Consumer Reports suggests that while the iPhone 5S and 5C are good, the new Motorola Droids are better

by: Andrew GrushOctober 16, 2013

Motorola Droid

Apple fans might be excited over Cupertino’s new dynamic duo, but are the iPhone 5S and 5C really all that? According to Consumer Reports, the phones have their positive points, but in some ways still don’t stand up to Android devices from HTC, Samsung and – in particular – Motorola.

The not-for-profit organization felt that the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint reader, improved camera and 64-bit processor were strong positives. CR also felt that the iPhone 5C would be popular for those looking for a cheaper alternative to the 5S and who like the idea of multiple colors. Overall though? As the non-profit puts it: the “so-so battery life and smallish screens are no match for Motorola Droids and other [Android] phones.”

Specifically, Consumer Reports had positive things to say about Motorola when it came to Google Now, Touchless Control, active notifications and the great battery life found in the Droid Maxx. While the praise was directed at the new Verizon Droid series, the same sentiments equally apply to Motorola’s latest flagship, the Moto X.

Of course Consumer Reports is known for giving Apple a bit of a hard time when it comes to ratings, so some will say that their opinion might be a little biased. Still, it’s nice to see a (mostly) trusted source like Consumer Reports point out that Apple’s handsets might be good, but they are not the be-all-do-all device that some smartphone buyers might believe them to be.

It’s also nice to see Motorola get some recognition for their most recent smartphone efforts. Sure, the new Moto devices might not be powerhouses compared to some Android devices, but a good phone is about way more than just the specs and Motorola has come a long way in a short amount of time.

So what phone does Consumer Reports recommend as the absolute best handset of the year? That honor still goes to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

What do you think of Consumer Reports conclusion regarding Apple’s new devices and the Moto line – agree or disagree?

  • MasterMuffin

    Can’t agree or disagree because none of those Motorolas were seen outside ‘murica :/

    • J. Whitaker McRae

      ‘murica, f**k yeah!
      (sorry your comment for some reason reminded me of Team America)

      • Ivan Myring

        What a film. I loved it. Now you’ve got me thinking about it. Netflix here I come.

    • RanRu

      Seen, but never touched….
      *Gently paws at computer screen*

    • NeedName

      hey. . . we usually get everything late, jacked-up, or not at all. . . so, let us have this one :p

      • MasterMuffin

        I thought you get almost everything before for example Europeans

    • Luka Mlinar

      They can’t ship them outside since making them in the US and shipping them to Europe would raise the already high price. Also the main feature of the phone is useless outside the US. I imagine the phone would have just as hard time trying to figure out a thick British accent.

      • hoggleboggle

        Can’t be any worse than some heavy southern drawl. I spent a year in atlanta and it took me about half that time to figure out what some of the residents were saying :)

      • Blowntoaster

        I’m not from the US, and Google Now manages to recognise 90% of what I say, rushed and muted, or loud and clear…
        It would work well enough once you adapt the way you talk to your phone.

    • Laborin_HK

      The Razr HD and M were available in Australia… but I longed for a Razr Maxx which never came. I would have like the Moto X too, but that’s not here either… such a shame.

      Even though these droids are impressive, I like the look of the previous model.

  • frhow

    I agree all the way up to their best handset and thats where they lost me at. They gave it to the bloated, lag plagued S4 instead of the HTC One where it is obvious HTC spent a lot of time and money paying attention to even the smallest of details.

    • hoggleboggle

      Sorry but the HTC one isn’t that good either. Limited memory and poor battery life for one. best award should be going to the xperia z1.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        limited memory? poor battery life? 32 gb can fit 4 1080p movies, over 1000 pictures, 400 songs, 20 apps and 3 apps that are at minimum 1gb. Even then I’m left with 2 gb of space. And the phone lasts about 7 hours with regular usage, I switch from graphic intensive games to movies to browsing to facebook to youtube to music to just plain screen tweaking. And no one sits there and uses their phone ever single minute, they stop for at least half hour or an hour.

        • Best of course would be the Pure Google versions of both handsets….nuff said.

        • MasterMuffin

          4 Full HD movies? What are they, shortfilms?

          • Kash Gummaraju

            Nope- I have Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, and Skyfall

          • Kash Gummaraju

            the movie file themselves are only 2 gb

  • Oli72

    totally agree. all high end phones are better then iphones7 6 5s.

  • michael sanchez

    I dont see how cp has ever been hard on apple products ever. I would say just the opposite is true. Anyways moto has been making some good phones lately but i just bought a lg g2. It by far the beat phone i have owned kills all other phones.

    • Android Developer

      that’s usually the case for most people who buy a new phone …. :)
      usually you have an older, weaker phone before you buy a new one…

      • needa

        nah. i bought the n4. it was a total disappointment. sold it three weeks later and went back to my just as capable gs2. i dont think i would have the same sentiment towards the g2.

        • Android Developer

          gs2 has some of samsungs features, but you can find many alternative apps for most of them, and if you have a rooted phone or a custom ROM, you can get even more than that.
          also, the n4 is much faster of the gs2.

          the only bad things i can find on n4 compared to gs2 is the expansion card, the replaceable battery and the back that is made of glass.

      • michael sanchez

        I would agree from one year to the next phones are much better. I had the galaxy nexus and the galaxys4 i returnered the s4 just didnt do it for me. And of course i root install custom roms kernals. I try and get the most out of a phone because i pay full price.

  • Luka Mlinar

    This looks like an advertisement for Motorola. Another way to post the Consumer Report would be if the headline was “Apple dead last compered to other major manufacturers”

  • Paul Allen

    This hands-free, voice-controlled stuff is definitely turning out to be more popular than I expected it would.
    Android or iPhone doesn’t matter so long as it fits your needs. Too bad we don’t get more time to test drive these devices before having to commit to a contract or shell out a big wad of money for them though.
    I would just caution if you’re gonna go with an iPhone/iPad, resist the temptation to pay for Apple software/services. Aside from one Mac OS update, every single Apple service or software I’ve spent money on in the last 5 years was eventually made free to buyers of newer hardware (OS update for iPod touch, MobileMe subscription, iWork apps for iOS).

    • Leonardo Rojas

      The price itself of the MacBooks is enough to resist and desist of the “temptation” of buying that machine. I’d get 2 very nice Acer ultrabooks (Core i5) for that price. Stupidly over priced, as the iPhones.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    No microSD card in the Moto X almost ruins it for me. What makes it worse is its price. For example:
    On contract, a Moto X costs S./ 1450 while in the same plan, the Galaxy S4 costs 1550, here in Peru. And similar prices are for the HTC One, S4 Active, even the Note 3 is not too far that price, it costs S./ 2170, in the same plan.

    There’s no point changing the currency into USD. If you want to know how much those amounts are; imagine you lived here, those are the prices you have to pay. But at least the contacts aren’t for 24 months, only 12 and 18 months

    I’ve played a bit with the Moto X and if that wasn’t its price I’d buy it. It’s very nice and feels good in hand, well built n.n

    Maybe when its price drops 50% and stupid Sony haven’t released their flag ships here yet, I’ll buy it n.n I like its HD screen, all brands should build HD screen versions of their smartphones *-*

    • needa

      it costs the same for moto to build their devices as it does for the other manufacturers. its not like it costs them 100 less so it should be priced 100 or 200 less. its a good phone. and worth every penny. dont let the specs drive you away. it has the highest quality radios. the highest quality 720 amoled screen (actual rgb). it is extremely efficient, sized right, perfect features, built with high ends parts, i could keep going.
      just saying… u get what you pay for. and the moto x delivers.

  • Obed David Perez Uri

    The best android experience i ever had was an Motorola Atrix 4G!, even on 2.3.5-6 it doesn’t lag. I JUST LOVE HOW FAST IT WAS “I own an AtrixHD now and it’s more slow and it lags a bit” and i’ll not talk about the lapdock… just… awesome….

  • Blowntoaster

    if they are that good, then release them outside of ol’ USA.

    I’d take a Moto X, just to be different, if I could actually get my hands on one…

  • Abdullah Akbar Shafi

    Havent used the Motorolas yet.. But just saw it in MArket… They Are Soo Handsome ..! thinking to buy one….