Code found in Plex Media Server hints that Chromecast support is on its way

by: Andrew GrushDecember 5, 2013

chromecast inside box aa

The Chromecast might be designed around the idea of web-based streaming, but there are clearly folks interested in the idea of streaming local content as well.

Shortly after Google’s media player hit store shelves, we saw the creation of AllCast and other 3rd party solutions that brought local-content streaming over to the Chromecast. Unfortunately, Google later released an update that effectively ‘broke’ the ability to use such apps.

The good news is that Plex Media Server software may be getting ready to officially support the Chromecast, reopening the door to local content streaming.

We’ve know for a while that Plex was interested in adding support, but now we have ‘evidence’ that such a feature is actually in the works. In the latest version of the Plex Media Server software a Chromecast configuration file has been discovered, making it clear that something is in the works.

Of course the file’s presence doesn’t tell us exactly when support will be turned on, but it is still a good sign.


The big question now is whether Google will officially support Plex or not, especially after previous allegations that Google was intentionally preventing local content streaming.

For what it is worth, Google seems to be preparing to allow more apps onto the Chromecast. Google is even hosting a special hackathon event this weekend where it will preview its new Google Cast API, which will further open up the platform to app developers.

What do you think, is the addition of local file streaming important to you? What other apps would you like to see add Chromecast support?

  • dogulas

    I don’t see why Chromecast shouldn’t be supported in every viewable thing in Android at least. Gallery and video playback, definitely all of Google+ (duh, this one should have been the number 1 thing out of the gate!), Hangouts. Those should all be no-brainers.

  • Mike – Construction Contractor

    This is a nice item for traveling or those that do not want to pay for TV.

    But I would really like to see their attention on making Google/Android TV better.

  • Arturo Raygoza

    I would buy this if I could stream movies saved as mp4s on my phone over to my tv

  • jfrov11

    I already love Plex. This would make it that much sweeter.