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What's your dream device?

Discussion in 'Android News & Discussion' started by Wesleye, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Wesleye

    Wesleye Member Drone Droid

    Likes Received:
    Samsung Grand 2
    Sometimes I go on kickstarters just to find out what beautiful ideas people are trying to make reality. So I was wondering, if you had a chance at actually deciding on what your andriod device specs would be like, what would you have in it? I personally wouldn't mind a 5.5" Nokia device, 3gb ram, 64gb of internal storage, micro sd, 20mp camera (carl zeiss),8mp front facing and stock andriod. Just the basics.
  2. Luka

    Luka Administrator Staff Member Team AA HAL

    Likes Received:
    Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Sony SmartWatch 3
    It would be a mashup of a bunch of different phones. From a design perspective it would basically be a Moto X phone with a HTC One LCD screen. Rocking a snap. 801 with 2GB of RAM. 32Gigs of storage. No micros SD slot. 2300-2500mah batter with the same optimization for battery consumption like the Moto X had. +Sony's Walkman app. That would be perfect for me.
    Wesleye likes this.
  3. sycotik

    sycotik Member Droid Minion

    Likes Received:
    Galaxy S4, Galaxy Tab S
    Mine would be one with the lastest specs (with a freeze on innovation for the next 6 months after I purchase:D) and 5 inch max screen.
    Luka likes this.
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