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Only a third of my pictures show up on my PC

Posted Jan 18, 2017 by Leon Vikanes

  1. Leon Vikanes

    Leon Vikanes Member Scrap Metal

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    Hi, I have a Mot X Style/Pure. I am trying to move my pictures to my PC. After choosing "USB for file transfer/photos" only a few pictures show up.
    For example:
    I have about 800 pictures in my "Camera" folder. Only shows up 200.

    I also have multiple picture folders, but only 5 show up instead of all my 19 folders...

    Any tips?
    -Android junkie
  2. Yuogee

    Yuogee Member Drone Droid

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    Huawei P9
    Usually, we can see a part of photos from computer via USB Cable without help of third-party desktop program. To transfer all pictures to computer, we can use Android data manager tool. It allows us get access to all data on your phone and export them to computer.
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