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How to get the WiFi noise level in Android?

Posted Aug 10, 2017 by Cosmin Telescu

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    I want to implement an app which measures the quality of the WiFi signal from an indoor environment. From my research I found that the best way to get an accurate measurement is not to get only the RSSI but instead to use the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio).

    How can I obtain the noise level from the Android SDK? As I heard, there is no API available for this. However, I've found a method which provides the SNR (getEvdoSnr() from android.telephony.SignalStrength). Unfortunately, this one works only for a GSM/CDMA signal and not for a WiFi connection.

    Is anything possible to calculate the SNR in Android? I believe that's doable because I've found an app on Play store (called WiFi SNR) which successfully measures this ratio.

    NOTE: The Android ScanResult doesn't provide the noise level, even if it's specified in the official documentation:

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