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Bluetooth phone audio problem htc one m8

Posted Mar 2, 2017 by Karsou

  1. Karsou

    Karsou Member Scrap Metal

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    recently a new problem started to appear in my htc one m8, which is the mobile didn`t connect and transfer the voice call to the car bluetooth.

    this screenshot is the correct way to transfer the audio to the car.
    the connection lasts as long as you are in the car or near it.

    After leaving the car or switching off the car or the bluetooth, and you reconnect to car bluetooth, the connection comes like this (also I cannot enable the Phone audio as shown in the picture below).


    I tried to unpair the connection and connect again. ( it didn`t work ).

    To solve this problem I always need to restart my phone in order to connect the bluetooth as it should be.

    Can you please help me in solving this problem without restarting the mobile
  2. John G

    John G Member Scrap Metal

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    Try clearing bluetooth cache

    Settings > App Manager > (... > show system) > Bluetooth Share > Storage > Clear Data
    Clear Cache

    Repeat with Bluetooth Widget

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