Chromecast review (video)

by: Brad WardJuly 29, 2013
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At Google’s Breakfast with Sundar Pichai event in San Francisco the other day, we expected to hear at least something on the Nexus 7 and Android 4.3, but the Chromecast was a little more surprising. It’s a $35 dongle that basically turns your TV into a Google TV or Smart TV, but in a way that everyone can afford it.

Using Chromecast and its corresponding desktop application, Android app or Chrome extension will allow you to cast YouTube videos, Netflix, Chrome tabs, and even your entire desktop to your TV. It plugs right into your HDMI port on your TV, too, and there’s little hassle to set it up. It really is a cool little gadget, and we’ve already given it the full review treatment! You can check out our video below:

Chromecast is a really interesting device, especially when it comes to the technology behind it, and when you consider the price and a myriad of other reasons, there’s no doubt it’s going to disrupt the living room. Google has something special here, and we can’t wait until developers begin getting their hands on the Cast API!

What do you think of Chromecast? Is it worth $35 to you? Do you have one yet? Let us know in the comments!

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  • BKorver

    By “Thinking outside the box”, you mean porn, right?

  • Jivester

    Bought two… Be totally loving them! I recognize that being bought in to the Google ecosystem helps (all access, play store media etc…) helps make it viable but this is a great and affordable and creative solution. I love the easiness, I love using Mobile for control and browsing, and I love the battery life. Have used YouTube much more for dinner party music also.. putting concerts up on the TV. Desktop mirroring of video leaves a lot to be desired though. Pics are great though. Looking forward to g+ app integration, radio and podcast app integration… But it has already become half of my media usage since getting it on Friday :-)

  • jeff


  • Jedd Macaraeg

    If the video clip is played not from online will it still work?