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New Member

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Tom535, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Tom535

    Tom535 Member

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  2. Tom535

    Tom535 Member

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    Being new to Android Authority I wasn't sure how to post a review of an exciting, innovative app called Mobie360, so here's my Google Play review:
    UPDATE#3 Deserves 10 stars! Mobie360 is in a league of its own, and it's getting smarter with each update. UPDATE#2 Mobie360 is amazing! Most innovative Android app on the market. UPDATE#1 If I were restricted to adding just one app to my Samsung Galaxy S3, that app would be Mobie360. Bravo! ORIGINAL REVIEW Mobie is so beautifully and masterfully designed that its developers deserve the highest award for achievement in mobile technology & design. An intelligent app for intelligent devices. A rare jewel!
  3. TomR535

    TomR535 Guest

    After much difficulty gett I ng registered as a new member of Android Authority (actually, I'm a returning member) and posting my first review on the exciting Mobie360, I want to introduce myself with my real name Thomas N Reedy that's familiar to my followers on Google+ and share a brief background on who I am. I'm a 70-year-old retired technical writer/editor/publications manager with over thirty years of professional working experience in computer/electronic technology. I also was a co-owner/manager of a small literary bookstore BOOKS&CO in St.Louis, Missouri. I enjoy reviewing new products--especially Android apps on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (still, the best flagship Samsung had)--and sharing my insights on a wide variety of topics on Google+.

    Before I became a Mobie360 convert, I was a hard-core NOVA user and refused to believe that there was no better launcher and associated apps in the Android market. That was until six or seven months ago (while in and out of hospitals) when I accidentally discovered Mobie360--originally just Mobie. I started playing (as my wife calls it) with it and got increasingly hooked on its intelligent adaptive capabilities in customizing its auto-management functions to the user's personal ways of using their Android smartphone by freeing up repetitive tasks so that the user could really enjoy their smartphone again.

    I admit that I would sneak back to my old friend NOVA, now and then, just to confirm my experience with this newbie app. It wasn't until the energetic and exceptionally talented developer InnoPath introduced Mobie360 Beta (now with its own launcher) that I realized that I wouldn't be using another product on my S3.

    So, enough about me. Now go to Google Play and download Mobie360 to see for yourself just how exciting this Android app truly is. Peace and goodwill to all, Thomas N Reedy (aka Tom535).
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