Star Trek style communicators could be a reality with CommBadge

by: Joe HindyDecember 2, 2012
Star Trek

Photo courtesy of Pocket Now

Over the last few months, the big talk has been about Star Wars. From Disney buying LucasFilms to the Angry Birds Star Wars spin off, it’s been all about Star Wars. Until now, as Star Trek may be getting its moment in the sun.

There is a fun new project on IndieGoGo called CommBadge. As the name implies, it’s a communication device. That you pin on your shirt like a badge. Just like a communicator from Star Trek. Words cannot express the awesome.

So how does this Star Trek style communicator work?

If you’re a watcher and not a reader, there is a promo video at the bottom explaining things. CommBadge is a Bluetooth speaker that clips on to your shirt. You then press a button and either issue voice commands to Google Now or Siri. Star Trek support red and command gold costumes not included.

It isn’t available for the masses yet, but if you donate over at their IndieGoGo page, you can have on in your hand by next February. Is anyone looking to get one of these when they’re released?

  • Oh God…

  • Marvin Nakajima

    Just waiting to get one where you can customize the shape. :D

  • Alabaster Malone

    Your Story’s suck Joe Hindy I’m make it my life’s work to find you and SHIT on your chest. And make sure its half diarrhea. :D

  • Mat Pridham

    Except, all the people in the video use their hands to activate the thing… but the purpose of the invention is that “Due to smartphones, we’ve lost the use of our hands”. Color me confused.

    • You don’t have to continually hold your phone. Accordingly, do things with your hands while accessing your smartphone’s features.

  • This would be better as an earpiece. That would make it much easier to use in public and crowded spaces.