Chromecast in 2014: international launch, more apps, open SDK and other devices

by: Chris SmithDecember 14, 2013


The Chromecast may have a bright future next year, as Google plans to make the dongle available in multiple international markets, to bring casting support to more apps and make the SDK available to developers.

Google’s vice president of product management Mario Queiroz told GigaOM in an interview that the Chromecast will be launched in international markets in 2014, hinting that the scope of the international expansion may “pleasantly surprise” people. Unfortunately, actual release plans for the international roll outs have not been shared with the publication, so international buyers have to keep waiting.

Equally interesting is the fact that the company will finally release the SDK to developers, which means that (hopefully) more and more apps will get cast and mirroring capabilities. Renown CyanogenMod developer “Koush” has already shown what the device can do, at least until Google blocked some of his reversed-engineered apps.

Queiroz has also revealed that “hundreds of developers” have signed up to add Chromecast capabilities to their apps, with 40 devs from 30 companies having received access last weekend at Google’s headquarters to the latest, unreleased Chromecast SDK version.

Even though the SDK is not available to developers, Google will apparently make “a few more waves of Chromecast apps available in the near future.” Only recently, ten additional apps received Chromecast support.

Interestingly, Google has apparently had “serious conversations” with other electronics manufacturers about bringing the Chromecasting technology to other devices, so we may see Chromecast devices from other companies, or similar functionality embedded into other systems.

What Google did not disclose is how many Chromecast units it sold since unveiling it this summer, although the number has beaten internal expectations. The product has certainly enjoyed great success with the crowds, because of its simple, straightforward features, but also for its more than affordable pricing structure. From the looks of it, the Chromecast has clearly surpassed Google TV in popularity, a botched (even though not acknowledged) Google attempt to take over the living room.

  • endy

    I wish every hotel in the world had a chromecast built in. Imagine…

    • endy

      I meant to say every hotel ROOM.

      • Jayfeather787

        Excellent idea.

      • Franz

        Google needs the ability to create an “Admin” or more of a controlled experience though.

        If you brought your Chromecast to a Hotel Room, you can only connect it to a passworded Wi-Fi. And secondly, if anyone is also logged into that wifi, they can hijack the chromecast and can just start playing it.

        The idea is great, but for a more crowd-control environment, they need to set up a way that only one person can control it.

        • Kevin Cane

          What about if you used a wireless modem? Would that work?

  • Shark Bait

    About time they made it internationally available. Cant wait! it looks a great piece of kit!!

  • GrinigGammalGubbe

    Put in Chromecast in projectors, so one can view powerpoint on the projector without using cords…

    • vbz

      you cant really stream local content to chromecasts, you do know that right?

      • wkoffke

        But this is a MAJOR NEED.

      • floyd

        Yes u can!

  • dimnex

    Not being in the US, I could buy one from some local eshop that imported it, but what would be the point? I’d only have the function to stream youtube videos. All other apps are not available over here. Even so, the real deal breaker for me is not being able to stream my own content stored in my pc/phone. I know plex might be the solution to this but from what I understand it’s only available to plex premium users (at least for the moment) and still in beta; This function should have been baked in from day one directly from google. I guess it’s absence is in the same spirit of why nexus devices don’t come with a sdcard slot? The cloud and Google wanting to sell movies/music. Do they expect me uploading my entire collection to the cloud? And movies/music are still not available here.

    tl;dr They need a solid lan streaming solution for this to be successful in countries where services/apps are not there.

    • kevino

      There is now local steaming – Plex, Avia and realplayer all support chromecast now for local media.

  • Alex

    Do not need it now… CheapCast works as good, and its free.
    Since in Europe we don’t have the services that dont work with it.
    And even if they support some European ones here they are way to expesiv.

  • The Doom Master

    i sure hope they will open the SDK to all Developers cause this will boost up sales and usage.

  • Tim Dodd

    I’ve had my Chromecast, purchased in the UK from Amazon for £30, about 6 weeks or so. I stream local content from both my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, both running Kit Kat 4.4.2, using Avia Media Player downloaded from Play Store. Great results.

    • jfrov11

      Yeah the Avia inclusion has made my chromecast work overtime. I’m now contemplating buying several more for my other TVs.

  • joser116

    You guys didn’t even mention the Google Cast standard, which is behind all of this. Chromecast is merely a device, the first, that supports the emerging Google Cast standard. There will be other devices like TVs, speaker systems, and docks that will support the Google Cast standard. Google Cast is Google’s equivalent answer to AirPlay, not the Chromecast. Chromecast is just the start of many devices to support Google Cast. Although, Google might decide to rebrand Google Cast and also have Chromecast be the name of the standard because of how successful the name has been with the public.

  • dontpanicbobby

    Unfortunately Chromecast does not work with the Xfinity Home entertainment system box from Comcast, the United States largest cable TV and internet provider. It’s hard to get excited about plans to go international when Google hasn’t even really taken care of their own home country yet.