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How to download Google PlayStore for Huawei Honor 9

Posted Sep 13, 2017 by Randolph Chester

  1. Randolph Chester

    Randolph Chester Member Scrap Metal

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    Good Day Everyone,

    Pls help! I bought the new Huawei Honor 9 in China 2 months ago, I have been trying all ways to try to install Google Play Store. Every time I did download and when I click the app it says Core GMS Packages "Install core GMS packages to use Google" I try to look for some guides through youtube but it seems like there are no recent ones. The Huawei app store have Google Play but after installing it also says it requires the core gms packages.

    I saw the review Huawei Honor 9 on Android Authority, I think they also bought it in China, pls anyone know a way to download Google PlayStore? A lot of my old apps relies on it.

    Any help will do thank you!
  2. Jake Lam

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    You would have to manually download and install Google Play Services onto your device. Seeing as Chinese release android devices do not have these services preinstalled on them.

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