Copy, CudaDrive cloud storage by Barracuda both shutting down

by: John DyeFebruary 1, 2016


Cloud storage is a seriously big deal. Many of us practically live on the cloud at this point, and storing our data remotely has become a part of our everyday experience. Although cloud storage makes our data safer in that a hard drive failure no longer means it’s the end of the world, there are other concerns when it comes to trusting your data with someone else. For people who don’t want to hand over all their stuff to Microsoft, Google, or Dropbox, Barracuda’s cloud service Copy was a pretty solid choice. “Was,” past-tense.

Although somewhere between 500,000 and a million people have installed Copy, the service just couldn’t keep a usership large enough to stay afloat. That may seem like a lot of users, but when you compare it to OneDrive’s 50,000,000 downloads, the figure pales quite a bit. Barracuda has said that they will be closing down shop in Copy on May 1st, 2016. In addition to ditching Copy, Barracuda is also getting rid of its sister service CudaDrive, a cloud storage solution for enterprise customers.

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If you’re a Copy user, you’ve got a few months to figure out where you’re going to go next, but you might not want to tarry. It’d be a disaster to put this off to the back of your mind and show up May 2nd looking for that 75% complete novel and find the app no longer works. For those wanting to head over to Microsoft, Barracuda has put together a migration guide that uses Mover to transfer everything over to OneDrive.

What are your thoughts regarding the demise of Copy? Are you an affected user? If not, which cloud storage service would you recommend for these soon-to-be orphaned Barracuda customers? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • ADofCLE

    I use just about all of them aside from OneDrive. Looks like I’m moving my stuff to Drop Box.

  • Steven G

    What a damn shame.

  • 404

    lol who needs paid cloud storage when you have google drive

    • Tom-Helge Andersen

      Or even MEGA which gives you 50 GB of storage for free :-)

  • Gaurav Pandey

    I had gained sufficient free storage and was happy… now this :(

  • Acaa Aca

    i have free 97gb. :( sad news.

  • Denis Ćorić

    Very sad day. I already migrated to Google storage, but I was still using copy as backup of my backup.

  • Billy A.

    Lol, I have free 140GB, always buggy and not reliable service and I will never pay for it because of this issues. Its sad, but what they expect with approach like this?

    • Brandon

      Yes. The service was shiny on the surface with free storage that competed with the big dogs, but the nuts and bolts of the service sucked. Painfully slow upload speeds, syncing issues, etc…

  • Yakoob

    I storage there lots of my audiobook due to they have one of the first cloud storage android app with chromcast integration. Very sad news, anyone can recommend anther cloud storage with chromecast support?

  • Bryan Batcher

    I go excited about Copy a couple years ago, then found out that it doesn’t sync everything. Random files would be left out. It was totally unreliable. I’m not surprised they shut it down. I’m surprised it took this long.