the rest are the Sub-Par Company. The difference in criticism of phones is really more the user expectations at work. You want what Android can do and I want what Apple can do. So you can criticize one or the other based on personal preference and go with the one most apt for you. But one man’s garbage is another’s gold.

          (Enjoy your iOS with the thanks of the developers who still have a job because of you. I’ll do the same with my fan-produced itteration of AOKP Android.)

          Yes enjoy your choice of tech. May we rejoice in choices.

          • hoggleboggle

            “Where do you think the 2007 iPhone came from? Yes, Apple competes against itself” damn, that reality distortion field of yours is strong – Apple obviously invented the touchscreen smartphone and Sony, Acer, HP, LG, Palm etc all waited on Apple to invent it before they travelled back in time to release all their touchscreen PDA’s & Phones before the iphone. There is clearly no way apple was trying to compete with Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm when they released their device.

          • PeterBlood

            Check your history. The type of touch screen Apple refined (Multitouch) and patented was a new twist on the technology. Pinch and zoom, etc. were all Apple’s. Aren’t facts a bitch when you want to make the opposite argument?

          • uraheckofatroll

            look up diamondtouch then start talking about apple patenting crap that’s been available years before it…

          • PeterBlood

            That’s quite different. That’s a touch table or front-projected interactive display that allows multiple users to use it at once while identifying each user under Windows. (Apple does not infringe on it or Microsoft’s Surface table, that failed to gain sales traction.) It’s primary feature apart from everyone else’s is identifying single users. I never said other companies don’t have their own take on touch, just as Apple does and has patented. Apple patented specific things and new ideas using touch, not touch itself obviously. You grasp at touch straws. Nice try.

          • Because of people like you, I will never ever buy an Apple product… even if I have millions. I just don’t want to be compared with people like you. I can bet that you never really tried anything else than iOS and you still shit wisdom. Who gives a fuck if Apple was first at anything?

          • PeterBlood

            Ditto my friend. I see an ocean of unfair minded Android users who prefer to wallow in their own creation of the tech universe instead of the one we do live in. Sure enjoy your stolen tech while you can. I can’t predict it will be around all that long. Compared to me eh? Someone trying to clear the air of Fandroid fantasies? Your last statement says it all. You are a tech immoral a-hole with no sense of fair play whatsoever and whatever the means to an end is okay by you. Goodbye and good riddance. And btw I expect you to hold to your word and NEVER buy any Apple products. You are not welcome. Same goes to anyone who lives in delusion land here.

          • Lordchaotic

            Just like always, i must say that I agree with the OP on one aspect: IPHONE FANS ARE DELUSIONAL. iOS 6 *JUST* gave users the Panorama option, something that Android had last YEAR…… Steve Jobs’ opinion that Android is theft from Apple, and that he was willing to “go to thermonuclear war” over android proves how delusional he was. As a result, Apple sues the people making the HANDSETS and the SKINS, trying to cripple Android that way. The reason they went after Samsung is that they are scared to go after GOOGLE themselves, in that court case, Apple would lose. And the patents they won over were so stupid. BOUNCEBACK??? BOUNCEBACK!! HOW ELSE YOU GOING TO INFORM THE USER THEY WENT TOO FAR????

          • PeterBlood

            *Some Android fans are delusional in ways I never thought possible refuting facts well known like it’s a hobby. It’s a freaking mental disorder.

            * No one gives a crap about your Panorama app and in the scheme of things it’s a SMALL but nice thing. Not exactly a deal breaker. I’ve been stitching panoramics since probably before you were born and DSLR’s with PC or Mac stiching software have had this WAY before Android. I’m sure Apple’s phone version is far and away superior. I’ll KNOW tomorrow when the iP5 arrives. Seen the headlines lately? It’s a tidal wave of buying and lusting after the iPhone, and for good reason.

            *iPhone was here way before all things Android. Android is the bastard son of iPhone.

            * Steve Jobs was betrayed by Eric Schmidt while on the Apple Board. How much of an clueless a-hole do you have to be to refute that? It’s not an opinion, it’s FACT. Know the difference which as an Android user you don’t of course.

            * Apple sued Samsung for near exact copying of the iPhone AND WON though your Lord & Master Google who created the Almighty Android expressly told them NOT to. Get it through your thick head.

            * Samsung is but Number 1 (or its that Number Two?) for Apple in going after Google directly which Microsoft already did and won. You gotta kick out the legs before taking on the head of the beast. If you actually did this thing called “reading” you might already know this. But why start now eh?

            * So according to you the patents were stupid. Well why don’t you call the courts and tell them YOU know better, that YOU are privy to all facets of the case and have pronounced “stupidity” to all in the land. I’m sure they’ll rectify it immediately right after they strap on your new strait jacket.

            * No worries – you’ll be “bouncing back” off the rubber walls in no time.

            Boy thanks for confirming to me that many (I’m trying not to think ALL Android fans are this intellectually dishonest) Android fans live in a dream world with no appreciation of truth, justice and the American Way and seemingly want to turn the world of tech into a socialist state. I appreciate that. It was your turn to take the high road honestly and try to make me look small but you just couldn’t help yourself. Enjoy your tech (while you can). Doubtful it’ll be around too much longer but Windows Phone 8 beckons. Have fun. I sure will and do.

          • You fail on one glaring problem. Android existed before that meeting. No, it wasn’t Android as we know it now, but it was in developement before Eric Schmidt and Google bought it. Yes, Eric Schmidt may have used insider knowledge from being on the Board, but he did resign of his own accord so that anything past what he saw then could not be used against them with their vision of what Android would become.

          • PeterBlood

            Pretty lame reasoning. I basically recalled facts and history of the whole Android origin and then stated my preferences and what I believed was the best OVERALL smart phone. If that’s off putting then I suggest you are way too sensitive about it. If what I say can make you have a bad opinion of a product then you already had that opinion, You should be secure in your own choices. I only get ill & angry at disingenuous & illogical use of the facts here merely to suit a point of view. Sorry if I came off heavy handed. No worries I won’t be posting much more here anymore. You could call this a sociological experiment for me. I sometimes test people and not many here came off particularly well. It’s been enlightening and disappointing all at the same time. Enjoy your tech!

        • hohopig

          Totally agreed. Especially about Steve job. Wozniak is the one that I admire the most. And even between Bill gates and Steve, I find Bill more lovable (although he is quite a hard one to like).

          At any rate, I would give Steve credit for been a great salesman and talker, a good front man and for reviving a struggling brand. And you do have to give him credit for spotting and creating trends with his directions. But creativity? Of course he have a hand in it, but not a lot and not enough credit has been given to those who really worked hard.

          At this time round at the latest award, the other designers are allowed to share the stage with Jon Ives instead of having to slink around in the background.

      • Bahaamy

        not to be like an apple douche, but wow…i mean wow. peter you are a real douche. your trolling like no other itroll. holy crap, ive never read such itroll comments before. you are by far the trolliest of itrolls. holy smokes batman, we got an isheep with his fictional icrap in his crapper. the crazy part is, i sounds like he’s enjoying it. wonder if your clean it with your tongue or one of your isheep buddies. can you imagine and isheep conversation. Isheep 1: hey wheres my icrap isheep 2: pic up the bar of soap, isheep2: hey i found your ishittyphone. go ba ha ha ha away ibloodsheep. please. you can comment all you want but androidians know the truth and your ignorance towards the truth is just sad.

        • PeterBlood

          Thanks, merely defending my own turf but nice you troll out the usual idiotic Fandroid cliches. Thanks for the original thoughts echoed by many others before you. Who’s the real sheep here? As far as tongue action why don’t you join your fellow juvenile dog ball licking fellows found elsewhere here. Your ramblings prove my point about the intellectual capacity (or lack therein) of Android users. Truth and facts escape nearly all Android users here. This isn’t about me but about the truth which you shape to satisfy yourselves. You will deny it to the death, but it’s true nonetheless.

          • bahaamy

            ba haa haa mr ibloodsheep. im just counter trolling ur dumb isheep ass. lol ing my ass off at the fact that you r just a fool. to my fellow androidians, i apologize for my trolling, but this isheep is really trying hard to be a bigger than usual idouche and i well what can i say, i gave in to his douching. sorry guys, but back to bashing this fool. everyone here knows that your an ifool and that u have nothing better to do than to defend ur pos icrap that is going down. has anyone noticed that this idouche has not denied the fact that his idevice is kept in his back door. blooddouche, your prob happy that your ur new idildo is longer now, arent u? baahyebaaaye

          • PeterBlood

            You make my case of the neanderthal knuckle dragging drooling Android fan full of the usual cliches he apes from others and not an original thought in his head. This mirrors the same dullard response so many of your fellow clueless peers use. On to much better news: Looking forward to my new iPhone 5 today. Sad so many of your numbers are switching back to Apple eh?

          • bahaamy

            there is absolutely no need to be original with an idouche. baaahaahaa

          • POSeterBlood

            hows your ipos 5. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

          • PeterBlood

            The iP5 is amazing and incredible of course jealous one! How’s your easily shattered SIII?

          • Dannyjayfuller

            Somebody turn the hose on these two dolts before they kill each other. Just an idea. Seriously. Trolling, belittling and name-calling have no place here. I’m honstly quite sick of it.

          • PeterBlood

            “Trolling, belittling and name-calling have no place here.”

            Really? I thought that was the hallmark style of an Android user. I love the way you think though, having a discussion without it devolving into what you are talking about. Dogs and cats living together, etc. Just isn’t possible with some of your more rabid Android brethren who can’t resist lowering themselves to the basement argument level.

          • PeterBlood

            Described yourself perfectly. Thanks!

      • hohopig

        And O please, copying trade dress? It is a non issue when such “innovation” should not have been granted any Ip rights at all.

        • PeterBlood

          Sure, in your convenient self-serving opinion no one has any rights whatsoever. Sorry the real world doesn’t work that way. If you owned a business that spent real capital in R&D and patented the things you developed you would have a whole different perspective.

    • Jim McShame

      Windows Phone is dead. There are no developers and no apps. To even compare it with ios and Android is a pure joke.

  • PeterBlood

    Check this out clueless ones. Samsung is at it with the “shoot themselves in the foot” anti-Apple ads again. Samsung’s fear is palpable. Didn’t you love the NY Times ad that conveniently left off a bajillion iP5 features while mentioning some of their own obscure questionable ones?

    Enjoy, I know you’ll eat this propaganda up:

  • It’s unlikely that Android looks set to stop growing.

    In-fact when you do the maths – Asia & Africa plus budget android smartphones. Developing countries still have a huge demand for computing in any form. Android solves that problem. This is also highlighted by the fact that Apple’s Ads, Apps, iOS and their app developers are making more money than ever.
    It looks like Apple has the paying customer, and Android the numbers. This is not a problem at the moment because with time all these Android phones are using Google play. This is where Google wants them and it will have it’s advert revenue dominance back at some point in the future.
    Then their is Microsoft and its Army of mid range smartphones which are quite cheap at the moment. Do you remember Xbox, XP, Kinect – all were really good products when they were launched but people were too anti Microsoft at first. When you actually look at smartphones you can see high tech Windows smartphones selling cheaper than the competition. This will have an impact at some point.

  • William Everette

    Wow! This PeterBlood really is a die hard Apple fan. Scarey!

    • I despise Apple fan attitudes even more than Apple products.

      • PeterBlood

        Ditto on the Android fan attitudes. Look in a mirror pal, you might not like what you see.

        • peterlittlemeterblood

          he keeps his phone in his back door as well. illlllllll

          • Dannyjayfuller

            PLEASE IP ban this samefagging moron. In fact, disconnect his web service permanently. People like him make me want to puke.

    • The bizarre thing about Apple fans is that they all brag about how much profit the company makes. Basically, they’re happy that Apple is overcharging them for their devices. Having to fork over $29 for a lightning port adapter makes them happy! It’s the weirdest thing.


      • PeterBlood

        I figure Apple has paid me back approximately 20X for all the Apple gear I’ve bought since 1992 with my Apple stock which I bought in 2000. BTW I never said you guys couldn’t use or abuse your beloved Android! What are you so scared or insecure about?

        • poopblood

          the fact that you keep your phone in your back door. illllllll

          • PeterBlood

            Something you are expert in having it firmly wedged there.

        • hohopig

          mmm pay you back 20X? That explains a lot I suppose.

          And to give you a hint, I think most android user (btw not many of us are rabid fan boy, unlike rabid iFan, cause it is not in our genes … most android buyers are pragmatic buyers and will ditch the brand and system if it is junk) are fine with others using iProduct … until Stevie starts his “thermonuclear” war

          • PeterBlood

            You’re right, Android users are a fickle lot. Apple users are much more loyal. As a business person which would you rather have as regular clientele?

    • PeterBlood

      Frightening! Imagine someone preferring an iPhone & Apple ecosystem and daring to call it the best overall phone on an Android site! Ghastly!

      • backdoorpeter

        but your keep your phone in your butt. illlllllll
        your gross

        • PeterBlood

          Well said in your adolescent way. Please wait for puberty little johnny before posting here.

          • backdoorpeter

            little johnny’s only 11, but i have some hair on my nuts, unlike your oldness. u probably pic your pubes and paste them on your head. illllll no wonder you sound like a d*ck

      • hohopig

        yes, frightening in your ignorance. Because it is NOT the best. It is competitive, I must say, at least in terms of spec. But the look is getting old.

        But the best? No so, check Geekbench with all the user generated bench marks.

        By right, iPhone5 should reign all over the other phones since you said it is so great .. but in reality? And the fact that iPhone do not have TRUE multi-tasking should mean that it should give a more consistent result, but do take note of some of the lower band values … it seems weird to see such wide swing in iOS since it is such a limited and controlled OS, as oppose to Android’s more open and customisable system.

        • PeterBlood

          Ignorance? I regularly check out phone models and most just wanna make me barf and think “there but for the Grace of God…”. I always said the “best choice overall” which means “considering all things together.” Just because an Android phone might have a Flux Capacitor slapped into it doesn’t make it better for those not interested in time travel.

          In reality the iPhone 5 reigns supreme in the profit making dept. @ 71% of all smart phone profits. Many of your fellow Androiders are switching back to iPhone (some 22%). Android market share is starting to slowly drop. Even Apple probably could not supply the whole world so it’s good to have some third rate phones out there as well. Most Android models sold are the very bottom rung ones btw and holy cow are THOSE complete POS.

          Customize away since you obviously have plenty of time to do so (you might ask for more hours at McDonalds). I’ve looked at a lot of Android mod crap and it makes me laugh. Most of humanity neither wants, needs or desires to mod their phone or anything else other than basic wallpaper, adding apps, settings, etc.. They want it to just work.

  • PeterBlood

    Goodnight all. Thanks for letting this Apple iPhone 5 enthusiast feel so warmly welcomed here. May your Android phones keep you toasty at night (just before the battery explodes). Just kidding! :~)

  • Raion

    I don’t the iPhone 5 is not a good phone for 2012 heck I don’t think it’s a good phone in general compared to the competition and im writing this from an iPhone 4s. That’s my opinion. We all have an opinion and they only become a problem when we try to force them on other people. It’s what children do.

    • Raion

      Err I meant to say “I don’t think the iPhone 5 is a good phone for 2012…” dumb iPhone. :(

      • PeterBlood

        Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. iPhone 5 for 2012 true is not a good phone, it’s an EXCELLENT phone!

        • petermapblood

          butt your map will stray you away from your back door. faiiiiiiiiiiiil

          ios pos

          • PeterBlood

            Hey kid, is this jive talk?

    • PeterBlood

      Yes though the only opinion around here that matters is if you are pro-Android.

      • HypRcritical

        couldn’t even imagine WHY … what being called “Android Authority” and all …

        • PeterBlood

          Excellent point my droogie Android brothah from another mothah.

          • peterbloodouche

            your adroid brother does not keep his phone in his back door like you idouche. :(

          • PeterBlood

            Such clever commentary by the mentally impaired.

  • crApple claimed themselves and fans of them agree that their so called high end device is exactly like Samsungs low to mid range devices that cost half to a third the price. So this just goes to show that crApple is overcharging for outdated or midrange technology. This is the real reason crApple is suing is because Android is showing consumers that they are getting ripped off buying crApple products when crApple could be selling their devices for much less. They dont sell them for less because their_greedy & their stupid customers will pay it. This is also the reason they dont innovate at their greatest potential, hell why would they if their customers will buy it nomatter how many new things they bring to new devices. If you buy from a company that tells you their ripping you off & hates competition who exposses their bullshit then your a complete & utter moron. **THIS ONLY APPLYS TO PPL WHO BUY CrApple after they made the claims that their iPhone is exactly the same as Samsungs low to mid range device**

    • Your language explains your intelligence itself, it’s been proven that iPhone 5 outperforms all other android phones and only s3 and one x can compete with it as of now, plus the iphone possesses the same tech as the s3, but some parts are more powerful. the iphone 5 is thinner and lighter as well and its materials are not plastic unlike the s3. get your facts straight.

      • techygirly

        I can’t stand when people say the S3 or other phones are just “plastic”. So fucking what? It still looks nice and feels nice in my hands. I’ve had an iphone 4 and thought it was the worse thing ever. I do agree the design of it is nice. I like the way it looked. But the customization options were very small. My iphone looked just like everyone else’s iphone. With Android you have uniqueness. No one’s android will look a like and that’s what I love about it. If you are looking for something simple and boring go with the iphone. If you want freedom and the ability to make your phone you go with android.

        • hohopig

          and to elaborate, when the manufacturer say plastic, it is not the basic cheap plastic that is used to produce cheap PE bottle or PVC pipes. Have you heard of plastic composites? They are the ones that are used for many appliances and product nowadays and the tech has advanced enough to produce some with enough strength to weight ratio to rival metal.

      • hohopig

        One thing you cannot deny, the DESIGN has not changed for ages.

  • Jorell

    As a fan of mobile tech in general, I would love to try iOS and WM8. However, I do prefer Android for its open-sourced and highly modifiable nature. I like the uniformity of iOS, hate the iPhone itself. Whatever the reason for bigger screens, it has become the norm. If you need more battery, I have three words: Razr Maxx Series. If you want a feature that another phone may have, you can get it, whether it be the gimmicky Beats sound or the Panorama feature for older cameras. Right now my Galaxy S3 is using the camera and gallery of the Note 2, a phone that hasn’t even been released in the states.
    The iPhone changed the game, and anyone who says differently should just shoot themselves. The iPhone is a gorgeous phone that’s fast and has an obviously beautiful screen. The build is sturdy and feels premium, unlike my S3. The OS is well put together and even the most ignorant customer from a technological standpoint can pick up an iPhone and learn it with no problem. Its a universally recognized product, and deservedly so, but that’s it. Its just an option. When people walk into stores and see a big display, they want iPhone. When people see commercials and a reference is made to mobile, an iPhone is the default model used to represent all smartphones…but who cares?
    The same way people say iOS is better, the same way other say Android is better. I fall in the latter category because I like being able to put into my phone whatever the hell I want. If I want the Note 2’s camera and gallery, keep my TouchWiz interface, run JellyBean or ICS, run the vanilla layout of Google, get Beats Audio, etc…or if I want certain hardware options like a bigger or smaller screen, a physical keyboard, capacitive, hardware, or on-screen buttons I have options, something I don’t and apparently would never get with iPhone. I had JellyBean on my Nexus the day after it was announced. iOS 6 just came to phones yesterday and it was announced even before JellyBean. The only feature I really wish Android had that iPhone now has is passbook. It seems like an incredibly useful application. The new Maps with flyover is also gimmicky as hell. It clearly states big cities. Google Maps has 3D maps for big cities as well, do you think someone in Garden City, GA gives a damn?
    My point is, some ppl make choices, others have no choice. As an Android user for the past 3 years, I am happy to say I have choices and I choose Android. I got my girl an iPhone. Two years later, after having occasionally used my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, we both went into the AT&T store, I bought an S3, she bought a One X. She used to swear by iPhone until she got her hands on JellyBean for the Galaxy Nexus, and after that she chose Android. I rooted her phone, and she’s running vanilla JellyBean on her One X and is happy.
    At the end of the day, trying to force opinions on others make no sense and it gets you labelled as a fanboy or blind follower. I’m happy with my Android ecosystem, with the Android development, with checking xda and seeing 50 differentroms for my phone, knowing I can make my phone the way I want it, not the way it was sold to me. If you prefer the bitten apple, then that’s you. If you prefer WM, then that’s you. But being ridiculed about my choice for Android when this is clearly an Android community? No thank you.

  • Windows Phone 8 will probably bomb. It’s an entirely new OS coded from the ground up. Unless MS has made a staggering sea change in QC, that means it will be riddled with bugs and issues much like WP 7 and pretty much every product MS has made. And it’s still not even finished yet, so it will have to be rushed out the door to make November shipping dates.

    There are so many platform agnostic ways to sync information between devices and PCs that most people don’t need a WP to interact with their W8 machine.If this were important, there would be more than the dozen people* using WP right now.

    *an approximation

  • Tech_Hottie

    > Could Android be heading toward a downfall?

    Sure. That’s why there are 1.3 *MILLION* new Android devices being activated per *DAY*. Yes, per *DAY*.

    I wish I owned a company with that kind of “downfall”.

    businessinsider com/chart-of-the-day-android-activations-per-day-2012-9

  • Darren

    @PeterBlood:disqus – How is Apple Maps working for you? “” Everyone else seems disgusted with them. Enjoy your wonderful Iphone 6.

    • PeterBlood

      I’ve played with it on my iPad 3 (iPhone 5 arrives tomorrow) & it seems really great. Remember it’s Version 1 and will only get better, in fact Apple is hunkering down now to add improvements. I’ve personally not seen any of the issues. So are you saying every new piece of Android software or new app is flawless in it’s first version? Wow, that’s fantastic! You are very lucky.

      • hohopig

        :) at least goggle don’t release a half baked solution that are light years away from their closest competitors. Well, the lack of stevie’s world size ego helps, I suppose.

        • PeterBlood

          When “Goggle” first released Maps it was crap. Though it’s light years better now it still fails in some areas in map data, does that make it a complete POS? No, Maps VERSION 1.0 should have been listed as Beta but I used it today and it worked fine. This is a cup half empty POV, the fact is Apple NEARLY got it all right first time out. A little time, some map data with certain areas filled in a little better and it’s going to be great. It’s something Apple HAD to do since Google wasn’t giving them turn by turn features and that was a deal breaker. It’s exactly the kind of thing disingenuous Fandroiders will attack and ignore any references to Android malware attacks and problems there. All software is in a continual state of improvement, even Google, Bing, etc. maps.

  • Here’s a blurb on a new Concept phone Samsung has been working on.. May be the next phone iPhone will have to beat.

  • TechFan
  • Kyt

    “The so-called greatest iPhone ever” isn’t tech supposed to get better w/ each generation? I mean that’s the expectations right? Only Windows is unique with make every other build a step backwards aren’t they?

    With that being said, I’m definitely an Android fan, I like how Android is more open to development to then their competitors I just wish that carriers and phone manufactures would stop mucking around with the OS so much and let it be as great as it should be.

  • android4lyfe

    apple did not invent touch screen or multi touch nor pinch to zoom they acquired the company that did so in essence apple lied to its fans and far as I’m concerned apple should stop all the high handed crap they pull cause they have copied from others too they are not and I repeat not a company that has never infringed on another company.
    I love my android phone because I can make it sing anyway I want to if I want to change o/s I can apple it way to uptight all it is with them is a status honestly to me having an apple is like saying your gay get over it enjoy your toy but you are the only one that has to love it don’t push your opinions or hatred on others.

  • Mark

    I bought an Iphone 5 but wasn’t that impressed with the build quality and the battery life sucked big time, I was going to take it back to the shop to have my money back but some idiot in work bought it off me, I have now just bought a galaxy note 2 and use it along side my iphone 4 s, I use the 4s for phone calls a listening to music and use the note 2 for every thing else.

    • hohopig

      mmm if the batteries life sucks, then do dim your display and turn off LTE unless you really needs it. Especially LTE, it sucks batteries like a vampire. And do NOT buy into the hype that iPhone5 can last 10 hours on LTE continuously.

  • TFK

    Here’s how an iphone vs. Android argument goes

    Apple good
    Android Sucks!
    Apple Sucks
    Android good







    Troll Troll Troll!!!!

  • ag

    @peterblood.. I was an avid iPhone 3gs n 4s user but I love Android now! U too soon start buying Android stuffs!!