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How to mirror Android to iOS

Posted Aug 4, 2017 by nashnathaniel

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    Have you ever wondered if you can mirror Android to iOS? Fantasizing if the mobile games on your Android can be played on your iPhone/iPad? If your answer is yes, then you’re probably searching for ways on how you can share your Android display to iOS. Well, today’s mobile app development made this thing possible. To know the trick and see if it works for you, discover the following apps.

    The first program that you may utilize is AirMore. This online application is basically use to transfer files between smart phones and computer wirelessly. However, it has other useful tools like the Reflector. This allows user to mirror their mobile phones to connected devices. Now, you may run Android apps on iPhone/iPad. Check out the guide below to properly mirror Android to iOS.
    • Download and install AirMore app on your Android.
    • Make sure that your Android and iOS are connected to the same network.
    • On your iPhone, open on your Firefox or Chrome browser. Scroll down until you see a QR code. Note: Safari browser on iPhone/iPad does not support this.
    • Get your Android and launch AirMore app. Click the Scan to connect button and using your phone’s camera, scan for the QR code.
    • Once connected, you’ll see your Android device on your iOS. Click on the Reflector button and then hit Start Now to cast your device.

    Screen Mirror

    Screen Mirror is another application that can be used. It is a mirroring tool that can display your Android screen to another device. And like AirMore, it supports casting of Android to iOS gadgets like iPhone and iPad. If you want to know how to do this, refer to the instruction.
    • Get the Screen Mirror app on your Android device.
    • Run the app and then press Start. You’ll receive a notice with regards to the screen mirroring function; simply tap the Start Now button. Upon clicking, a web address will be displayed on your Android.
    • Input the web address to Chrome or Firefox browser on your iPhone/iPad and you will see your Android screen instantly.

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