Control your lights from your Android phone with WeMo wireless light switches

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 7, 2013

belkin wemo android

Have you ever wanted to control your house lights using your smartphone? Personally I’d never even though of such a weird and wonderful idea before, but the people at Belkin are clearly one step ahead of me.

The WeMo light switch is designed to replace your existing light switches, and connects into your home’s electrical wiring. You can then control the various lights in your house from anywhere using the app. Previously the WeMo light switch app was only designed to be compatible with iOS smartphones and tablets, but now Android users will also be able dim the lights, providing you’re running Android 4.0 or higher.

Belkin’s WeMo app grants you the ability to control individual WeMo lights, or create groups in your house so that you can control individual rooms. This is the same app which is currently used to control the WeMo Switch and Motion products. The software also comes bundled with a lighting schedule, so you can automatically dim the lights at night, and have them turn on with your alarm in the morning

As well as Wi-Fi connectivity, you can also operate your lights over a mobile network if you so desire. This has the practical implication of turning the hallway lights on just before you get home, as well as more hilarious opportunities to freak-out your house mates.

The WeMo Light Switch will be available in summer 2013, with full Android 4.0 compatibility following sometime shortly after the launch date.

  • Quryous

    Man, oh Man! At $5.00US each I’d be all over these, $10.00 for multi-function units, OK. But for $50.00 each – Not a chance! I think of my self as a tech geek and an early adopter, but not as a spend thrift.

  • Wolowizard can now use his smartphone to turn the Oriental Sheldon & Leonard’s lights on and off in China….

  • Ok

    Make these cheap and then with nfc, my lights go on and off as I walk around the house! Cool!

    • Implementing NPC would be pointless, at least for what you are thinking. NFC has a very short range, extremely short. You would have to walk up to the switch and touch your phone to it…

  • cakra321

    Price seems fair. A good programmable switch is $30. So by adding wifi and mobile apps, it is on my list.