Chromecast app live in the Google Play Store

July 25, 2013
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Google yesterday, during its Breakfast with Sunday Pichai event in San Francisco, announced a device that changes everything — Chromecast. As Android Authority‘s very own Derek Ross puts it, “for just $35, you can turn your living room into an Internet media consumption powerhouse” with this dongle.

You may already have the Chrome extension for Chromecast, but there’s also an app available in the Google Play Store. Using the app, you can set up your new Chromecast device to run on your Wi-Fi network, and even change the device’s settings (e.g. the device name, Wi-Fi password, and etc).

Do you have your Chromecast yet? What do you think? You can grab the app by hitting the Google Play button below!

Get it on Google Play


  • Norberto Blumencweig

    Google store application claims it is not available for my Galaxy S3, or maybe because I am overseas in Argentina…. Any ideas ?
    Can I set it up with a Chrome extension ? Or Windows 7 app ?
    Please help..!

    • Osvaldo Torrisi

      I believe it’s because, for now, the dongle it’s only for US. But you can install the browser extension is called “google cast”, but it’s useless at least you have a chromecast dongle.

      • Norberto Blumencweig

        bought 2 of them on Google, with no restrictions… they should work in any country with Internet access.

        • Brad Ward

          Pretty sure the app has country restrictions on it, not 100% sure, though.

      • Norberto Blumencweig

        Actually the name of the extensjion is NOT Google Cast…it is ChromeCast…. chanta

        • Osvaldo Torrisi

          the chrome browser extension is called google cast…take a look

          By the way, my response was polite, i don’t understand why you call me chanta…

          • Norberto Blumencweig

            Soryy por lo de ¨chanta¨. You were right regarding the extension..!
            But, you are wrong regarding the dongle: it works with any USB port for charging and power and connects to your wifi wherever your are located.

          • Osvaldo Torrisi

   problem, but i believe you misunderstood me regarding the dongle, what i was trying to say is that no matter if you have the apk or the extension… without the dongle, they are useless, and when i say that the dongle was unavailable on google store and as i understand you are living in argentina, and i read on the play store that no shipping overseas.
            Anyway you are correct that no matter where you live the dongle have to work and i’m glad you have buying one. Enjoy it.

          • Norberto Blumencweig

            My sister arrived today and bought two in a BestBuy store. They work fine… I can´t download the application, but with the chrome extension it seems great.