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Screen Overlay detached turn off to allow permissions

Posted Jul 25, 2016 by jleighbrigman

  1. clayto3

    clayto3 Member Drone Droid

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    Samsung Tab A
    I am fairly new to Android. This problem started a couple of months ago with my Samsung Galaxy Tab A ( I see most contributors have phones so there are some differences for that reason alone). Someone way back suggested waiting for Android to release a fix and here we are a year later still struggling with it, like a disease with different causes, different symptoms, a wide variety of different cures affecting victims in different ways. I have only a couple of the apps suggested as culprits, removing them had no effect.

    Probably the cure for what inflicts my tablet is somewhere in all these posts, but how do I identify it? I am starting to suspect some apps which permanently display floating buttons.
  2. Ken Yeung

    Ken Yeung Member Scrap Metal

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    I want to share my experience. I got the overlay screen problem when I tried to grant the permission to some apps after the Marshmallow update on my BLU phone last week. I followed one of the earlier post's recommendation. I "force stop"ed each of the apps one by one (you can do a group of apps at a time to save time) and granted the permission to see if the problem still existed. At the end, I found the culprit was the ES File Manager. After stopping it, I can grant permission to a number of apps, including WeChat and Google Photo. Hope this can help someone.

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