Claim your free Asus Transformer Prime GPS dongle now

by: Bams SadewoApril 17, 2012
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The Asus Transformer Prime GPS dongle: you’ve seen in all its glory in yesterday’s leaked pictures batch, and now it’s time to get you and your Asus TF201 tablet out of your GPS misery. As expected, ASUS’ GPS dongle website has gone live, allowing you to claim your free GPS extension kit.

Getting the free dongle is easy peasy. You’ll have to become an Asus VIP member first. After activating the Asus account, proceed by registering your Asus Transformer Prime tablet. The next step is to click on the GPS Extension Kit Apply and Inquire link on the left side menu. After confirming your TF201 tablet’s serial number and delivery information, you’ll have the GPS dongle delivered to your place (you can check the delivery status on the same website).

Why wait until the end of July for things you can do today, right? Asus has set July 31, 2012 as the deadline when the free GPS dongle offer expires, so better do it as soon as possible. Aside from the free GPS extension kit, Asus also extends its most sincere apologies and hopes that the kit would help improve the GPS signal reception on your TF201 tablet. Thanks, Asus!

  • MargaretNKinnley
  • NuTTz

    The product must be recalled and replaced with the TF700t which actually meets the specification given on the TF201. I keep loosing WiFi when other devices show a good signal and the GPS is not worth talking about. The proposed dongle does nothing with the WiFi problem and i do not accept it as a solution since it was not part of the specification when i bought the device.

    • Hey bud, Asus has a program where you send them your tablet, they test the wifi, and if it really is bad they’ll replace the wifi unit with a working one, and test it to make sure it’s working before they send it back.

      That said, the wifi is poor on this device as is. Are you sure you aren’t too far from the router? Also, this device has hit-and-miss reception. Some old routers work great, most NEW routers (Wireless N) work great, but there are a lot of routers that just don’t like it.

      Also, for some reason I have to occasionally restart my router for the tablet to be able to obtain an IP from it, and occasionally I’ll have 1 bar when I’m right next to the router until I reboot the tablet, but I blame the fact that wifi-bluetooth often don’t play well together, especially on this tablet.

  • Not a happy camper

    I got the dongle. Am completely unimpressed. GPS capability is a little better, WIFI not so. The dongle itself was hastily put together. Screws show onces installed (it looks like it is installed upside-down), there is no connector to plug in … all these could have been better thought through. Ahh well.