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Homescreen Monday 02-20-2017: Lanh Nguyen!

Posted Feb 20, 2017 by Joshua Vergara

  1. Joshua Vergara

    Joshua Vergara Team AA Staff Member Team AA

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    First off, thank you to everyone that put in entries for last week's Homescreen Monday! We got a lot of great looks at people's homescreens and will be featuring one on our social media later this week.

    Some housekeeping - for future entries, please remember to put your social media handles (Twitter and Instagram, in particular) so that we can give you a shoutout if we show your homescreen on our social media channels!

    Without any further ado, here we go with this week's Homescreen Monday, courtesy of our very own Lanh Nguyen!


    From Lanh:

    My home screen is usually pretty simple and laid out into 4 folders for google apps, social media productivity, and games/entertainment but in this screenshot I have the apps laid out for your viewing pleasure.

    Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Layout
    These are all self explanatory and you can find me on all of them but I’m most active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’ll also use Instagram’s Layout app to create photo collages from time to time.

    Hue and LIFX: If you’ve seen my videos you’ll know that I have a lot of lights illuminating my desk or living room set up and these are great apps that make it easy to control the color, temp, and brightness of my lights.

    First Federal: My banking app. Nothing interesting here. Moving along.

    Paypal: To send and receive money. Duh.

    Uber: A great app to call rides and especially useful due to our constant traveling for trade shows.

    Twitch: I like to watch mobile game streamers and when I can’t catch them on my computer I’ll use the app. Instead of playing music I’ll sometimes have my phone sitting in my car mount with a stream playing as I drive.

    Google folder: pretty much every Google app is in this folder but the ones I use most are Maps and YouTube.

    Slack: A must have app when you work on a team. It’s efficient and easy for communicating with colleagues.

    Clash Royale: Currently my favorite mobile game. A Top down tower defense style game that looks simple but is actually quite challenging and requires a ton of skill to climb the leaderboards.

    Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links: I was a fan of the anime back in the day and this game brings back a lot of nostalgia. It’s time to d-d-d-d-d-duel!

    And that will do it for this week's Homescreen Monday. Post your homescreens (even those who did already, we know that setups can change constantly) here and we will see you next week!
  2. GuttyMonkey

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I currently own a HTC M7, and I have been rooted for a couple of years now. I initially installed stock Android 5.0. But recently, I decided I wanted a different look and chose to install the Google Play Edition of Android 5.1, and I absolutely love it. Details are below.

    Google Pixel Launcher: As you see in the upper left corner, I have the Google Pixel Launcher which I chose over the Google Now Launcher. Love the minimalist design, and the simple swipe-up app drawer at the bottom. Also, the weather is nicely placed in the upper right hand corner, so no need for a weather widget.

    Top Row: I have most of my social media apps(Groupme, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) at the top for easy access. Also, I have the Youtube Music app which I recently subscribed to.

    Second Row: I have most of my music apps in this row(Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube). Also, directly in the middle of the screen, I have a folder with all my money apps(Square Cash, my current bank app, Android Pay, and Stash Invest). Also, I have the My Verizon app.

    Third Row: In this row, I have Google Play, Google Maps, Gallery, Calculator, and Settings.

    Music App: I currently have the HTC Sense 7 Music Player, which comes with a nice simple widget to put on the home screen. And I enjoy that it doesn't take up too much space.

    Last Row: All my essentials, which includes Phone/Contacts, Messaging, Gmail, Chrome, and my Camera.

    My twitter handle is the same as my username(GuttyMonkey)
  3. uszkix

    uszkix Member Scrap Metal

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    My homescreen is so minimalist. I only have things I use every day.
    On my Nexus 5X is Pixel Launcher installed over Google launcher with stock wallpaper from this device box! It's so amazing for me.
    Over the dock are music app Spotify, browser Chrome, Google Photos, stock dialer and Play store with millions of useful apps.
    On the dock I have social media be like Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram and Google Messenger for texting via cellular network off course.

    It's the best homescreen for me. He's useful and minimalist as well.
    You need to try it!

    Wysłane z mojego Nexus 5X przy użyciu Tapatalka
  4. Otis Ellis

    Otis Ellis Member Scrap Metal

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    Home Screen Monday

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  5. Jordanferg92

    Jordanferg92 Member Scrap Metal

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    I've been trying to go more and more minimal lately on my Nexus 6P. I'm using a simple building background I found along with the whicon and zwart icon packs to complete the black and white look. All with the Pixel Launcher. Only my essentials get space in those corner folders, things I use every single day, photos, play music, inbox, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Instagram is jferg92. Screenshot_20170220-200853.png
  6. Jorge Alume

    Jorge Alume Member Scrap Metal

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    This is the home screen of my Galaxy S7 edge, which is now running 7.0 Nougat. I like to keep my home screen clean, simple and close to Vanilla Android as possible. Usually I have a satellite view for a background, but because of my unhealthy addiction to Overwatch, it is now Sombra. I use Nova Launcher because of the customization and i have the Pixel Icon Pack for a Pixel look.

    New folder - usually this always changes because I like to test and try new apps - Ultrapop, Geek, Roundr, hueManic to name a few.
    Other folder - Pandora, BoFA
    Google folder - Inbox, Maps, Play Store, and Youtube
    Reads folder - StumbleUpon, Flipboard, and of course, Android Authority
    Social folder - Instagram, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Twitter & WhatsApp
    Bottom row - Phone, Chrome Canary, Play Music, Textra & Snapchat

    Instagram: jorgex_x

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  7. gggg336

    gggg336 Member Scrap Metal

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    Hi, I am new here, anyway, attached is my home screen.

    I use a rooted S7 running Marshmallow because I use AdAway and AFWall.

    The wallpaper I am using is the live wallpaper Tapet. The launcher is Evie Launcher and I have put the number of columns and rows at almost max as well as shrink my icons to maximise space for the wallpaper for my view pleasure :p. I mean, I do have fat thumbs, but I still can press everything accurately so I don't care.

    On my first home screen page are things like my social media apps, YouTube, gallery, file folder browser (using Samsung's stock browser), Play Store (obviously) and Flipboard for browsing news. I have a folder dedicated to pokemon apps (not official ones, those that help me with the main series games like pokedex and IV calculators) and a games folder for access to my games quickly (though I could just use Samsung's game luancher app, mumble mumble...). I have CPUz as I run Boinc on my S7 and I would like to keep an eye on the battery temps. I have Roccat's excellent Power Grid app to use for executing macros in my games on PC and that is about it.

    The second page has all of my utility apps that I won't get into details as they are rather hard to describe.

    I also have two other android devices on my computer desk, one Teclast X80 Pro for monitoring my PC stats like temperature and usage and an iNO 3 for music. I also have a Pixel C as I use for my Laptop for doing assignments (had to ask a friend in Canada to help buy it and send it to my country.) I am looking to add either a GPD XD or a Nvidia Shield K1 to my collection, but that is a topic in another section.

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  8. Abhishek Sawant

    Abhishek Sawant Member Scrap Metal

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    Device :- Samsung Galaxy S3
    ROM :- Resurrection Remix 5.8.1
    Launcher :- Nova Launcher Prime
    Icon Pack :- KAIP
    Search bar :- Built-in from Nova Launcher

    Google+, hangout, Twitter and WhatsApp social apps.

    Camera FV-5 camera app.

    "Swipe Me Up" icon is for App Drawer with Nova Gesture to open App Drawer when we swipe up the icon.

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  9. Karan.singha

    Karan.singha Member Scrap Metal

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    Here is the screenshot from My Oneplus 3. This screen basically reflcts the apps I use the most. Below is the list abd description of the apps shown in the screen.

    1st is Clash Of Clans app shortcut on the homescreen.
    2nd is Facebook app.
    3rd is Randomize widget from Walllaper app called Tapet™. Tapet has all the wallpapers already downloaded in it, so you don't havr to download any specific wallpaper and it doesn't require the internet connection as well. You'll get the wallpapers changed automatically and with the Premium version you can unlock premium set of apps, which also doesn't require internet. All this comes in just 5Mb.
    4th is WhatsApp Messenger from Facebook.
    5th is Instagram from Facebook.
    6th is Weather Widget from Google App.
    7th is Hill Climb Racing 2 from Fingersoft.
    8th is Spotify.
    9th is Tumblr.

    In the bottom row, I have basic phone dialer, and a folder with Facebook Messenger and the default Messages app from Oneplus. In middle there is thr app drawer button. Going forward, I have Chrome shortcut and in the extreme right corner I have the default Camera app from Oneplus.

    Wallpaper from Tapet™.
    Icon pack from Polycon.

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  10. erasmo.valladares

    erasmo.valladares Member Scrap Metal

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    I have a simple yet elegant homescreen on my Samsung Galaxy S6

    The background was taken on one of tje most beautiful beaches in Central America; Utila, Honduras. It reminds me of a relax and zero problems day. Just a beer and good tunes.

    Google now widget. For quick searches especially using "OK Google"
    Weather and date/time widget
    Calendar App

    Social networks section with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

    Flipboard. For an all in one news and go to everyday reading

    Phone App
    Chrome. For web browsing

    Social networks are:
    Instagram: @jevalladares
    Twitter: @jevalladares
  11. did5177

    did5177 Member Scrap Metal

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    My homescreen is set up to allow me ultimate ease in getting around the applications that I use most as well as getting the information I want most at a glance. Some basic info: I'm using a Nexus 6P running Nova Launcher. I've chosen the newer Pixel-esque style for the launcher.

    From the top, I set the search bar to replicate the look on the Pixel as much as possible with the bubble to the left and date to the right.

    Below that is my weather widget from the app Bright Weather. I've turned off the widget background so that I just get my current weather and forecast for my current location right on my background.

    I leave the next row blank for aesthetics.

    The following row is pretty self explanatory: AccuWeather (I like the Bright Weather widget, but as a weather app for checking radar and precipitation totals and the like I prefer AccuWeather), Messenger, Google Clock (Stock), Swarm (I check in almost everywhere I go so it's nice to have that front and center), and SEPTA Instant (for those unfamiliar with Philadelphia, SEPTA is the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, and since I take the trolley/subway every day, it's good to have the schedule there at my fingertips).

    Then the bottom row includes: ESPN (this is actually fairly new, I had been using CBS Sports for a while, but found that ESPN had upped their game), my Social folder containing Facebook, Instagram (@yes_liketherapper), Snapchat (@ddodson208), Twitter (@drake_dodson), and Timehop; then the row goes on to Google Photos (Stock), Spotify, and the Google PlayStore.

    My home page is rounded out by my dock (now with 5 apps instead of 4 thanks to the pull up app drawer) that has Textra SMS (I liked the default messaging icon from Lollipop so I replaced the icon for this app), Google Camera (Stock), Gmail, Phone (again, I liked the default icon from Lollipop so I replaced it), and Chrome.

    Lastly, my background picture is a picture I shot myself on my 6P during a trip to Albany, NY.

  12. Tanggon Jodi Ismana

    Tanggon Jodi Ismana Member Scrap Metal

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    Here my Homescreen screenshot from Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime

    I use an app called Tapet for the background. It can generate wallpaper and can change the background automatically after time interval, so i will never got bored of my homescreen

    Using stock MIUI Launcher, because its simplicity (this launcher doesnt have app drawer)
    at upper row there is stock MIUI clock widget for basic clock, date and weather information

    I keep my homescreen as simple as possible, so i only put "communication/social" app that i use everytime in my 1st page homescreen and put the rest at the other page
    - Facebook (my main social app)
    - Whatsapp (for messaging with people that always/only using whatsapp)
    - Inbox (because its a lot better and simpler than stock gmail right?)
    - LINE (my main messaging/social app)
    At bottom page i put the most important app (even if im not using it as often as apps above)
    - Telepon (aka Phone)
    - Kontak (aka Contacts)
    - Pesan (aka Message) (for receiving important message and sending message when internet down)
    - Chrome (best browser for Android)
  13. LeParkour012

    LeParkour012 Member Scrap Metal

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    First off I would like to say that this is not entirely my setup. I found it on reddit and decided to modify it slightly for my own taste.

    I'm using a Icon Pack called TwoPixel with Nova Launcher. The widget is a custom widget called Unity KWGT and requires KWGT to work.

    The top row (from left to right) is the Camera, Sync (reddit) and Contacts.

    Middle row (left to right) is Chrome and Play Store.

    The bottom app is just the Google App.

    Camera, Contacts, Chrome, Play Store and Google App just speaks for themselves. I have it there because I use them often. Sync (reddit) is my favorite reddit app. I browse reddit a lot and I find that Sync is probably the best reddit app out there. Beating even the official reddit app.

    I keep the essentials on my homescreen and the rest hidden in my app drawer.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

    Instagram: @LeParkour012

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  14. MrO!

    MrO! Member Scrap Metal

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    My home screen

    I'm using Nova launcher with nougat overlay on my Nexus 6p. First thing you may notice is the Google pill doesn't reach the edge of the screen. I much prefer this style of 'floating bubble' (hit me up if you want to know how this is done).

    Right on to the apps!

    The top row of apps is all about the home automation.

    Nest - to keep an eye on my home heating when away from home.
    Alexa - linked to my echo dot and used to control most of what is contained in the next few apps
    Philips Hue - I now have bulbs in most rooms and having the app on the home screen helps when I'm away from the echo dot or from home.
    Kasa - where hue bulbs won't fit I use smart plugs. The TP-link plugs are the best I've used and they control everything from lamps to my fireplace.
    ITTT - a great app to automate any smart home.

    The next row is social media and news. You guys know the apps so no point going through them other to say Fenix is the Twitter app I use and BBC News is where I go for impartial news each moring.

    The final row, the dock, contains all the usual suspects but I do (annoyingly) have three messaging apps on the go. Textra is my go to messaging app of choice and is customisable right down to the app icon colour. I also keep Spotify in the dock for quick access for those long days at the office desk.

    That's all from me. For more follow me:

    Twitter: @TweetMr_O
    Instagram: InstaMr_O


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  15. heyyod

    heyyod Member Scrap Metal

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    Nexus 5X
    Hi. I use a non-rooted Nexus 5X with Nova Launcher. I like having two pages, one for fun stuff and one mainly for productivity / utility apps. So we have:

    Page 1:
    Spotify, Poweramp (alpha), Player FM: Music and Pocasts
    Youtube, Facebook, Instagram: Time killer apps.
    Play Newsstand, Unboxholics, Twitter: Self-explanatory, Unboxholics is a Greek app for gaming and tech news.

    Page 2:
    Agenda widget and other Google apps for obvious use.
    OASTH: Local public transportation.
    Series Guide: Well, for tracking my series.
    Last pass: Useful for storing my passwords.
    Telepad: Remote control of my PC. It's really great and has very little delay.

    The most important apps: Phone, Facebook's Messenger, Google, Chrome Beta and Gtasks.

    My twitter: @heyyo_dee

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  16. Denis Januzi

    Denis Januzi Member Scrap Metal

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    here is mine atm but i may change it today to a better one :p

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  17. James Shanks

    James Shanks Member Scrap Metal

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    On my Huawei Mate 8 (NXT-L29) I use Nova launcher customised for a clean look with a clean desktop with only the most user apps on the home screen.

    I have access to Cortana below my Transparent Weather Clock widget which I see many people have removed but I'm still a fan of such a widget. I keep my home page to one page only, no scrolling screens.

    Stock Camera and Gallery Apps, Facebook Messenger, Grouped social apps (Facebook, Instagram etc), Poweramp as my go to music player, Chrome, Truecaller, Textra, Google Contacts, Blue Mail, Google Calendar and Whatsapp.

    I use the Rewun icon pack for my icons and have a organised app drawer for all my apps.

    big_jim1979 (Instagram)

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  18. Blayde

    Blayde Member Scrap Metal

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    Using Nova Launcher on my Oneplus 3T, i keep my home screen pretty clutter free, from the top row its

    Shuttle+ Music Player
    gReader Pro
    Solid Explorer

    And Phone and Chrome on the bottom

    The clock links to Timely which is my favourite alarm app and between chrome and the bottom row is a semi hidden arrow that drops down the notification shade, and a same on the left side that drops the settings/toggle page. On the left homescreen i keep Google Keep and a Shuttle Music Player widget for quick access and on the right a Month widget an a few shortcuts i use less often like Play Store, Soundhound, Pocket


    Social media: @arabstig on Twitter and Instagram
  19. jmgltz

    jmgltz Member Scrap Metal

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    Screenshot_20170221-161525.png Samsung Note 5 using Nova Launcher and Amber Weather widget.
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  20. Jenny Kim

    Jenny Kim Member Drone Droid

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    Samsung Galaxy A7
    I am proud to be a Vietnamese, thank you

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