PSA: Chromecast is just $11 if you use Netflix, provided you can buy it (Update: promo’s over)

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 25, 2013

google chromecast

Update: the Netflix promo is over.

We think the new Chromecast is pretty darn amazing, and that it will give a lot of players in the industry headaches soon. My colleague Derek Ross wrote eloquently about the potential for disruption of this humble dongle here, while my colleague Chris Smith has the rundown on it here.

If you’re still not impressed with the Chromecast or if you feel it’s too expensive, think about this – the three months of free Netflix that come with the device are worth $24. The promo is open to new and current Netflix users, meaning that if you’re interested in a home video service, the Chromecast is a downright steal, at $11. That’s especially true if you buy it from a brick-and-mortar store or from an online retailer that ships it for free. Best Buy is a good example.

You better hurry though – the Chromecast is already out of stock at Amazon, while you’ll have to wait four weeks to get it from the Play Store. Best Buy appears to still have it in stock, and you may find it at physical locations of Best Buy, OfficeMax, and other similar retailers.

International readers, sorry, still no news on the availability of Chromecast outside of the US. (sadface)

  • Josh Flowers

    So, you still technically pay $35 up front for the device, but with the understanding that you won’t be charged for your (current netflix subscription) 3 months of future Netflix use. Or am I misunderstanding it?

  • trayes77

    Ya I agree with Josh. I don’t quite follow the logic above. I Netflix does not charge for 3 months, and I don’t have to start a new account, then it’s worth $11.

  • For those curious about Netflix no longer showing up as an added bonus on Google Play. A friend posted this on a thread on Google+.

    “I called Google play support, they said the promotion was such a big hit that they removed it. She did tell me that if you did place your order while the promotion was still up on the site you will be getting the 3 months free netflix. If you ordered AFTER it was removed, then you will not get the 3 months free netflix (this is at least for orders from Google play, not sure about other places).

    Just called them again I got my order in time to get the promotion. I placed my order at 2PM EST. He said they stopped offering the promotion at 3PM PST. So if you ordered before 3PM PST you will get the promotion”

    With that said, I recently received my 2 codes from Google Play for Netflix.

    • Thanks Derek!

    • Chris Smith

      ugh … just lost my original comment because I had to sign in to disqus. So, just to clarify: WHAT DAY did all this take place? at first it sounds like today but you said you placed order at 2pm and it’s 1:20pm EST so you must be talking about yesterday? and “they stopped taking orders at 3pm PST” is in past tense so that too must be yesterday, not today? pls clarify. thx

      • Chris Smith

        Okay, nevermind. Just called Google and the rep I spoke to said the promo is over and he also said it’s over for all vendors, not just Google. bummer …. :(

    • David Kinder

      Thanks for the info. I ordered mine yesterday at 4:15 EST so I should be in before the 3pm pst cut off. Haven’t seen any codes yet, should I call google to verify or will they come eventually?

    • Andrew H.

      I ordered before 3PM Eastern (TODAY) and it was still up on until at least 3:10PM (it was gone by 3:15PM). Luckily I saw your post and nabbed a screenshot with the promo and timestamp still on the site before they took it down because they didn’t give me the offer when I purchased. Hopefully the claim I filed goes through or I will totally be canceling my order.
      For $11, the ability to stream Chrome tabs is worth it…but not for $35. My ROKU is sufficient.

      • Need that extra $24 to buy a case of beer, eh?

  • countryashell334

    Sold out online at Best Buy…

    • Aboobacker Cheethayil

      It is available in some stores. I found one near to my house.

      • countryashell334

        I didn’t even think about that. Checked on the Best Buy app and they have it at my local store. Going to pick it up as soon as I get off work. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Clarkkent113

    Damn I should have picked one up off Amazon earlier today. Guess I’ll have to wait the 4-6 weeks.

  • Aboobacker Cheethayil

    I ordered today(07/25/2013 @ 3 PM). I called them and they have confirmed I will be getting netflix for 3 months. They sent me an email as well to confirm the same.

  • samizad

    I ordered pretty much straight after the announcement yesterday and the shipping date is given as August 2nd. I’ll enjoy Netflix and might even start consuming Google Play content (well done Google for tempting me) but, ultimately, I intend to fling downloaded video from my laptop using some jiggery pokery.

  • Robert

    Does include the chrom browser for internet or not?