Amazon now ships Chromecast outside the US

by: Bogdan PetrovanOctober 8, 2013

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Google is doing a lousy job at making its products available internationally, and the Chromecast dongle is no exception. Luckily, Amazon offers a simple and affordable alternative.

The retail giant now offers the Chromecast for $35, with international availability including UK, Germany, and other European countries, as well as Australia. While we can’t verify it, Amazon appears to be shipping Google’s streaming stick without restrictions around the world. Shipping costs and local taxes apply.

The Chromecast, which Google released in late July along the Nexus 7, lets users “fling” media content played on compatible apps from Android devices to HDMI-equipped television sets. The device proved very successful, thanks to its low price tag and straightforward functionality. Developers have been hard at work hacking the Chrome-based dongle, opening up some interesting new possibilities, such as the ability to play local content.

Until now, users outside the States who wished to buy a Chromecast had to go through the hassle of using shipping forwarding services or arranging the purchase through a local friend.

There’s still a caveat with the Amazon offering though – the Chromecast app, which lets you set up and manage the settings of your device, is still US-only, so you will have to procure the .apk yourself, though that shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Sam Reed

    And for faster shipping for arrival by Thursday 8th

    Order Summary

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    Items: $35.00

    Shipping & handling: $32.98

    Total before tax: $67.98

    Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00

    Import Fees Deposit $13.60

    Order total: $81.58

  • wbarahona

    Wow $81 bucks… thats too much i got mine to Honduras one week later it was released for less when you use international shipping services i paid about $42 all included… yeah pretty crazy

  • James Mercer

    Yeah has this at £60 which works out at $96.50 not including shipping…thats fucked up.

  • bwims

    It all comes from China, so this is the USA screwing the UK again, like they have every day since 1945.

  • Greg

    They don’t ship Chromecast to Hungary… :(

  • Karze

    Its really a rip off for those outside of US has to pay more than almost times as much.