New Chromecast app lets you share everything in your Android gallery from the developer of Helium and ROM Manager

by: Joe HindyJuly 30, 2013


The Chromecast news continues to come in as developers getting their hands on this wonderful device have begun to churn out applications for it. Word around the rumor mill states that most sites that offer video services are working on Chromecast apps right now. However, these are not ready yet. What is ready right now is a simple Chromecast app that allows you to share anything from your Android device’s gallery app.

Developer Koushik Dutta, who you may know as the developer of ClockworkMod Recovery, the Helium backup app, and ROM Manager, has developed an app for Chromecast that allows you to share whatever is in your Android gallery app. This includes pictures and videos. The kicker being that everything is shared at a full frame rate.

This is a really fun little app, especially for people out there who keep a lot of video and photo content on their Android devices. They can now use Chromecast to stream movies, home video, shows, and pretty much whatever else they have stored on their phones onto their television. Koush also mentions that he is working on another app that will share music and playlists.

Here’s the hard part, the app is not yet available for public consumption. [quote qtext=”I’m not allowed to distribute the APK, as that is against the terms of use of the beta SDK for the time being.” qperson=”Koushik Dutta” qsource=”” qposition=”right”]According to the terms of service from the beta SDK he used to create the app, he cannot yet release any apps developed using that SDK. So for now, ladies and gentlemen, patience. He explains that even if he was able to distribute the APK, that they would have to have their devices whitelisted with his app. Far too much trouble currently for such an app. You can read the full details on his Google+ post.

So for now it’s just time to sit back, wait, and see when Google allows for app distributions. When it does become available, will anyone be picking it up?

  • Anthony Tran

    This sounds great! I can’t wait :) I hope it doesn’t decimate my battery, though.

    • joser116

      Since this is data from your Gallery, your phone will be doing all the work pushing content to Chromecast. Expect more battery drain than when Google itself pushes content from their servers to your Chromecast.

      • Android Developer

        Maybe it could send the entire file, while Chromecast itself would be responsible of viewing the content. When the file was cached, the device could rest and only be ready for simple commands (stop,pause,…).

        Anyway, I wonder how he made the app and what are the feautes. I mean, it can stream video files, so maybe it could also show subtitles, and maybe also mirror what the device shows?

  • Kuyam

    Koush is a beast.. I’m not surprised he’s the one to implement this so quickly!

    • David Kinder

      And the opposite as well please. I want to be able to send my plex stream from my phone to my chromecast and then turn my phone off and let it play straight from the server.

      • shayknbake

        Seconded. I store a bunch of videos on a personal cloud storage which I hope I’ll be able to play via chromecast.

      • Kuyam

        Effectively making the Chromecast an ideal HT(PC) device :).

  • Simon Belmont

    This needs to be stock functionality of Chromecast from Android devices. I’m hoping that Google brings that in future updates.

    If I have a bunch of photos, I could fling them from my phone to my TV for a slideshow. Video too, of course.

  • This guy

    Expect that if Google creates something that uses “the cloud” then the only way that it would work is if you have all of your pictures on a remote server like Google+ or other service that it can access.