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What can stop OTA

Discussion in 'Android Q&A [Closed]' started by Darp, May 19, 2014.

  1. Darp

    Darp Member

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    Now i know there are many forms who have the answers but let's make a ultimate guide. For the ones i know after. If you install a ROM(DA) or flash any kernals. I do have a quesstion thogh will exposed will stop OTA as seen by me in some forums some say uninstalling it will do the trick but it doesn't so please answer that and don't forget to write the one you know or had experience that can stop OTA.

    Thank you -Darp
  2. imS0ul

    imS0ul Member Protocol Droid

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    Any kind of modifications to your phone will make it not recognise the OTA updates. There are some workarounds you can do, mainly in the root side of things but that's pretty much it!
  3. AveragerootedANDROIDuser

    AveragerootedANDROIDuser Member Drone Droid

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    Acer Liquid E39(E700), Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge(International Unlocked), OnePlus 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4(Snapdragon), Samsung Galaxy ace 2, Andy ,Leapdroid and Motorola Moto 360(2nd Gen).
    Installing customs,aftermarket roms and even flashing any kernals on your device will stop you from receiving the latest android version update from your smartphone or tablet manufacture. The carrier you use can also affect you getting the latest update, you can fixed this by visiting the manufacture's support and downloading the update image(if available) and install to your device or you can install a custom rom that based off the latest android version.
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