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5in fHD 200USD phone recommendation

Posted Aug 13, 2017 by Le Duy Anh

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    Hello guys,

    normally I'd Google and do my own research. Unfortunately, Chinese-phone resellers have absolutely terrible filters.

    Basically what I'm looking for is a budget phone that has, ordered by priority:
    1. 200 USD max - self-explanatory.
    2. 5 inch display - an absolute must, I don't have big hands and want to use my phone with just one.
    3. LTE - most phones nowadays support this, but just in case.
    4. 3000+ mAh - having to charge your phone daily is troublesome. I know battery life depends a lot on software optimizations but I don't know how to formulate this criteria any better.
    5. 32GB+ ROM or SD-card expendable
    6. full HD - in other words, 1920x1080. This is probably gonna be the most difficult criteria and that's why it's also lowest on my priority.
    7. bonus - LED notifications, fingerprint sensor, updated OS

    Candidates so far:

    1. RedMi 4 Prime - 220 USD. Most expensive but has all the features mentioned.
    2. Elephone P8 Mini - the battery might be a concern. No LED notifications.
    3. Huawei Nova
    4. Santin Candy U7 - no headphone jack, Android 5.1
    5. Huawei Honor 6
    6. Nubia Z11 mini
    7. Umidigi C2
    So - have I missed any phones? Any recommendations and notes?
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