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Wouldn't an Interchangeable Lens Smartphone be Awesome?!

Posted Aug 10, 2017 by Dre007

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    Here's a free idea for any manufacturer to grab.

    Make a standard bayonet mount for interchangeable lenses on smartphones!

    Quality of photo and video on a smart phone is one the key factors in buyers decision making. Think of the possibilities a lens mount could offer: long telephoto, low-aperture portrait lenses, universal zoom lenses, macro, fisheye - everything that exists on DSLRs now. It's a whole new market that will be rapidly eating away the market share of budget DSLRs and mirrorless DSLRs. The lens could be very compact, light and relatively cheap due to their small size and free competition (especially if all manufacturers agree to use just one standard bayonet). Cheap versions could have mechanical manual controls (aperture, zoom) but still be very powerful, e.g. as a portrait lens with gorgeous natural background blur. More expensive versions could have full automatic focusing and OIS. They could come with a carrying case to drop them in your travelling knapsack or a purse. The standard lens that comes on the smartphone could be integrated into the bayonet mount cover, flush with the back of the phone. You would remove the standard lens to replace it by a more powerful interchangeable lens sold separately. While you shoot with the replacement lens, you would keep the standard lens in the carrying case. It's not much of a hassle if you are on a vacation, it's definitely less of a hassle than to carry a bulky DSLR with lenses while you are carrying the smartphone as well. You get the best two worlds - the connectivity of smartphones with superb lenses of DSLRs is a smaller, lighter and cheaper package. The sensors on smartphones today are on par with DSLR sensors from 3-4 years ago. The processing technology has even surpassed a lot of entry DSLRs.

    If you are as excited about this new prospect for the industry development, please vote up this idea! Let's make it heard by the manufacturers! Who knows, may be Google Pixel 3 will feature this tech next year?!

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