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Recommend me please

Posted Jul 22, 2017 by Bafman112

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    Hi all

    I need some advice on a adapter and one that works. I have a 10.1 samsung tab A 2016 gsm model tablet upgraded to android 7 as it came out a few weeks back.
    What i need is an ethernet adapter due to my wifi being bad and dropping connection. So i thought may as well try it plugged in and since i need to charge it too. I want one that also charges the phone at the same time that will have fast charge if possiable and easy to reset if such a thing exsists.
    I know some people are using OTG USB then connecting a USB ethernet. I am again not sure what will work or where to get one from.
    At present price is no object.
    Please reccomend me one that will work with this tablet and stable preformance with good bandwidth intake.

    Thank You for any help

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