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  1. How to dieplay the £ sign in S7 keyboard?
  2. Hi I'm Geoff. My angry birds2 will not connect, a constant message says it has stopped. Can anyone help Hudl2
  3. Hi I,m Geoff and looking for help
  4. Died & went to hell! B.R.B.!!
  5. what about android oreo
  6. Enjoy as SEO Executive , Specialist in multilingual SEO
  8. Hello Everyone ! I have Joined the The Android Authority, I want to buy the LG G4 but I need you people to tell me about the phone
  9. do you know any app that can remember mine net banking password with security??
    1. Fleksy keyboard lets you add "hot buttons" to the top of the keyboard. One touch and it types whatever text you assigned to it. I use them for my email address, different passwords, etc. The button label is just the first two letters of your text. Even if someone gets your phone it's not labeled to your bank or any website. they won't know what it is. Just you will. Hope this helps.
  10. Promark P70VR drone worked just fine with wifi & app. After Marshmallow update it now (connects but says no internet). Any ideas?
  11. Kindle is an innovative gadget manufactured by Amazon to offer easy accessibility to ebooks and watch endless movies and other media.
  12. I have Lenovo K4 note , having Marshmellow installed. not able to delete a particular folder
  13. i started deleting files and i must have deleted some important and my phone stopped working. I have a Sony Xperia E3
  14. Hi I am using galaxy s6 edge , Model SM-G925w8,unable to use ril jio sim as there is no LTE option under network mode , So help
  15. I am on my third Samsung Tab A as it will not hold the SD card more than a few days then starts letting it slip out.
    1. The card came with the tablet and Samsung just says send it in for service.
    2. This appears to be a design flaw. Is anyone else experiencing this
  16. my phone is getting hot while charging. Do you think its okey or may be damage my battery? Smsunga9prouser.
    1. its a problem bro.... if its battery is openable change it otherwise send it to service center.
  17. good morning everyone