Latest CyanogenMod 10.1 Sony Xperia build introduces new camera features

by: Andrew GrushJune 24, 2013

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Many manufacturers seem to be moving away from openly cooperating with the dev community, but Sony has taken an opposite approach as of late.

Not only has Sony worked to make its devices more mod-friendly, they have also collaborated directly with those in the Android modding world, and even released AOSP code for its newer devices like the Xperia Z and Tablet Z.

In yet another move in the right direction, Sony is now working with the CyanogenMod team, bringing special camera features over to CM 10.1 for users of newer Xperia devices such as the T, V, Z, ZL and Tablet Z.

The first build to support the new camera features has already arrived, dubbed FXP 225. Here’s the full changelog of what to expect with the latest build:

  • Improved Camera (T,TX,V,Z,ZL, Tab Z LTE and Wifi):
    *HDR (only picture)
    *ISO modes
    *Scene modes
    *Sony’s image/video stablization
  • Fix network options (Tab Z Wifi)
  • Fix Vol keys for recovery (ZL, Tab Z Wifi)
  • Minor audio Fix (Z,ZL)
  • latest cm 10.1

In addition to what’s already mentioned, the CM team also plans to bring shutter speed and HDR video functionality sometime in the near future.

Sony hasn’t always been the most beloved player in the Android game and is far from perfect, but their recent combination of great devices and positive attitude towards the modding community has certainly gone a long ways towards mending the company’s rep.

To download the latest CM10.1 build for your Xperia device, head over to the official FXP website.

  • George Av

    Cm10 HDR is shit. you have to have your phone on a tripod and be taking a picure of paint drying to not get a fuzzy picture

    • MasterMuffin

      And you can go and make a sandwich while waiting for it to get to that bad result :(

      • George Av

        YEAH. Best HDR mode i have ever used is on the Galaxy S4. Flawless.

  • Ruzveh

    Wow thats impressive

  • Chalin

    i want a proper update from sony !! so annoying

  • Ramesh

    Available for Xperia S