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Galaxy K Zoom and Gear Fit

Discussion in 'Samsung Smartphones' started by LostonEarth, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. LostonEarth

    LostonEarth Member

    Likes Received:
    Galaxy K Zoom, Nexus 7, Galaxy Gear Fit
    Just brought the Galaxy K Zoom on ebay for $450. Thanks for the tip AA. Also caught the $100 Gear Fit. Bought it on Best Buy because the deal on Amazon just expired. Great gadgets for unlocked price. Knows that the K Zoom is a 3 G model only; no problem, I use wifi only and don't have a data plan for the phone. T-mobile voice works great on this. However, I ran into a problem that I can't find answers from Samsung techs. I can not connect the K Zoom to the Gear Fit!. Tech was able to connect and activate Gear Fit with his phone. However no luck with the K Zoom. He thinks that you must have a data plan to activate. Strange, given that the connection is bluetooth. Does any one knows if this is the truth? Samsung app store do not support S Health and Gear Fit Manager on "this" model. Does any one knows is it because of the firmware for the C111 3G model only? Is there a work around based on firmware update? I was able to side load S health and Gear Fit Manager. (That's why I found out from the tech that a data plan may be required.) Appreciate anyone pointing the direction to a newbie! Cyanogenmod for this model?
  2. Tikker

    Tikker Member Scrap Metal

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    Samsung Galaxy S 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, Samsung Gear Fit, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Rugby, Asus Transformer PRime
    does the phone see the gear fit? I'm just wondering if it's got the proper bluetooth profile to talk to it?
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