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Galaxy K Zoom and Gear Fit

Discussion in 'Samsung Smartphones' started by LostonEarth, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. LostonEarth

    LostonEarth Member

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    Galaxy K Zoom, Nexus 7, Galaxy Gear Fit
    Just brought the Galaxy K Zoom on ebay for $450. Thanks for the tip AA. Also caught the $100 Gear Fit. Bought it on Best Buy because the deal on Amazon just expired. Great gadgets for unlocked price. Knows that the K Zoom is a 3 G model only; no problem, I use wifi only and don't have a data plan for the phone. T-mobile voice works great on this. However, I ran into a problem that I can't find answers from Samsung techs. I can not connect the K Zoom to the Gear Fit!. Tech was able to connect and activate Gear Fit with his phone. However no luck with the K Zoom. He thinks that you must have a data plan to activate. Strange, given that the connection is bluetooth. Does any one knows if this is the truth? Samsung app store do not support S Health and Gear Fit Manager on "this" model. Does any one knows is it because of the firmware for the C111 3G model only? Is there a work around based on firmware update? I was able to side load S health and Gear Fit Manager. (That's why I found out from the tech that a data plan may be required.) Appreciate anyone pointing the direction to a newbie! Cyanogenmod for this model?
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