Content Rating for Android Market

by: James TromansNovember 25, 2010
Content Rating for Android Applications

Content Rating for Android Applications

Google and Android Developers blog have recently announced that a content rating for every application in the Android market will be required. Within a few weeks, it appears as though every application on the Android Market will have additional information regarding its content rating. This should allow users to “select the best applications for them.”

Android Market’s content policy remains the same as before: applications will be rated according to four content rating levels: All, Pre-teen, Teen, & Mature. Details on the rating levels can be found at Android Market Help Center.

Google are taking quite a careful stance with this update, stating that existing applications in the Android Market place will be automatically listed as Mature so long as developers do not ‘update’ this status. Google have also suggested that we should see more future updates to the Android Market in the coming weeks. I guess this could be related to Gingerbread, but who knows.

  • Gerry

    I agree with having this new rating system, apps like SWM and Hustler exist on the Android platform so the platform needs the system.

  • I agree with Google on this point, a rating system based on the actual content is very necessary, the restriction would only tell you about the orientation of the software but there is no delimiter which will stop a teen from downloading a mature or adult content. Though, looking at Google’s history they might find an innovative way of doing this.