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China Version

Discussion in 'OnePlus Smartphones' started by Billy the Kid, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Billy the Kid

    Billy the Kid Member

    Likes Received:
    Google Nexus 3
    Dear Droid Community,

    I visit Mainland China and Hong Kong very often.
    It's been confirmed the China domestic version OnePlus phones are pre-load with ColorOS, but you can load CM11S on it after and their official website www.oneplus.cn community link guide you for it.

    One question I have is if China version OnePlus phones compatible with US/Canada 4G/LTE and 3G networks?
    The answer I received from OnePlus China head office in ShenZhen is China version models are design for Chinese domestic market and may not works on all international carriers.

    BTW, they do offer open available purchase on their official Chinese website.

  2. Luka

    Luka Administrator Staff Member Team AA HAL

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Sony SmartWatch 3
  3. Shih Yi Fan

    Shih Yi Fan Member

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    International Edition Sandstone Black OnePlus One, Moto 360 SmartWatch
    Hi, I live in China and I have purchased a Chinese model of the OnePlus One from the Chinese Taobao.com, and I have flashed the CyanogenMod 11.0S onto the phone. It works perfectly fine, and using the phone in China on 4g is a breeze. I have taken this phone to the US, and tried it on different carriers, and only AT&T 3G works on the phone.
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