You can now control your Tesla car with Android Wear – your dreams have come true!

by: Edgar CervantesJuly 25, 2014

What was science fiction is now simply known as science, and technology is making all our wildest childhood dreams come true. It is now possible to control your car via a smart watch, a feature that Tesla has introduced with its latest Android Wear application.

The application is named Tesla Command for Android Wear and it can be downloaded straight from the Google Play Store. No, the car won’t drive itself to your location or anything like that (though Google could make that possible in the near future), but it will allow you to do some pretty awesome things.

What can Tesla Command for Android Wear do?

  • Unlock doors
  • Lock doors
  • Honk horn
  • Open sunroof
  • Close sunroof


These features are all demonstrated in the product video posted above. Of course, the user will need to sign into Tesla’s online services, but it should be a breeze to take care of. Sadly, not many of us will be enjoying such features, but we can marvel over them and hope that we get such capabilities soon enough.

Do let us know how well this works if you happen to be one of the few who own a Tesla vehicle, as well as one of the few who happen to have an Android Wear device. Talk about catering a niche market!