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What's your dream device?

Discussion in 'Android Q&A' started by Wesleye, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Wesleye

    Wesleye New Member

    Likes Received:
    Samsung Grand 2
    Sometimes I go on kickstarters just to find out what beautiful ideas people are trying to make reality. So I was wondering, if you had a chance at actually deciding on what your andriod device specs would be like, what would you have in it? I personally wouldn't mind a 5.5" Nokia device, 3gb ram, 64gb of internal storage, micro sd, 20mp camera (carl zeiss),8mp front facing and stock andriod. Just the basics.
  2. Luka

    Luka Super Moderator

    Likes Received:
    It would be a mashup of a bunch of different phones. From a design perspective it would basically be a Moto X phone with a HTC One LCD screen. Rocking a snap. 801 with 2GB of RAM. 32Gigs of storage. No micros SD slot. 2300-2500mah batter with the same optimization for battery consumption like the Moto X had. +Sony's Walkman app. That would be perfect for me.
    Wesleye likes this.
  3. sycotik

    sycotik New Member

    Likes Received:
    Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab S
    Mine would be one with the lastest specs (with a freeze on innovation for the next 6 months after I purchase:D) and 5 inch max screen.
    Luka likes this.

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