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Help with an app - Hotstar on Android Media Boxes

Posted Aug 8, 2017 by rohan.l

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    Hi Guys,

    I have two devices, one an Android Dongle with OS version 5.1.1, powered by a Rockchip RK3066 with 1 GB of Ram.

    There is an app called Hotstar which is quite famous in India, it runs flawlessly on this Dongle, I have installed Cool Tool to monitor the ram consumption and even after continuous usage, the ram figures remain in the greenzone with the app consuming at the most 150 mb ram.

    Now on the other hand I have an Android Media Box running on Amlogic 905X, it runs on Marshmallow, has 1 GB ram and when I run Hotstar on it, as I start scrolling the app, the ram starts decreasing alarmingly and the box goes into a low ram state, the app hangs and crashes.

    Why such different behaviour of the same app on different boxes? What can be done to fix this on the Amlogic 905X box?

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