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How to get an android update on unlocked tablet not activated on any carrier

Posted May 13, 2017 by Roseh0607

  1. Roseh0607

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    New to this form! i have a lg g pad 7.0 tablet. I originally got through sprint. We moved our services and ported our numbers to a new carrier, however the number for my tablet now goes to my falcon hotspot. My tablet is unlocked, SIM card removed, and factory reset has been done. How do I get the new (or newer than 5.0.1 ) android update? I have yet to do anything on my tablet, not even Put my google account on. I had it connected to my hotspot for a couple of days and still no update. I'm not very tech savvy, lol, and need help figuring this out. Thanks :)
  2. Hikari

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    Unfortunately there is no update to your tablet after Android Lollipop.

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