Chromecast back in stock on the Play Store!

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 13, 2013

chromecast front aa

Better hurry before it sells out again!

The Chromecast has made a quiet return to the Play Store. According to the official Play Store page, it also ships in 1-2 business days.

Google’s Chromecast was met with wild fanfare upon launch, with it’s very attractive price point and ease of use. For YouTube fans, it’s the first low-cost streaming device able to meet their needs. Google ran out of stock quickly after launch, as did Best Buy and Amazon. Amazon notes the dongle “usually” ships in 7-10 days, and many Best Buy stores are out of stock, with in-store pickup available in 3-5 business days.

For once, the Play Store might just be your best option for getting your hands on the Chromecast. It’s a good sign that Google rectified their stock issue so quickly, as many (myself included) anticipated the stock to be out for quite some time, like the Nexus 4 debacle.

Currently, the Chromecast can stream content from your Chrome browser, or via apps like Netflix or YouTube. We’re still waiting for HBO GO — among others — to make their appearance on the dongle.

  • David Jeffers

    It’s never gone out of stock at my local bestbuy…. I don’t understand the big fuss about this.. why don’t people just get up, and check their local besbuy for them?

    • SirMehr

      Because in most semi to highly populated areas even BestBuy has been sold out since Chromecast’s release. I got mine from the Play store originally, but checked BestBuy regularly and none of the stores in a 20 mile radius are in stock.

      • MissM

        I live in DC and all of the best buys around here have had them in stock for about a week now. Same thing goes for best buy’s online store.

      • David Jeffers

        I live in Charlotte North Carolina… one of the fastest growing cities in the country (U.S)… and 17 on the list of most populated in the country, and they never went out of stock here… so that’s a crock

    • James Sarino

      Ditto what SirMehr said. None of the Best Buys in my area (even at a 100-mile radius) have had them in stock when it was released. I looked again today and it hasn’t changed.

    • Tahir Bashir

      I live in Chicago and all of the BestBuys sell out withinxan hour of recieving it.

  • Anyone know when this will be available in the UK???

    • Mayoo

      I think nobody knows when. Canada was supposedly targeted for mid-August. Nothing yet.

    • callie snipes

      Yeah buy it online and have it shipped there…

      • I would but it’s a bit over priced…

        • callie snipes

          It’s like $43 on Amazon with shipping. Small price to pay in my opinion for all the great things that come from it. Just my 2¢

          • Wish all sellers would send to the uk lol would make things a lot easier!

          • Tony Brooks

            I’ll let you know how I get on with it. My sister is in the US at the moment and she’s bought me one (along with a Nexus7 2013 as it’s £175 for the 32Gb Wifi, compared to £240 over here). Just have to wait the two weeks until she comes home :-(

          • Tony

            Nope. Amazon won’t ship outside the US. You can use 3rd party proxy shippers but (a) you’ve got to trust them, and they all have horrible reviews, and (b) You’re looking at >$100 by the time you’ve paid all the fees.

          • Irinel Turturea

            yes it does at least for chromecast.

    • Irinel Turturea

      I bought one from and shipped it to germany.

  • martyhalpern

    My Chromecast just shipped from Amazon; not sure about Google, but Amazon does not charge a shipping fee because the cost is over $25.00.

  • Warren Clarmont

    Still not available in Canada…

  • RottenRonnie

    not available in Australia again

  • Mark Brough

    Would a US Chromecast work properly in the UK? I can think of (commercial) reasons why the likes of the BBC might want Google to block it?

    • Magicinz

      Hi Mark

      It does yes albeit you can’t easily download the app for phones/tablets.

      However, once you st it up in your home from laptop/chrome you can then cast from Youtube/Netflix/Play via your phone or tablet.

      Great fun !!

  • mrjayviper

    another US-only product from Google. -thumbs down-

  • David Jeffers

    Well, they’ve never went out of stock in my local bestbuy so hey, if you want one, I’ll buy one for ya, obviously you’ve gotta pay upfront :P