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Stop Phone Being Hacked???

Discussion in 'Android Q&A [Closed]' started by Gaon101, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. Gaon101

    Gaon101 Member

    Likes Received:
    Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini
    I have a Galaxy SIII mini which has been hacked 4 times in the last 8 months that I have had it. Usually, the first 3 times, were kids doing pranks, turning on my bluetooth,etc but this last hack was malicious. Started turning on my GPS, bluetooth, and camera flash light then progressed to changing my system language and finally making it so that my sim couldn't connect to any cell towers. I have tried app locks, but this last time inspite of two seperate app locks, he succeed with ease to change my settings. I also subscribed to a VPN with a NAT firewall and that didn't help at all either. Now I have redid the OS again, this time installing CM 11 and I welcome any suggestions on how I can stop this from happening all of the time. The hacking is always done remotely. No one has physical access to my phone. Thank you.
  2. Shawny

    Shawny Nightwing Sentient Droid

    Likes Received:
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    Did you previously have an anti-virus?
  3. mobilecrackers

    mobilecrackers Member Battle Droid

    Likes Received:
    galaxy note1 , s4 , s5360, S3, Apple 4s,Apple i pad
    just re-flash your phone.This will remove all the third party apps and bring your phone back.
  4. Mewtwo

    Mewtwo Member Protocol Droid

    Likes Received:
    OnePlus One, iPhone 5S
    How do you manage to get your phone hacked? Don't download shady APKs, put a PIN code on your phone, SIM card, and encrypt the SD card.
  5. ernigeek

    ernigeek Member Droid Minion

    Likes Received:
    Note 3 SM-N9005; Nexus 7 2012&2013 both 3g/4g; Samsung Galaxy Note 2014 4g
    Did you use adb wireless?
    I did and after a couple of days my phone was hacked too :(
    After a very long investigation I found out that my router was infected with a virus which was(!) programmed
    to reproduce itself on every device. Result: I got strange windows system files and many .dlls not working
    I did a foacory reset and a clean reinstall of android. Problem solved!:D
    Hope it helps!
    Best wishes
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