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Need an independent SW with 3/4g wifi and NO camera

Posted Jul 23, 2017 by Scotticus

  1. Scotticus

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    hello all,

    So this is a specific requirement, and let me explain the requirement; i need an android smartwatch that can connect to the internet,complete with a browser, completely independently of my phone while likely being out of range of the phone's Bluetooth and, potentially, any wifi networks. It also CANNOT have a camera of any kind.

    Sound like a wierd and oddly specific requirement? The rational is this; i work as an extra. Very often, your phone is locked away by the production team from the start of the day to wrap time (and that's typcially a 12+ hour day) this is to prevent people leaking on set pictures,mbut it does mean you're uncontactable for the whole day. Typically, agencies will send emails asking simple 'are you available for this run of days on this project' questions that require hitbutton yes or no responses, and are typically time sentivive. Dont respond quickly,mthe job'll be gone in a few hours. So i need a smart watch that I can safely say 'this does not have a camera' with, but which will allow me internet access (even if it is fiddly to use, i'll manage) when i'm away from my phone and wifi networks.

    I Could spend up to about £350, does anyone know of a reliable Smartwatch that meets these needs edit: is a samsung gear S a suitable pick?
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  2. Lonnie52355

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    LEMFO LEM5 Android 5.1 MTK6580 1GB/ 8GB Smart Watch Phone

    Main features:

    * 1.39" IPS OLED Round Display 400*400 in resolution
    * MT6580 quad core Processor
    * RAM 1GB + 8GB in flash
    * OS Android 5.1
    * Bluetooth / GPS / WiFi Supported
    * Frequency Band: 2G: GSM 850 900 1900 2100/ 3G: WCDMA 850 1900 2100
    * Display moving to light it
    * Stylish popular private Clock Interface for choice
    * Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer
    * 450 mAh for battery
    * Available with iOS Smart Phone and Android Smart Phone for connection to get notification for incoming message and notification for phone call
    The above is a best seller in that group . . .
    I have a THOR and it does have a tiny little camera that I could use but really do not at all . . .
  3. Scotticus

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    Thanks for the advice. It's an attractive option to consider.

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