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Today marks the first anniversary of Chromecast, the little media dongle that could. It’s been an epic year as the device has grown from only supporting a small handful of apps to having a large library of both official and unofficial apps — thanks to the Chromecast SDK.

According to Google, they have sold millions of Chromecast devices since its original launch, tracked more than 400 million casts and are now selling the media streamer in 20 countries and 30,000 stores globally. In honor of the Chromecast’s first birthday, and its current level of success, Google is rewarding Chromecast owners with 90 days of free Google Play All Access. As you might expect, the offer comes with a few catches. First, you can’t be an existing or past subscriber, and can’t have participated in any free trials. Aside from this, you’ll also have to confirm that you do in fact have a Chromecast present by casting to it from your PC.

If you’re interested in checking out the promo, you’ll have from now until September 3th to redeem the offer. More details on the new offer can be found here.

Andrew Grush
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  • Mico Lucide

    Why the hell would they reward NON-subscribers? I hate when companies do that. It’s like “Hey, thanks for the support, convince someone else to join so we make more money after their free trial you can’t participate in. kthxbye”

    • Anothermuse

      Start a company and you can do the math to figure it out.

  • Ryu

    So since I tried the free trial when All Access launched I cannot try this? How stupid. Even dumber that current subscribers cannot do it either.

  • Claudio Castro

    still no chromecast in Chile :(

  • hello world

    Why do every site in the world pretend like all their viewers come from the US? How hard is it to make a mention that the offer is only valid in a specific region.

  • maggiejcarter

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  • Andrzej Tunkiel

    US only…

  • Jonathan Kramer

    The catch.. the catch.. the catch.. no fish though, LOL. If you don’t cancel the subscription you’re going to be paying $10/mo for the music.. Pandora is free last time I checked.. My Roku 3 has far more channels and I don’t need to burn up the battery on my phone to stream.. Still don’t get the benefits of Chromecast other than a few TV sites.. Call me crazy DOH!

    • Shark Bait

      Well you don’t use your battery to stream, Chromecast downloads the stream completly independent of you phone

      Chromecast is great, simplistic way of streaming to the TV, they have fixed a big problem, so hads roku….. their quite similar

      • Jonathan Kramer

        Since all the stories have said it enables you to stream content FROM your phone or tablet to your TV I presumed it also required your phone to go to for example, Hulu to watch a program. You’re saying that the phone just points the Chromecast to the site and then it gives you access to streaming whatever content is there? I use my Marantz SR6005 for audio along with a Harmony remote with my Roku, Blu Ray and TV.. It would be nice to be able to stream Hulu and some other free TV sites though Roku can’t do this for other than YouTube.

        • Shark Bait

          Yep that’s exactly what it does. You phone is practically the remote.

          I have a feeling roku supports ( or will support Chromecast ) you should google it , I’m sure there’s a way . Chromecast uses an open standard that is easy to intercept, since the roku box is quite capable, i expect it to work

          • Jonathan Kramer

            Roku doesn’t support it yet though we have a YouTube channel along with about 1300 others. The latest Roku app update allows us to do voice search along with casting photos or videos we have on our phones to the TV. What confuses me is that the instructional videos I’ve seen for using the Chromecast clearly shows that whether casting from a phone or PC, the source of the media must be on and running which is different from what you’re saying. My TV doesn’t have a keyboard or way to navigate a site so it would seem the Chromecast is nothing more than a link to the streaming source requiring the source to be running. I can use the Plex channel to store videos and stream them to my TV even if my computer isn’t running :)

          • Tos Kerman

            Aye, it is capable of streaming directly to the chromecast dongle from phone/pc/laptop
            However, apps like netflix and even plex do not require the phone to be on once play is hit. I’ve tested it by starting a netflix stream and shutting my tablet off. the stream continues without a hitch.

  • you mean 30th, correct?