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Nokia isn't Microsoft, Microsoft isn't Nokia...

Discussion in 'Other Smartphone Discussion' started by Andrew Grush, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Andrew Grush

    Andrew Grush Team AA Staff Member Team AA

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    So many that it's getting hard to count... but primary drivers are Nexus 6P and Mate 8 (I switch on and off a lot between them)
    While I might end up fleshing some of this out as part of a full post at AA (we'll see), I thought I'd at least take the time to talk a bit about one of my favorite manufacturers. Yes, they are one of my favorites regardless of the fact that they ignored Android and made plenty of other bad decisions that led to their near-demise.

    That said, I still think Nokia is a good company at heart and has some true talent left, particularly in the software front. Z Launcher, for example, is actually a lot of fun in my opinion -- though I find it crashes too much in its pre-beta form so I'll likely discontinue use until a more stable version arrives. I'd also like to see HERE Maps and other Nokia apps/services come to Android.

    One thing I want to clarify though: Nokia does not equal Microsoft. The purchase is over, and MS now owns Nokia's handset manufacturing side of the business.For those wondering, no, future devices made by Microsoft Mobile (Nokia's former mobile division) will not be labeled as Nokia handsets. The only exception to this is feature/asha phones, which Microsoft has the rights to the Nokia name for this for, I believe, a decade.

    Again, I might do some more detailed research onto the topic later but here's the basic takeaway here:

    1) If you see a new piece of software from Nokia, it has nothing to do with Microsoft.

    2) If you see a new Lumia or any phone that uses the Nokia branding right now, it now has nothing to do with Nokia. Microsoft is completely taking over the marketing on all previous Nokia phones.

    3) The Nokia X, which sucks, is a Microsoft product now, and its sequel will also be a Microsoft Mobile product.

    4) Nokia can make handsets again, if they want to. That said, they'll need to wait a certain period of time. I've heard that it's somewhere between 1 1/2 and 2 years. I could be wrong, but they could even technically make a phone now if they used a new branding/name for this division -- though they don't exactly have the resources at this stage.

    5) The Nokia that remains makes money for a combination of patents, enterprise solutions and future apps.

    Bottom-line, let's try and move past all the Nokia hate.Yes, I'm mad that they never got into the Android game and that when they did it was with the severely limited Nokia X. That said, the Nokia X was limited because of their ties to Microsoft, something they won't need to worry about if they decide to make an Android phone in a few years when they have the rights to making phones under their name again.

    Are you looking forward to Nokia's future without Microsoft, or do you consider the company pretty much dead at this point?
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  2. Rob Triggs

    Rob Triggs Administrator Staff Member Team AA

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    Galaxy S2 (PA 4.4), LG G3
    Yes! This whole Microsoft fiasco has pretty much killed them, as far as handset manufacturing goes anyway.
    It's left Nokia with a questionable reputation (Nokia X anyone?), a confusing stance with the average consumer (I had to read your post a few times just to figure out where Nokia is at now, the average phone store customer will have no idea), and it has stripped them of many essential staff and resources.

    Even if Nokia was to come out with an Android phone, I don't think they'd make much headway, even with the Nokia name. At the high-end, Samsung, Sony, etc have it locked up pretty tight, even a really awesome Nokia flagship would only make it on to the real enthusiast's radar. They could leech off the acceptable reception of the NokiaX in emerging markets, but the profit margins are pretty much non existent vs the Chinese manufacturers and Microsoft still has the name regarding feature phones. They need some unbelievable marketing to pick up the pieces.

    The Nokia corpse has been picked pretty clean by Microsoft. I don't want to write them off, but they're facing dark times indeed.
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  3. Andrew Grush

    Andrew Grush Team AA Staff Member Team AA

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    So many that it's getting hard to count... but primary drivers are Nexus 6P and Mate 8 (I switch on and off a lot between them)
    I agree, they are picked clean on the hardware front, but Nokia could still very much thrive on the business and software front. Unlike Blackberry (who is similarly transitioning its focus on multi-platform software, alongside the business market), Nokia received a pretty sizable cash infusion that could help them out a great deal.

    I also think it's possible Nokia could rise again on the hardware front, though much less likely. It's true that by the time Nokia can actively build phones again, they will have taken a major hit in brand recognition and reputation. But in parts of Europe and Asia, I think Nokia's brand could still hold enough power.

    Overall, yes, I agree -- Nokia is in dark days and is (mostly) dead as a hardware maker. That said, I still think Nokia is brand worth looking out for, if only on the software end. In other words... Nokia is dead, but I refuse to let it die and keep it in my heart... :p
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  4. mobilecrackers

    mobilecrackers Member Battle Droid

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    galaxy note1 , s4 , s5360, S3, Apple 4s,Apple i pad
    Microsoft born enemy is Google but still they use android, why is that. why can't Nokia stay with windows phone ?
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