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  1. trying to debrick
  2. Hi Guys, I have got an amazing app available at Google Play. Please have a look and let me know your thoughts - ProtectMe Mobile Tracker.
  3. Hi, My Name Is Zafar Yaqoob I'm from Pakistan I have 3 years experience in Website Development and SEO Now I'm working on my website
  4. Unable to delete search suggestions Gmail android app.
  5. Hello, new here joined for info, updates and to ask a question or 2. Thanks!
  6. Greetings everyone! Handy articles if you are having any problem with Android: You can find at Techintel Page
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  8. Weather's good, time to pilot and shoot some film!
  9. coming to you from Tampa Florida...I'm learning how to root and make custom ROMS...
  10. Hi Everyone I was looking into using my old HTC inspire for work and found this group, looking forward to learning.
  11. Why cant I use my MP3s as ringbacks for Galaxy S8
    1. it has a lock icon next to the mp3 file and pop up sign says "copyright fail"... I made the, S7 allowed me to use my own files as ringback tones for my contacts
  12. Searching for ~$200-$250, USB Type C Android Tablet, min. full HD, 16:9 only with OTG support, any recommendations?
  13. Hi, i am HTC 816 dual sim user and facing space issue.Is android 6+ version has feature where v can use SD card as ur primary memory
  14. How to solve heating issue in Android 7.1.1
  15. Is it necessary to install the so-called system optimizer on my Android phone?
  16. How to dieplay the £ sign in S7 keyboard?